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August 15, 2014 1 comment

My word for the week has been “transparency.” I’ve worked with this notion a bit more and reached a deeper understanding of the meaning of “undefining” as it applies to oneself, the ego, the persona we so often hide behind.

I’m putting this poem, which came from my ruminations on transparency, into my “Rhythms and Cycles” collection because I believe as we grow and evolve as humans we go through a cyclic process of trying on costumes, masks, personae to see how they fit and feel. And then, as snakes shedding their skins, we grow out of them, beyond them and reach for a new way of being. We are in a constant state of becoming; notice the rhythms of becoming in your life!


Let all masks, personae, identifications fall away.
Rise above all definitions that seem to fit, to feel good.
Let the “costumes” fall to the floor, around your feet.

What remains?

Stand naked, transparent,
Unashamed and unabashed
By the true essence of self you stand within!

There is nothing here but you…

And nothing between that you and all else:
Others in community, the Universe.
You meet here in that All:

The unmasked, unadulterated, Universal All…

The transparent water drop,
Naked, alone, pure light
Blends into the Ocean of becoming.

Nothing remains but bliss…

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.