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Monday’s Poem: Dark Lady

We are now on the downward slide to the new moon and the Lunar New Year. At the end of January we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and move from Water Snake energy to Wood Horse energy. I am very much looking forward to this change. For one thing my dominant element in both my Chinese astrology chart and as determined by my personality and behavior traits is Wood. So, I am anticipating great things in 2014. But first we have some cleaning up to do. We have another dozen days to clear away, let go of the old energies and staleness of the ending Water Snake year. It’s time to use the waning moon energy to take away the dreck of 2013. Release the old to make room for the new!

And to celebrate this feeling of cleaning house and letting go, the shrinking of the moon to darkness, I offer this poem I wrote about four years ago, at another pivot point. From January 28, 2010:

Dark Lady

Companion of the night,
You lead the way down
Where the Moon hides in the Sun.
All secrets are revealed.

Lover of darkness,
You show deep shadows
Where the Sun cannot reveal.
The unknowable rests there.

Wife to my healing spirit,
You carry me down
To discover there, together,
The deep Truth known through all time.

©2010 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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