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Connect! – Richard’s Commentary

April 17, 2014 Leave a comment

We are all connected in so many ways. Do you ever consider just how connected we are? Thich Nhat Hahn speaks of this as interdependence. I heard him speak years ago about this concept of interconnectedness, not just with humans but with all things. It’s his way to begin to explain shunyata, or the Mahayana Buddhist philosophy of “emptiness.” We are interconnected with and interdependent on every atom and molecule on earth (and beyond)!

So as Rosemary writes:

Your life is all about connecting. You were born into a family or chosen by one. You have chosen friends and partners. You bore children or sired them. You have worked with people, paid some for services, gone to the doctor, bought groceries. Every thing you have done has contained an element of connection.

How deep does your “connecting” go?

All of these external, intricate interdependencies at the material, physical level are only a small (maybe miniscule) part of our connectedness. Rosemary urges another way to “Connect”  to the inner you:

When you connect with the inner you, you are tapping into your own power, your essence. When you have a strong connection to your inner wisdom, your guides, you gain clarity and confidence.

How vast is this connection for you? When you let your imagination run free how much ground does it cover, how many worlds do you visit?

Rosemary mentions many ways to connect to the inner you: meditation, contemplation, visualizations, writing. For those who don’t have a formal practice even daydreaming is a way to connect. Prayer is also an excellent way to connect and listen!

But how many of us resist this inner connection? How many even blot it out through various means of escape? Even in prayer it is easy to externalize the conversationmaking appeals to the Almighty out there somewhere in the Universe! Do we ever stop to listen, to keep this conversation bidirectional? When/if we do listen, where do we hear that voice?

Often people need help with this inner connection. For many indigenous peoples they relied on shamans as intercessors with the Spirit World. Western people rely on their priests and/or psychologists to facilitate the inner dialog. This is a wonderful way to begin the conversation. Sometimes we need translators to interpret the symbols. Sometimes we need validation that what we are hearing/feeling/seeing is true for us.

If you need help to jumpstart your inner connection, get it. The inner world is vast beyond belief. The inner connection, the inner dialog can take you on journeys beyond your wildest conscious imagination if you allow and listen. Your purpose calls you to this and your passion is waiting for you, just there, inside!

Have fun; have a great ride. And don’t worry about sending postcards!

MONDAY’S POEM: Facing Kalachakra

April 14, 2014 Leave a comment

I have been preparing for the Kalachakra Initiation. As part of my preparation I have been doing some important, and overdue, shadow work. Kalachakra is helping with this. Today’s poem came out of some of this work.

Facing Kalachakra

Face me and burn in my
Blazing fire of purification.

Turn away and see the
Long shadow cast by my Light.

Kneel to your shadow stretching
Into the past, mistakes, wrong turns.

See that shadow shrinking
As ego gives way to surrender.

Prostrate fully along the ground
Offering shadow to Earth.

Rise in newness turning slowly
On unsteady legs just born.

Face me and learn the Truth
In my blazing fire of purity.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


April 11, 2014 Leave a comment

This past Sunday Rosemary was interviewed on a Radio Show, Mind Body and Soul Food Radio with Tonya Parker. I wanted to share this particular show with you because several calls to the show requested messages from The Other Side. It’s a great way to get a sense of how Rosemary works as a medium!

Here’s what she has to say about the show:

During a recent interview with Tonya Parker there were several callers who wanted to talk with loved ones on The Other Side.  It is always fun to connect folks with someone who has crossed over.  We never know what they will say!  But one thing that comes up over and over is this comment:

“It’s not what they tell you!”

Have you talked with someone who has crossed over to The Other Side?  Have you lost a loved one?  There can be a lot of healing when we get to reconnect to that loved one.  They tell us that it is as if they are still alive but without a body.  They visit us.  They continue to love us.  They see what is going on in our lives.  And they are happy.

Here’s is the link you can use to access the interview.  It is 90 minutes of good teaching!

Radio Link

Change. Evolve. Change. Evolve. – Richard’s Commentary

April 10, 2014 Leave a comment

We are spiraling toward something…do we know what that something is? Do we have a choice?

Rosemary uses the digital age of recording advances; 1.0, 2.0…she claims:

Each of us is ever evolving into the next version of ourselves – Me 2.0, Me 3.0, etc. Are you making conscious choices about your own evolutionary process or are you reacting to what is happening around you and evolving unconsciously into the next you?

