“Fear is the Mind Killer”

Rosemary’s post of the Mystic Message on Monday reminded me of an often quoted phrase by Frank Herbert who wrote the science fiction Dune series: “Fear is the mind killer.” From Rosemary’s title for the message from The Divine Feminine: “Feeling fear?  It’s only a signal to help you live a Conscious Life!” we are offered a way to use fear as a tool, a signal to pay attention and learn the lesson.

So many of these messages tell us to “get into the present moment.” Become present with the reality of the moment and consciously determine what is happening. We hear this often and yet it remains an elusive goal. How often do we get our triggers pulled, our buttons pushed without moving fully into consciousness. It happens to me all the time. And whether it is fear or anger or sadness or guilt or any of the many destructive emotions that seem to be so easily triggered these days it can often be difficult to pull ourselves away from the edge of the emotion and become more aware of what is really going on.

It is the pause that’s required; a momentary hesitation just long enough to allow the question to be asked: “what is this?” Is a “saber-tooth tiger” breathing down my neck? Do I really need to leap into fight or flight mode? Or is this some imagined or anticipated event that might occur sometime in the future that I am fearing in this moment?

As The Divine Feminine say: “There is so much fear in the world in the 21st Century!  We are concerned that some of you know ONLY the feeling of fear, not joy or happiness or peace or contentment.  We wish that you could learn to dispel the fear that arises within you.” Yes, there is a lot we can relate to with negative emotions. It can be difficult to get to “joy or happiness or peace or contentment.”  But so many of the negative emotions are about things beyond our control. I can be sad and fearful and angry about the oil disaster in the Gulf. But do those emotions serve me in any way? I may be motivated to boycott BP; I don’t really buy gas from them anyway, at least not that I know of. I may be motivated to contribute to campaigns that offer ways to repair the damage, fix the negligence, support green energy. These are positive responses to a my anger at the situation; they may not bring me joy or peace but at least they might bring me some satisfaction that I am doing something about the disaster that seems so far beyond our control.

And that’s the point of the title of the Message: use these emotions, including fear or helplessness, to signal an opportunity to react consciously. Don’t let fear be “the Mind Killer.” Let it offer an opportunity to examine the situation, ask “what is mine to do?” and then take action. This is living consciously, not letting the mind die!

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