You impact the Planet – speak Peace!

What a lovely St. Patrick’s day in Colorado; we were well into the 70s, so nice to be out and about! And by Friday we expect several inches of snow – just in time for Spring!

The Divine Feminine gave us another message to seriously consider this week; you can read it at:  One thing that comes to mind in reading this message is Buckminster Fuller’s concept that we are flying “Spaceship Earth.” We humans are the crew; we are not separate entities, each of us going our own way, doing what we wish. As The Divine Feminine point out: “An individual can no longer consider himself or herself to be a separate entity, one who can make choices without affecting the rest of humanity.  No human being is a totally separate entity.  In fact, no one ever has been, but the connections have not been as vast as they are in the 21st Century.” Neither as vast nor as complicated. And we are all flying a “spaceship” together!

I think if we look at the latest economic down-turn which we are still spinning through there seems to be little doubt how closely the world is connected and how “we are all in this together.” The Earth is not only a spaceship, it is a pretty small one; hopefully we will keep it from spinning completely out of control over the next years and decades.

What if we all realize how much we, each, as individuals, impact the planet? Can we get in touch with that? One place to do that is on the inside. Peace begins within. Understanding begins from the heart-mind connection; it begins with the right-left brain connection; it begins with the feminine-masculine connection. As Canfield,  Hansen and Hewitt say in The Power of Focus:  “The more you learn about yourself – how you think, how you feel, what your true purpose is and how you want to live – the more your life will flow.” And the more your life flows the steadier your hand on the helm of The Ship.

A second place to get in touch with our impact on the planet is in the wild, as we touched on in yesterday’s post. Gaia is waiting for us; she wants us to visit and to dialog with her. She reaches out in many ways. Yesterday a deer in our yard came to say “hello.” She looked right at us as if to say, “come play and enjoy the warm sun.” They were all over our community today munching on the freshly greening grass; we had to wait as two sashayed across the street at their leisure. Gaia’s voice can also be very stern as she throws winter storms at us and shakes our Ship as if to say, “wake up; it’s time to steer The Ship more steadily”!

We must know ourselves and we must know our Ship. How steady is your hand on the tiller of this mighty vessel?

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