Glenn M. Smith and I are launching a new site just at the Autumnal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact the Equinox comes to Colorado at 3:05 am Mountain Daylight Time, Friday, September 23, 2011, in case you are up then and want to celebrate with a little ceremony or ritual.

What comes to my mind at the equinoxes is “balance.” These two times a year the days and nights are of equal (more or less) length; the light is balanced by the dark. For us Northerners the days are shrinking in length until Friday when day balances night. And from then we plunge toward the darkness and death of winter as the wheel turns and we turn inward and toward quite times. (Well, that’s if you are living a Natural Life in tune with nature, cycles and the harmonics of the dynamic Universe in which we find ourselves!)

But for now we are in balance at least for a few days around this equinox. This is a time to recognize the balances of many aspects of life. And this is why I think our launch of is timed perfectly with this equinox. Powerful and Sensitive: there is a balance in the feeling of these words, particularly as they apply to men. Powerful does not exclude sensitive. And Sensitive does not exclude powerful. These characteristics can be in dynamic balance in everyone – in fact this is exactly the goal! It is the goal of every conscious evolving human. It is certainly my goal, not only for me but for everyone who is willing to join us in seeking this balance.

Equal days and nights; equal light and dark; I conjure up the Taichi symbol of the Toaists. They have many corollaries for light and dark: male and female, hard and soft, giving and receiving, fire and water, yang and yin! The symbol is perfectly balanced with equal parts light and dark. Yet there is a dynamic to the dance of the ‘fish’ as they swirl around one-another. And note there is a spot of dark in the light; a spot of light in the dark – all is in harmony.

The dynamic of power and sensitivity are not unlike the Taichi symbol. Every powerful man has a ‘spot’ of sensitivity within; every sensitive man has a ‘spot’ of power within. The key is to bring these into balance. Every male has an inner feminine energy at play. In many this energy is suppressed, ignored, even denied. These may be powerful men but they are living “half-lives” – they are not living to their full potential as humans. In others the inner feminine has taken control. These are the “soft males” who have become overly sensitive and in the process have lost their ability to effect the changes their very sensitivity is demanding of them!

Balance: equal parts masculine and feminine, power and sensitivity, light and dark. This is what we seek. This is what we hope to explore in great depth, together, in this forum for men seeking to be powerfully sensitive!

As we go into this equinox time let’s remember to seek balance in everything we do. On every inhale breathe in the power and energy of life! On every exhale breathe out the gift of love and acceptance of All that Is!


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