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Are you feeling at home? Or are you just fleeing?

Time this week has seemed to be a different dimension altogether. It always passes more quickly than I expect it to; or I cram more into the schedule than can possibly get done so it just seems to go faster than plan. In any case here it is Thursday, Rosemary and I are already working on the next issue of her Ezine (#51!), and I haven’t commented yet on the Mystic Message she posted on Monday!

One of my delays this week has been the arrival of my new iPad. I picked it up yesterday and have been busy with it rather than keeping up with my regular schedule. I may review my experience with it in one of these future posts, but I’m still testing the limits of its capabilities. It will be going with me on our next trip next week. I was hoping to do all the Ezine publishing with it but already hit one snag in trying to edit the Aweber template we are currently using. More on this later!

Rosemary’s post of the Mystic Message on Monday was on a subject we have been grappling with for at least the past 10 years. “Where IS home?” Feeling at home is one thing but actually claiming to be home is quite a different subject. And maybe this is an element that is missing from our modern approach to culture and society that says more about us than we might like to examine. And maybe it says something about our spirituality that we definitely need to examine!

I grew up in Wisconsin and lived the first 22 years of life within a 50 mile radius of a small family farm. For those 22 years there was no question about where home was or how I felt there. I had roots, deep roots reaching into fertile, unglaciated dirt of the southwestern corner of that state. But I was a “Kennedy kid.” I heard his call, not to Viet Nam, but to the Peace Corps; and I spent the next three years of my life 10,000 miles from that little corner of Wisconsin. And there never quite felt like home again. From Wisconsin I spent much of my adult life in Maryland until moving West, East, then West again to Colorado. And I do feel at home here but it’s not clear I am home!

What does it mean to be home? Much of what I’m trying to convey in many of these blog posts is about an internal space that has little or nothing to do with physical place. The old expression “home is where the heart is” bears remembering. The heart is inside. And if we visit there we may just find home and feel at home there – wherever “there” is. And if we are in touch with our hearts then we will be more likely to “feel” at home just where we are.

It seems to me we are a discontented people. Why else do we seem to be fleeing from ourselves? We have been migrating westward since before this country was a country. And I am “guilty as charged.” Perhaps if we began “feeling at home” within our hearts we wouldn’t have to flee any longer.

And then maybe we wouldn’t need to drill deep, dangerous oil wells in the Gulf!

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