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Are your conversations from a Conscious Perspective?

Sorry to have been absent for the past couple of days. We were first in California; we left just before the rains, so experienced some beautiful days with lots of sun and highs in the 70s. We arrived in Maryland last night just after the rains; today we are experiencing lots of sun with highs in the 70s! (Perhaps my practice of alchemy is beginning to work magic on the weather around us!)

With Wednesday comes my commentary on the week’s mystic message from the Divine Feminine: “conversations from a Conscious Perspective” (wisdomconnectons.net). It seems the Nation is engaged in a “conversation” with a lot of energy but I don’t believe the vibration is very high. When the dialog degrades to name calling and invectives: high energy, low vibration. When the conversation turns to finger pointing and blaming: high energy, low vibration. When the emotional component of exchange turns to fear and panic: high energy, low vibration. Are we being conscious in our name-calling, finger-pointing and fear? Are we even aware that we are often repeating falsehoods and fabrications? Have we taken the time to fact-check and pause to consider alternative possibilities?

I’ve found most often that good dialog depends on good listening. Good conversation is not about how energetically you get your point across but how much exchange there is between, or even among, points of view. There are many views of the world; perhaps as many as there are people. That’s the beauty of human consciousness. Realizing there are differences in how we all perceive the world is the first point of departure in beginning to accept others as they are. The second point of departure is to consider the truth of others’ perspectives. They are at least true for them, even if their truth is not relevant to your own.

What if we all came at an issue by first listening to the other view, then accepting it as “the other view”, then listening for the “truth” of that view? Let’s just call this “the pause to consider.” When we pause to consider we can have considerate conversations. Whether discussing a philosophical issue or a personal problem listen deeply and then consider the issue, the question, the observation, the viewpoint. Then from a point of centeredness, from a position of “higher vibration” offer a response. Breathe into your offer, give it life, prana. Likewise if you are offering an observation, a point of view, asking a question or expressing a concern do so from that centered place we have discussed before and then listen carefully to the response from the other. Consider the “truth” of their response. Remember that even if it is not fully your truth, it is theirs assuming it is coming from their center, their heart.

It is not always possible to have a heart-centered conversation with some people. True dialog requires an acceptance on both sides that there is truth to be gained in conversation. Are you engaging in heart-centered conversations?

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