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A Poem about Time: “Echoes”

The theme of the blog last week was “Writing.” And I wrote about the ways I write. Over the years with Rosemary I have attended many Conversations with The Other Side with her. And I always get interesting visitors from my lineage, my guides and teachers, people from the past, the future; and my messages are always encouraging, especially for me to write poetry. I have written a few over the years; and with their encouragement I wrote this last week:


The echoes of ancestor voices
Ring with empty expressions
Devoid of real meaning
This side of time.

“Back up Jack; me sheg is in the canvas!”

Can you hear your father
In your head?
Do his words, his voice
Leap from your lips?

“Well, diddly-dee!”

The wall of time seems fixed,
The chamber is only so large.
Our words, their words
Mingle, interfere, amplify, echo.

“Johnny at the rat hole.”

Across the gulf of time
The gods laugh with us.
And they cry our tears
Feeling through us our losses.


©2012 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

PS: If you are curious about the guidance you may receiver from a Conversation with The Other Side, the next one is scheduled! It’s to be held December 7. Go here for details

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