Sometimes I wonder if each of us is truly evolving. Or are some of our fellows content to have things remain just as they are; content with the status quo? Are you evolving consciously or are you content to maintain your position and standing in life? Can you maintain it without changing?

I spent a good part of this past weekend immersed in Integral Theory, as best articulated by Ken Wilber. The specific topic of this Integral Life conference was “The Fourth Turning.” This “Turning” refers to the evolution of Buddhism. To summarize the background, there have been three “turnings” of Buddhism, or evolutions of the movement: there are three current forms or “schools”, namely the Theravada School, the Mahayana School and the Vajrayana School. The first school, or turning, is closely associated with the Buddhism originated by Gautama Buddha about 2600 years ago. About 200 AD the Mahayana School evolved out of and included original Buddhism. And in the 8th Century AD Vajrayana evolved out of and included Mahayana Buddhism.

Integral Life is proposing it is time for a “fourth turning” – a next generation of Buddhism; think of this as a progression from Buddhism 1.0 (Theravada) to Buddhism 2.0 (Mahayana) to Buddhism 3.0 Vajrayana to Buddhism 4.0! (A name or “yana” for this 4.0 was not offered!)

Here is the main point and argument: there has not been a real evolution in religion (any version, any sect, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Judaism, Hinduism…) for at least a thousand years. Perhaps it is time for an advance in spirituality.

I am not writing here to support or deny the specifics of what I heard at the “Fourth Turning Conference.” The specifics while interesting are not my point. The point is to support Rosemary’s premise:

The important aspect of humanity’s interaction with change is that we must be conscious of the choices we are making to bring about change, in ourselves and in the world around us.

Ken Wilber and company are making a conscious effort to define a New Spirituality, to embrace scientific, sociological and psychological advancements and to expand Consciousness and celebrate Humanity. They chose Buddhism because it has demonstrated an ability to evolve over its 2600-year history. And it already offers a high degree of advanced spiritual technology on which to build.

They are making conscious choices; they are looking forward and embracing the past; they are leveraging the advances in all areas of human technology to create a robust Spirituality to help carry humanity forward into its uncertain future.

I welcome and applaud this effort. Yes, we are spiraling toward something; and it can be of our choosing, if we choose to be involved!


MONDAY’S POEM: Sunday Bright

April 7, 2014 Leave a comment

I wrote this poem a number of years ago on a pretty Spring Sunday in Colorado. Yesterday was a pretty Sunday in Maryland. Rosemary and I spent much of the day with Ken Wilber and company watching the “Fourth Turning Conference” – what a treat, what light was brought to bear on the Integral approach to Buddhism, and how Integral Thought might be brought into practice to help expand awareness and evolve structures of consciousness.

From deep thought to bright day; life flows on and is good!

Sunday Bright

New day, new light
Celebrate the Sun’s Day.

New week, new right
Recognize the week’s way.

Travel on, write a song
Synchronize the rhythm long.

Make a wish, keep it real
Offer it as gods’ own grace.

Ask your heart, “how you feel?”
Step on out at your own pace.

Celebrate throughout the week
You know deep down of what we speak!

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


April 4, 2014 Leave a comment

In Rosemary’s”Exploration” this week she speaks of change and evolution – a frequent theme for both of us. As we move deeper into spring, the season of growth, change, we approach the Grand Cross that has the astrologers buzzing. Everyone is talking about change. Will it bring growth or will it bring destruction? The choice, as always, is ours!

Will We Survive?

The great wheel turns
Through the black cosmos
Always returning to the
Surviving another ending.

The cycles repeat
Monotonously consistent;
Yet each repetition
Carries change,
Signaling adjustment.

We return again
To a place of origin;
One more karmic turn,
Have we changed enough?
Will we survive?

©2012 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Cycling – Richard’s Commentary

April 3, 2014 Leave a comment

I find it interesting when Rosemary’s “explorations” line up nicely with mine. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I started publishing a “Friday Poem” from my collection I call “Rhythms and Cycles.” And here’s Rosemary’s post on “Cycling”!

But these aren’t really cycles, are they? In fact Rosemary’s second sentence in her post clarifies her meaning:

Life is a spiraling experience and, when we try to make it linear, going out in front of us in a straight line and looking behind us as if everything happened in a straight line, we diminish the importance of the cycles that we have experienced.

“Life is a spiraling experience.” There is a vector to all of this; it may not be linear but it is clearly going somewhere! At least I think it is despite some of the ridiculous efforts to spiral us backwards!

