What does this word mean? It is too easy to define it as its negative: “the absence of war.” But if we don’t use what we think of as this word’s opposite, how do we define it, describe the essence or the quality that is associated with this word?

I recently had the privilege of participating with my wife, Rosemary, as she channeled “The Divine Feminine” for several of us. When it came to be my turn she offered a message from an Archangel she saw standing with me. And here, paraphrased, is the heart of the message from that Archangel:

The Archangel showed her a sword and said through her to me:

“There is a battle raging; you must pick up this sword and fight for peace. You must find your warrior strength and fight. You must find your inner warrior, your power, your strength to stand in truth for peace. There is no peace possible from firing a gun.

Peace is not a weak, airy, gentle thing. It is strong, with a quality of balance, surety, confidence. Your message is about the warrior who can stand for peace. There is a vibration of peace that you can sense. This comes from inner peace, a knowing that this is true.

“You are the Messenger of the Warrior of Peace. Be peace in the world. Hold this energy for others, especially men. Men seem only to know fighting. Fighting, killing, destruction is not a path to peace. Don’t confuse warrior with war. Peace is not the absence of killing but a vibration, the Vibration of Peace.

“Write about this in poetry, an article; write about the strength of the Warrior of Peace. This is your mantle, your charge. Explore and expose the Warrior of Peace, what that means. Invite others to explore their inner Warrior of Peace.”

This is the essence of the message. After she channeled it for me, Rosemary asked if I had any questions! I could barely catch my breath to say: “How, after that, could I ask for more?”

And so I begin to fulfill my “charge” to explore and expose this archetype, The Warrior of Peace. I could go in so many directions with this but the only direction to begin is inward.

The inner exploration is vital to anything we attempt in the outer world! One of my practices for inner work is to write “morning pages” – three hand-written pages much in the way recommended by Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way”. While thinking, questioning and writing about my message from Rosemary this came to me during my inner quest:

“Peace. It starts within. We all need to find an inner peace and this begins with practice. Practice Inner Peace. This is not unlike my primary value: Practice–>Love! Inner peace begins with self-love. If we all loved ourselves would there be war in the world? If we were all complete and trusted in the abundance and reflected love in the Universe would there be war? If we simply accepted ourselves and our purpose in the world would there be a need for war? Would there even be any motivation for war? If we all accepted of ourselves and everyone else that we are all doing our best and pledge to do better would there be any war?

“Awareness–>Acceptance–>Action to learn and improve–>Integration. These are seeds of Peace.”

I have not defined Peace here. I have even fallen to the “no-war” level as a first attempt! But I have found a place to begin this quest! Every quest begins with a step.

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