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from The Divine Feminine: Wake Up and Uplift!

As always this week’s Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine channeled to Rosemary is an important one to hear and consider. I think it is an especially important one for men who, at first thought, may consider this too feminine, too “airy-fairy” for “real men.”

Here’s my take. Men find it difficult to talk about LOVE. How many movies have you seen where the “girl” wants to hear it and the “boy” refuses to say it? Heck, there’s even a movie with the title “Three Little Words.” Why is it so hard for men to say: “I love you”? And if we can’t bring ourselves to say these words to those with whom we are closest, how much more difficult is it to talk about love and “Love Vibration.” Wow!

But here I am to talk about it. And I believe our phobia about this word, and words surrounding it like “vibration” and “frequency” just might be at the very core of men’s issues with spirituality. This blog is all about Goddess energy; and Goddess energy is all about Love. (And, yes, I do realize many of the Goddesses can be very fierce; Pele who came to us yesterday is an example. But this fierceness is always powered by Love.)

Rosemary has been bringing in the Feminine Energy of Love and channeling Messages from The Divine Feminine for nearly 20 years. The core teaching of all these messages is about Love. Love is the force in the Universe which is the most powerful. Many have written that the Universe was “Loved into Existence” (e.g. Brian Swimme in The Universe is a Green Dragon: “THOMAS: Yes, that’s right. The journey out of emptiness is the creation of love.”).

OK, I’ve leaped from romantic love to Cosmic Love in one paragraph. My point is that Love is the power behind the creative Universe and the creation of the Universe itself. We need to get comfortable with this and respect this power. If the Universe, and humanity within the Universe, was created with Love then there is something really special about all of this. And it starts with self.

The Divine Feminine when speaking of Love, evolution, lifting of consciousness, often begin with “love of self.” And if Love is at the core of the issues men have with Spirituality then love of self is the crux of those issues. In a man’s world it is tough to talk about love. And in a man’s inner world it is tough to consider self-love. “Tough” – we are raised to be tough, competitive, hard, aggressive, strong. We develop hard shells, thick skins, armored hearts. We become “unlovable” For some of us it is almost an intention to be unlovable. Within that hard shell it is very difficult to love oneself.

And then you may ask, “so, do I have to become soft in order to get in touch with love”? This gets into the whole argument of the various men’s movements I have talked about and that Joseph Gelfer in his book critiques. The claim by some, if not all, of these movements is that men have become soft, somehow “feminized.” And it is time to take back our “rightful” place as heads of families. Neither Dr. Gelfer nor I buy this argument. I think men in general are still pretty hard, especially on the outside. And I think it is time to examine this facade, this shell of hardness which defends against intrusion into a space of fear, grief, loathing, despair and self-neglect. The shell is not our strength but our weakness. The self-loathing is not a way to harden ourselves but our greatest vulnerability. It is this inner core of self-disregard which needs to be examined.

It all starts with an inward look at feelings. And when we first take this look we need to be open to all the feelings, including despair and loathing. These are not to be judged but simply examined and acknowledged. We have been led to these feelings by many forces. And most of these forces do not hold our best interests to heart. With an understanding that we are who we are at this moment, for whatever reason or series of events, we can begin to take a step toward self-forgiveness. And we can apply Rosemary’s “mantra for life” to ourselves: “Everyone (including I/We) is doing the best they can at any given moment with the resources they have in that moment.” In fact if we truly are doing the best we can then there is nothing to forgive. And this is the opening for self-love. And as we gain resources through this kind of examination then we, by definition, will do better in the next moments.

Love is a four-letter-word which we men do not use often enough. If we begin using it more we will become stronger. It is a creative word. It is a powerful word. “Soft men” don’t know how to use it; “real men” know how to get in touch with the energy, the vibration, the strength of the word. We are waking up and as we do we uplift our love vibrations to unplumbed heights and offer our strength of purpose to The Divine.

  1. May 5, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Yes, I’d agree here. In my own work I critique a lot of stereotypically masculine characteristics, but almost in a stereotypically masculine way. I reject those who reject the “soft” masculine, but not from a soft position. Paradoxically, entering these inner realms and genuinely facing what’s going on can be a very “hard” and “tough” thing to do. I would claim those stereotypically hard men are being soft for not going there. Suck it, wimp! Face the existential terror (or love, if you must) like a real man! 😉

    • May 5, 2010 at 4:18 pm

      Yes, the Green Dragon is both terrible and lovable! It’s a choice, really. I face Love and am always becoming a “real man”!

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