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MONDAY’S POEM: The Unfamiliar

I sense we are in a transition period. I’m feeling a bit betwixt and between. We are just moving into June; spring seems behind us, yet it’s not yet summer. Some graduations are behind us, yet, many are still in school. We are well into the New Moon, yet it is just now showing on the Western horizon just after Sunset.

It is within this transitory energy that I came across a poem I wrote under similar circumstances several months ago. If you are feeling a little unsettled, perhaps approaching some as yet unknown transition, you too may resonate with this.

The Unfamiliar

Different, strange,
Dark, peculiar,
Low energy,

Rest in this new
Take it easy,
Let it ferment.

Adjustments come
To all who wait.
There is no rush,
Just hesitate.

Relax, just be;
There’s time to know
And when it’s right,
There’s time to go.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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