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MONDAY’S POEM: Facing Kalachakra

I have been preparing for the Kalachakra Initiation. As part of my preparation I have been doing some important, and overdue, shadow work. Kalachakra is helping with this. Today’s poem came out of some of this work.

Facing Kalachakra

Face me and burn in my
Blazing fire of purification.

Turn away and see the
Long shadow cast by my Light.

Kneel to your shadow stretching
Into the past, mistakes, wrong turns.

See that shadow shrinking
As ego gives way to surrender.

Prostrate fully along the ground
Offering shadow to Earth.

Rise in newness turning slowly
On unsteady legs just born.

Face me and learn the Truth
In my blazing fire of purity.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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