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The Fever Story; 2nd and Final Chapter (and only the beginning!)

Both Rosemary and I have been writing for some time about the importance of the times we are in; these times of great change, transformation. We are not alone in our sense and our gathering information and exploring the energies, vibrations, influences and characteristics of these times. If you are reading this blog and you are breathing then you know what we are talking and writing about. There is both a sense of great elation, of a coming freedom we have not yet known, and a sense of impending doom. I’ve heard many people speak of these “dire” times we have entered.

With this sense of great change afoot, I return to my story about my fever last week and what it means to me. My friends, the “Floating Heads” (ref: this post) had more to tell me about the meanings behind the illness:

QRS: Listen to the music: you are opening to love. Your chest is cracking open. Your body is the chrysalis that is splitting to reveal your inner splendor. This is a very vulnerable time for you. Feel it. Go with it. There is no putting it back together now. The butterfly in all her sensitivity and delicate style is emerging. Treat yourself very gently now. Watch and feel this process.

Be very careful with your emotions. Cry if that’s what you need. Don’t forget to laugh. Examine every moment as a new learning experience. Your “What is this?” question applies to every moment. Don’t waste a single one; examine everything as a curious child. No anger, no judgment, no second guessing. It all just is. Trust it all as perfection and part of the growth experience. Remember when you emerged from your first experience of a sweat lodge ceremony? It’s like that. You are birthing yourself out of the heart of the fever and gradually appearing as new creature. Learn all there is for you to gain in these next weeks and months. Receive. Don’t over-analyze. Accept. Breathe it all in as a wondrous New Being.

End of the story!

Now it’s up to me to do the work. And it’s all about awareness. It is about living in the moment and being inquisitive. “What is this?” It is living with this great mantra/koan/question: “What is this?” Awaken to curiosity – the curiosity of a child! With this curiosity comes delight. Lightness and laughter abound. This is the awakening I am called to and long for. This is it!

Why do I write all of this? Why am I telling you this personal story?

We are all in this together. I am not alone in my awakening journey. You are here with me. We are in the great transformation. Live it with me. Are you curious about what comes next? Join me in this curious, exciting, maybe dangerous, certainly delightful exploration of what comes next!

You are not alone!


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