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Can We Expand Consciousness in the Face of Disaster?

Happy mid-week! And because it”s Wednesday I pause in my thread to comment on the Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine for the week. You can read the message at:  www.wisdomconnections.net.

The message is a provocative one: expanding consciousness in the midst of disaster! And maybe this is a good place to offer a comment on this particular message, sandwiched today between my two-part post on grief.

There is a lot of grief in the world right now, especially in disaster struck locations like Haiti and Chile. Last Friday night on the Bill Maher show, Sean Penn reported on the devastation in Haiti where he is focusing his philanthropic attention. Compounding the problems there, he reports, are the coming rains with hurricane season. With so many without shelter disease is expected to create the next wave of death to hit the island. And yet, these victims are out of the news and beyond our consciousness now. Have we processed the grief of so many dying humans or have we stuffed it?

The Divine Feminine tell us that these disasters are a way to open the heart of humanity to deeper love and compassion.  Yes, we all respond to these events, opening our pocket books with an outpouring of generosity, sharing our wealth and extending our thoughts and prayers. The attention of the world gets highly focused at these times and the power of that focus can help. But with any surge of power there is always a following relaxing of attention, like the need to take a deep breath after exerting ourselves. After the breath can we again focus back on the tragedy? Or, in the case of Haiti do we no sooner take our breath than new tragedy strikes Chile?

Is it my imagination or is the frequency of earthquakes on the rise? There have been ten greater than magnitude 6.0 earthquakes around the world in the past seven days. Is this “normal” or is Mother Earth sending us a message? And how do we deal with the devastation we are witnessing in the aftermath of these quakes? It seems we don’t have time to breathe between them. Yet, that is exactly what we must do, how we must react.

All of this requires process, inner process. Whatever comes up for us in the midst of natural disasters needs to be processed. If we feel fear, we need to process that fear; face it. If we feel anger we need to process that anger; feel it. If we feel grief, we need to process that grief; heal it. And with the process comes an opening which we can move into; that opening is compassion and love. And through this opening we experience expanded consciousness.

As The Divine Feminine conclude: “When Mother Earth offers an opportunity to expand the Love and Light within, as she does with every so-called ‘disaster’ of natural causes, then She is offering all of humanity an opportunity to open their heart and spread Love and Light around the Planet.  Every act of compassion increases the Love and Light available on Planet Earth.   Every disaster is an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness for all humanity.”

Do you have a process, an inner practice, to work with the fear/anger/grief, your initial response to disaster, so you can turn it into Love and Light?

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