I wrote this in anticipation of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse we experienced early Saturday morning here on the East Coast. Unfortunately it was cloudy here and we didn’t “see” the eclipse, but all other senses were engaged as the earth’s shadow shrouded the Moon in a dark veil. Did you feel it?

I love the Moon; I have since I was a kid and would watch the moon follow our car as my Dad drove along the country roads of Wisconsin. I’ve been fortunate to see many eclipses; so, while I did not see this Sagittarius Moon eclipse with my normal eyes, I certainly know what it “looked” like!


They loom large
Cast by the rising Moon
Full up in the East.

What’s this? Shadows
Dim as the light fades
Swallowed up too soon.

Gone but for a blood
Red rim and rusty face,
Smoke and a faint glow.

But, wait; there’s more:
A grin begins to crack
The dusty rim.

Shadows brighten
And recede walking
Toward the rising Moon.

Alone, the path lies
Dark with shadows
Cast by the rising Moon.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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