Rosemary and I took in the Annapolis Film Festival this past weekend. We saw several very fine films and very much enjoyed immersing ourselves in the film industry for a few days. One of the splendid films we saw was “Particle Fever”, a documentary about the building of and science behind the Large Hadron Collider, the largest machine and experiment ever built. Speaking of cycles this machine can whirl protons at one another around a 17-mile circular tunnel at speeds approaching that of light! It’s an amazing accomplishment that the Collider is revealing structures of matter as it existed just after the Big Bang. Watching the film I got a real sense of innovation, progress, discovery and jubilation as humans push through the boundaries of knowledge.

Cycling, spiraling through time to know. Isn’t this what we are here for?

And yet, there are those who want to end science, deny the truths we discover, debate facts with lies when it suits their political goals and supports their financial backers. It is with this in mind, the contrast between those who are spending their lives in the search for truth and those who deny the very benefit of science and our discoveries, that I wrote the following as it pertains to cycles:

Time flows on and everyone floats toward another milestone, whether it’s another birthday, another accomplishment on some schedule, another dream, either achieved or let go. Every moment is a milestone, every breath another passage. And we all flow together in these momentous passages, not just of time and the markers we use, but in consciousness as we develop, in spite of ourselves, the next layers of awareness, micron by micron.

This is the reality, even for the doubters and the protestors. Whether “they” (we) believe in progress or not, whether we believe in science or not, whether we choose to remain in darkness or awaken to the dawning light of ever evolving realization, the inexorable march of time, the entropy of the Universe, the unstoppable building will continue! It cannot be legislated against, it cannot be denied by the most eloquent and articulate oration, it cannot be hidden, no matter how tightly we close our eyes, and minds, to it. The conscious mind is driven. There is a compulsion about this drive for knowledge and expanded consciousness that seems to be built in to our framework, the architecture. The human mind is wired to seek, to understand, to challenge the common and create the new, that next layer of understanding. Let the naysayers bray as loudly as they will. They will continue to make asses of themselves. Their noise will be temporary just as the latest theories, scientific or otherwise, are temporary way-points along the long non-ending journey toward Truth.

New Moon in Aries I Ching Divination

March 31, 2014 Leave a comment

As I have been doing over the past few years I have cast an I Ching Gua - a six-line hexagram consisting of open, yin, lines and solid, yang, lines. I was particularly motivated to cast this gua to see where the Aries energies coming in with the spring equinox were going to lead, especially with the last gua for the Pisces New Moon which was all about “Keeping Still.” (Pisces New Moon Gua)

Gu-RemedyingI was not disappointed and did cast an interesting hexagram. I’ve pictured it here on the right. It has two changing lines at the third position and the top; these two 9 lines are changing lines which means the solid line of 9 (odd numbered lines are yang lines and even numbered lines are yin lines) can change to 6 lines or yin lines. Master Alfred Huang, whose text, The Complete I Ching, I use, suggests consulting the lower of the two changing lines. This yields the “approached” gua, a new gua representing the movement of the energies through the month.

So, what does all this mean? The “initial” gua is named Gu which means “Remedying.” Master Huang equates this with “making a fresh start.” This is a great way to break out of the energy of “keeping still” from last month. This feels in right; it is time to begin, maybe even over again. We are two months into the Lunar New Year. For the year the gua I cast was “advance.” (New Year Gua) We got the year off to a fast paced start. A month later the gua advised to “keep still” – in other words pause, reflect, consider. Now here we are in Aries energy, spring is here and it’s time for a “fresh start.”

But there is a cautionary note in this gua, because the third line changes to a yin line. The interpretation here is to take small steps forward and not be overly impetuous. Aries energy can be fiery and highly energetic. This “new beginning” needs to be a thoughtful one.

King Wen’s decision for this gua advises “Before starting, three days. After starting, three days.” This is part of the cautionary emphasis in this gua;  I believe care needs to be taken during this first week, up to the first quarter of the moon cycle.

Meng-ChildhoodThe approached qua is Meng or “Childhood” pictured here with the changed line in place. The two trigrams (three-line diagrams) are Kan or Stream on the bottom and Gen or Mountain on top. The image here is of a spring flowing out from the base of a mountain. There is a freshness, a newness about this image. It is like the innocence of childhood; Master Huang uses the image of “uncarved jade” to describe the sense of this gua. The interpretation here is to carefully mold the child through an education process to bring out the original wisdom hidden in the child. This is a slow and deliberate process; again impetuosity needs to be tempered with deliberation.

