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A poem to recover from: “Blood Moon”

January 22, 2019 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but this Full Moon in Leo (Aquarius Sun) hit me pretty hard. A super moon/eclipse as icing on the cake. Even the heavens are acting up at this point in our active history making era. And while there are many aspects of this history we make to bring out cries, it’s also good to laugh; the joke is always on us!

Blood Moon

Coyote cries:
“Who is eating the moon?”
It was so full and bright,
Beautiful to light my way
Through the night.
Now look at that bite
Growing large; stealing my sight.

Crow cries:
“What bloody trouble!”
Dark congealing puddle
Blots the sky with gore
After the struggle twixt
Those three; what was it for?
Earth in the middle of the muddle.

Fox cries:
“Look up, stop the whine!”
When you peer twixt oak and pine,
See that shine, a smiling break
As a curving line splitting to grin.
The din of the dark turns to a laugh;
No crime, just a joke among the three.

Bear cries:
“Go back to sleep; it’s cold and deep!”
Winter Sun, Leo Moon,
Earth shadow reaps, and
For a moment everyone weeps. But
Then from sad to glad, shadow fades
Blood Moon cries her promise “I keep!”




©2019, Richard W. Bredeson, all rights reserved.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Today!

October 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Every Friday Rosemary publishes a “news post” on events in the Heavens as well as events in her life and work. Similarly I post whatever is on my mind on Fridays. Today, Rosemary’s news and my thoughts coincide.

And here’s what’s most important from her “news”:

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

Today, Friday, October 18 at 7:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time we experience both Lunar events. The Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth and stirs up our unconscious mind and emotions. What has been hidden that needs to be brought out of the shadows and into the light to be examined? And what old motivations and fears can we now release?

This is a potent time for all of humanity as we are being called to expand our consciousness. What are you doing for your personal growth during this week?

This swelling Moon to fullness here on the east coast this evening is clobbering me. First my body has been whacked. I am stiff and achy with cold-like symptoms, but I know I don’t have a cold. I have not slept well for the past two nights (the filling Moon affects us for three days on either side of her largest); so, I’m feeling strung out. Emotionally I’m feeling stressed and tense, like there’s something I need to do but don’t know quite what it is and am anxious about it. Even mentally I am not feeling very sharp; all I want to do is go back to bed!

What’s going on? The Full Moon always affects me, but usually in less potent ways. I always sense it with minor physical symptoms. When others complain of similar symptoms I remind them of the Moon and always get an “oh, yeah, that explains it.” We all experience these phases.

But this one is hitting hard. Maybe because the Moon is in Aries we are getting that fire and power from this Mars sign. But I think the eclipse is having the most dramatic impact on us today.

As Rosemary observes, the eclipse is the result of the Earth’s shadow falling on the Moon and blocking the Sun’s light. “We’ll be receiving the most pure Moon energy with it blocked from reflecting the Sun’s powerful light.” And we are asked to examine what we have been hiding, to bring it out of the shadow. “What old motivations and fears can we now release?”

This is a time of major transformation. It is time to shed the old husk and leave behind fears, anxiety, stress, anger and grief. This shedding of the used up and ineffective parts of our selves is not an easy process. Like a snake shedding it’s old skin it has grown out of we need to let go; this can be painful. And when the release is accomplished we can be vulnerable for a time. But we have to go through this.

Do Full Moons affect you? Do you pay attention to the phases of the Moon? She is our emotional companion for the journey. She helps us through our shifts and changes.

And we no sooner get through this Full Moon today when Mercury plunges into retrograde on Monday! I’ll say more about that then…

Have a great weekend! Take it easy on yourself and be very careful. As Rosemary concludes:

Have a luminous week! And watch out for the luna-tics who don’t know how to drive during a Full Moon or a Mercury retrograde!