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Sunday Poem; a sample from “Circular Leadership: Together We Rise”

November 10, 2019 1 comment

Today, at 5:35 AM EST our collaborative book is launched! And to celebrate this event I am publishing here the poem I wrote to conclude my chapter:

Human Virtues

It all begins with love,
The creating force alive
Through the whole world
From deepest deep to highest above.

A state of being derived from love,
Self-love, the source of all;
A principle that upholds, ennobles,
Creating the foundation for Human.

Springing from honor, Human
Knows place in the world; holds
Space firmly on that foundation;
Rises to each occasion to bless.

Integral Human reaches outward
To serve humanity in blessed community.
Community blesses Human in sacred symmetry
Echoing voices of goddesses and gods.

High Purpose:
The highest purpose is to love,
Honor, grow in integrity, serve
Community in a spiral blessing rising
Through the evolution of Humanity.




©2019, Richard W. Bredeson, all rights reserved.

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