A poem for Friday: Anticipate

It’s been a wild ride but we are approaching the destination; less than a year ago 19 of us began to write about our experiences in helping to lead a non-profit organization using “Circular Leadership” to do so. The compiled book, “Circular Leadership: Together We Rise” is published and launches this Sunday, November 10, 2019.

As I’ve thought about this and all the effort that has gone into it I moved into a feeling of both anticipation and gratitude. And then I moved into a deep meditation on coming events associated with the launch, the smiles of accomplishment, the feelings of cooperation and achievement. I had thought to write a poem: Anticipation, about these feelings but the following is what rose for me:


Excitement lifts from a deep place,
A bubbling at the well,
Water rising to the heart,
Fire in the belly, a flush to the face.

Breathe, inhale, draw it in,
Feel the heat, the tingle
In fingers and feet, the thrill
Run up the spine, energy rising.

Settle into the stillness,
Begin the drift into the not knowing,
Anticipate the spaceless, timeless
Wonder of the infinite emptiness.

And you are there, arriving nowhere.
All is One; you are All.
Be this!
Bodhi Svaha!




©2019, Richard W. Bredeson, all rights reserved.

So, the book becomes available on Sunday, November 10 at 5:35 AM EST. I’ll post a quick update here so you can order a Kindle version for only 99 cents on that day. Stay tuned for that info. Or you can always go to the book’s website for information and to order it there: www.circularleadership.global

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