Hello. Many of you know me as Rich, husband of Rosemary, The Voice of The Divine Feminine. For those of you who don’t know me, I am shifting, ever so slowly, to my given name, Richard. It somehow seems to sound better with Rosemary. Some of you who know Rosemary may wonder what it is like to be married to this gifted, powerful Goddess who is filled with wisdom and in touch with so much on so many planes of existence. Those of you who do not know Rosemary may want to change that; and there are several ways to learn more about her:

Go to her website:  www.TheScientificMystic.com.  There you can sign up for a free weekly Ezine, get a free podcast of a meditation she offers, stay up-to-date with her offerings and read more about this exceptional woman.

Go to her blog: www.wisdomconnections.net.  There you will have access to weekly Mystic Messages channeled by Rosemary as the Voice of the Divine Feminine.  These messages contain wisdom to guide the future of humanity toward an era of Conscious Living. The blog also offers commentary on these Mystic Messages and an opportunity for you, her readers, to comment.

So, why this blog?  In case you haven’t noticed there is significant change happening in our world. There are many shifts occurring and plenty of blogs addressing many of those shifts. I would like to offer my personal perspective on one “under-reported” shift: we are moving into a more balanced, unified, non-dual energy experience. This requires a significant shift in the balance between masculine and feminine. For the past 5,000 years or so the balance has been unstable with predominantly masculine energy at work.  We are now beginning to see corrections in this imbalance. The Divine Feminine, speaking through Rosemary, are pointing the way forward through these shifts and helping humanity adjust and prepare for these coming changes.

As a direct recipient of these messages through Rosemary and as a man I hope to lend a voice toward interpretation, understanding and support as we prepare for and witness the coming changes.  Balance is good; therefore, these changes are not only necessary but good.  These are changes of the heart. And these are changes that we, as men, need to appreciate and hold closely.

In addition to my passion to hear, share and follow Rosemary and the guidance of The Divine Feminine, I study, practice and teach the ancient technologies for health, happiness and longevity, collectively known as Qigong, from China. You can learn more about this at my website: www.QigongistheWay.com

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