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I dug in the archives for this one – back to 2010. I think the Full Moon and eclipse Wednesday morning (I got a good glimpse of it as the Moon was setting) shifted a few things. I am feeling more connected. And this poem is about that. When the Native Americans use this expression, “and All our Relations” they are offering prayers for everyone and everything; they feel connected because they are. And whether we feel it or not we are!

All our Relations

Connections, Relations,
There is a difference.

Sure, we are all connected.
The air you breathe, I breathe.

The atoms of Adam’s body
Are in your body, my body.

We are of the Earth;
These are connections.

We are all connected.

And your DNA is my DNA.

Your Mother is my Mother
A thousand generations back.

Your Father is my Father’s cousin
Not so long ago.

The blood of the Buddha,
Blood of Christ

Flows in your veins, my veins,
And all our Relations’.

©2010 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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