Divine Mother Love

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US. I celebrated all weekend with the dear mother of our children, grandmother of our grandchildren, Rosemary. I honor her and all mothers who are too often taken for granted but for this one day in May. And I honor Mother Earth, Gaia, Mothers of Holy Children through the ages, Goddess Mothers who have nurtured humanity to this point and will do everything in their collective power to keep us safe and evolving consciously through the ages to come.

Rosemary and I lead a Sunday Celebration at The Center for Powerful Living here in Colorado Springs. As part of that celebration Rosemary channels a message from the Divine Feminine and leads a meditation. Yesterday was no exception but the message she channeled was exceptional. It is titled: Love Your Mother, Love Yourself. Fortunately we record these messages and meditations. Rosemary decided to share this Sunday’s recording with as many people as possible; we are sending it to our lists as her gift, a Mother’s gift, to the world.

You may access this MP3 recording at www.SundaysatTheCenter.org. Please note that the recording ends in a meditation. Do not listen to this meditation while driving or doing anything active. I recommend sitting quietly to listen to the entire recording.

If you enjoy this recording you may also want to subscribe to Rosemary’s FREE weekly Ezine: Wisdom Connections, Guidance for Conscious Living. You can do this at her website: www.rosemarybredeson.com.

I hope you enjoy the message from The Divine Feminine on Divine Mother Love.

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