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This past Friday I wrote about my experiences with the Merkaba. Several of you liked it; thank you! I also wrote the following shortly after that experience. (I’m being bold again!)


Spinning wonder grounding deep,
Drill to Mother’s heart and weep.
Spinning wonder lifting high,
Reach for Father’s heart, Sun’s sky.

Spinning arms of three cast out,
Spread to all directions, past doubt.
Spinning arms of three time-mind,
Then, when, ego, id so blind.

Spinning top, counter-revolving,
Balance on point, search for solving.
Spinning wheel, follow the clock,
Don’t stop now, avoid the shock.

Axis Mundi and far beyond,
Offer yourself as the magic wand.
Tilt and turn, point and learn,
Spiral through evolution’s burn.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.