In summary we move this month through the energy of a “fresh start” and cautious, studied steps forward. Study, do some research and act thoughtfully.

My astrologer friend, Gloria Hesseloff, offers this advice for the month: I particularly align with the idea that this is a time of preparation for a new beginning. This seems to echo the I Ching preacisely!


What’s Your Commitment Level? – Richard’s Commentary

March 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Life Purpose; Commitment; the Universe is waiting. And:

I can assure you that no one’s Life Purpose is to play small in the world. Remember that there are a lot of other souls waiting for you to show up to play your part.

This is heavy stuff; a challenge! Am I ready? Am I already living my purpose? How can I know, for sure?

A number of years ago I did a values assessment exercise. I listed out my top five or so values, the usual. And I wrote my “morning pages” on each value across several days. I worked hard on this. Then I reflected on these values and I began to reduce them, to simplify them into a formula I could easily follow. The result is pretty simple:


A bit of time after I worked through this exercise, I learned about Scientific Hand Analysis. This approach, to determine things about ourselves from our finger and hand-prints is both fun and pretty amazing. Turns out my fingerprints are all of one kind, loops. And the simple meaning of this is my Life Purpose is Love! I also happen to be in the School of Love and my Lessons revolve around Love.

Now, this too seems pretty simple! (Believe me it’s not!). And it certainly aligns with my values nicely! But here’s the thing: that first word in my “simple” values statement is Practice! Oh, yeah. I’ve got to practice this! Every day, in every way.

And, following Rosemary’s reminder, I have to commit to this 100%. There’s no playing small here. There is no end either; no limits, no boundaries. No perfection!

But then just a day or so ago a poem came to me in an interesting context: on Sunday I had taken a day off, completely off, no practice, no schedule, no thinking, a real day of rest. Then as I reflected on this day off, I came back to my purpose, my values:


Two words,
A gesture.
A flow:
No striving
No stress
No cramming
No rush
No push
No list
No deadlines
No wish
No angst
No want
No grief
No fear
No anger
Only breath!
In time
With All.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What’s Your Commitment Level?

March 26, 2014 Leave a comment

When you decided to incarnate into the Earth Plane you agreed that you would have a Purpose for this lifetime, a reason you were being born, a mission to complete. You met with your Soul Group, those other spirits who have been traveling with you lifetime after lifetime. You all agreed on the roles you would play in each other’s lives this time.

Even if you believe that you only have one lifetime, this is true.

So now you are in the middle of your life. Have you asked yourself if you are living your Purpose yet? Are you totally committed to doing so?

There is no reason to be afraid of living your Purpose but a lot of people are. They think it’s too big a role to play, or that they haven’t gotten the message straight about what they are to do. Some feel as if life has been a bit difficult and they are just trying to get through it.

Here are two truths that I can share with you:
1] You have a Purpose for your life! There is a reason you are here. Thank you for showing up for the rest of us.
2] The Universe is set up and waiting to support you in fulfilling that Purpose. Everything you need will be available to you when you need it.

The only question left is ‘How committed are you to fulfilling that Purpose?’

A half-hearted commitment will not get that done. You have 100% of you to give to your Purpose because it is not about DOing – it is about BEing the person you were born to BE.

When you make the decision to be wholly committee to BEing your Purpose, there is a relaxation that occurs, a sense that you can let down your guard and relax into being what your Soul has always known you are. It feels like a ‘coming home’ moment.

Are you ready to make that commitment?

Once you say ‘yes’ there are next steps.

Do you know what your Life Purpose is? Are you confident that you are on the track to fulfillment? Your Purpose is something that resonates at a very deep level inside you because it has been with you since before you were born. You will recognize it when you bring it forward into conscious awareness. It will feel RIGHT.

I have had clients start to cry with the resonance of hearing me say to them the words that describe their Life Purpose. They KNOW, inside, and may have been struggling to bring their life into alignment with that Purpose, or may have relationships that are not supportive of their pursuing that Purpose. But they know who they are here to be.

Have you had that moment yet in your life? Are you certain that you have identified your Life Purpose? If so, are you living it fully or is there something holding you back?

I can assure you that no one’s Life Purpose is to play small in the world. Remember that there are a lot of other souls waiting for you to show up to play your part.

The most important thing you can do is to COMMIT, wholeheartedly, to living your Purpose NOW. No matter how big it seems, or how afraid you feel, or what others are saying, this is the moment. Make the commitment.

And when your commitment is at 100%, watch the magic happen as everything you need becomes available to you.

Ro Pic Sig



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