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I Ching Gua for the New Moon in Scorpio

We have had quite a time of it! Halloween, the last day of the Celtic Year, Samhain; All Saints Day, All Souls Day, The Day of the Dead, Diwali, New Moon in Scorpio and to top it all off, a Solar Eclipse! This has been a powerful time; if you are feeling a little “winded” from all this celestial activity, you are not alone!

To help myself come back to earth from soaring with the Moon, I really enjoy sitting with my yarrow stalks to consider the incoming energies with the New Moon, to see what the month ahead might look like. If you have been reading this blog for a bit you know I do this divination as close to the New Moon as possible. (And if you are a new reader, search back on “new moon” for previous I Ching readings.) I did my work Sunday morning, just after the eclipse and New Moon at about 8:00 AM Eastern Standard time.

My yarrow stalks did not let me down; the energies they revealed are exactly in line with all the other divinations and readings I have seen about this time; from numerology to astrology and to the channeling from Rosemary’s sources, all energies seem strongly directed to Transformation!

Da Zhuang-Great StrengthThe hexagram I cast is Da Zhuang which means Great Strength. It’s pictured here. Beginning with Great Strength is very auspicious but this does not mean that immediate action is required. In fact it is better to “stand your ground” at this time. The initial weak yang line (a 9 which is a changing line) indicates an infirm base. There is no need to move out quickly; be patient. Yet there is great strength here, a solid and imposing Gua of power. There is high energetic potential here. The power needs to be used wisely.

In Da Zhuang the upper trigram, Thunder, is yang energy on top of the lower trigram, Heaven, which is also strong yang. Remain solidly passive holding the inner strength.

Notice that there are two changing lines in the hexagram, the first (bottom) and the fifth. The bottom line is a 9, a weak yang line which can change to a yin line. The fifth line, a 6, is a weak yin line which can change to a yang line. Master Alfred Huang recommends reading the yin changing line. This means that Da Zhuang changes to the accomplished Gua, Guai which means Eliminating.  It’s picture here.

Guai-EliminatingThe built-up potential energy of Da Zhuang can be held in check no longer. It is time to use the power, the Great Strength, to Eliminate darkness. Shine the light into the shadowy places. Yet, even as this great potential is built, there is need for caution to be sure everyone is onboard with the program. Consult the constituents. Proceed with the energy cautiously.

This action can happen later in the month. Again, there is no need to rush into this. Nevertheless, great outcome is possible. The power can overcome the dark. This is very auspicious.

There is one more Gua that can be derived from this cast. The Mutual Gua, which holds a secret or inner meaning, is created from the 6 inner lines, taking lines 2, 3, and 4 as the lower trigram and 3, 4, and 5 as the upper trigram creates Heaven over Heaven. The hexagram with all 6 yang lines is Qian which means Initiating – Transformation! The conclusion of all of this celestial energy in Scorpio, here at the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of a new cycle is – Transformation – with Great Strength to Eliminate whatever is in the way of the New.

And just to confirm there are other indications that this energy is with us, here’s a snapshot from Gloria Hesseloff’s newsletter on the New Moon in Scorpio:

Scorpio is ruled by our beloved and respected Pluto. Thus, the higher levels of Scorpio include nothing less than TRANSFORMATION.  This is a call to restore back to sacredness that which has become taboo.  This includes our Shadow. Scorpio represents our shadow.  We usually think of the shadow as our lower frequency qualities.   However, the shadow also holds anything we have repressed, including our talents, our authenticity and our light.

It will be quite a month!

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