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Monday Poem: “Shadow Echoes”

If you listened to the message I posted on Friday you know that it takes on the subject of time in a very deep way. When I studied with Martín Prechtel he spoke often about the Mayan view of time, especially within the context of their language which does not have the verb form of “to be.” So they have a very different way of speaking and thinking about the past and future as they relate to the present. He told stories which never had a beginning nor ending; they “always begin in the middle.” We are in the middle and both the past and future are like echoes reverberating off the walls of time.

With Martín’s teaching and the message from Rosemary we have a lot to discuss about time. It will be fun week to create this blog. Stay tuned!

And to begin the week, this Winter Solstice week, 2012, I offer you a Monday Poem:

Shadow Echoes

We can’t know what they might
Look like
So far out there;
Too far to travel in this life.

We can’t guess what they might
Tell us
Across the gulf;
Too far to hear their story.

We can only sense them,
Feel them
In deep moments,
As shadow echoes in the heart.


©2012 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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