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Monday’s Poem: “Two Wars?” – And More…

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment

And first, the “And More…” I’ve been reviewing 2012 and all that’s happened during this year of transformation. Not an unusual thing to do! I want to share this as it leads into my Monday Poem this week.

2012 was a momentous year in so many respects. It was a watershed year for us, for our business (we actually turned a profit this year!), for our big move, for the family and our community, for the Nation and the World. Great changes have been initiated. President Obama’s election to his second term is incredible as I look back on it, considering the odds and the money against him. But here he stands as the continuing 44th (there’s magic in this number!) President of this country. Will he be able to accomplish anything? He has already accomplished much as the first black President. There are powerful monied forces arrayed against him. But the power of the people is yet to be truly felt in this country. It is coming.

My biggest concern is the war machine. Yes, there may be big power linked in with the oligarchs and their huge trough of money. But the real power is tied to the defense industry and this worries me. Clearly the spending on weaponry and war is out of control. And the only reason for more is to spend the stockpile of what has already been built. War is necessary to keep the flow of funding and materiel moving; expend it by using it and selling it, arming the entire world with enough arms to blow us all to hell.

And then there is the other war, on Mother Earth herself. When she strikes back perhaps she will win both wars with one blow. I almost wish the day would come soon to put an end to the madness of both wars!

The will of the Mother is her own. She will keep her own counsel, throw out hints of her power as reminders that we need to pay attention and pull back from our war on her. Will we take in such action? Will events like Hurricane Sandy that devastated parts of New Jersey and New York spur action or recede in our fickle and short-term memories as a passing storm, record or no record? The victims will remember but they are the least powerful to accomplish any turning away.

And the gun violence? Will it turn minds? Yes, a few; the senseless murder of children may actually break through some  hearts of stone. Will there be enough votes to pass even the weakest of responses, or will the perpetrators of violence win again through their bold threats to unseat those who could do something about the gun epidemic? But even the strongest responses won’t stop the violence. The root cause is too deep; it is mired in the sickness and darkness at the very heart of this country. It was founded through genocide and violence. That core disease is very much alive today and is the base for both wars we wage – the war on ourselves and the war on nature. In the end they can be seen as one war. We are, from the beginning, All One. When we look in the mirror of our neighbor’s face and pull the trigger we kill ourselves. The genocide is suicide. The ecocide is suicide.

If they only knew!

And now for the Monday Poem:

Two Wars?

The Defense Industry is out of control.
Is there no stopping it?
The arms must be expended:
Sell them, arm the world;
Shoot them, kill the terrorists;

Humanity is out of control.
Is there no stopping us?
The Earth must be plundered:
Dig for her bones, pump her blood;
Burn it, consume everything;

These wars are one war.
The genocide is suicide;
The ecocide is suicide.
We look in the mirror of our
Neighbor’s face, point, pull, shoot
We look in the mirror of our
Planet’s face, drill, pump, burn

The Human Race is in a race
Away from itself.
It can only lose.
When the Mother turns her face
Away from us
We can only lose.
This one war cannot be won
By us.


©2012 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

More from QRS on Time

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As I wrote my “daily pages” today I thought about time, especially as 2012 runs down, the moon cycles to full and I continue to examine this construct that the “Floating Heads” – QRS from the future – are bringing to my attention. And as soon as they come to mind they begin their dictation. Here’s what they offered today:

The Full Moon is nearly upon you. Pay attention. As the moon swells it fills with all the energy for you. It is full of love energy. Take it in, breathe it in and breathe in the emotions of the Universe, including our love energy. When you draw your cards today you may want to pay close attention to them and even blog about them. Divination for the blog is a good thing and you have been neglecting that element lately.

We would speak to you today about circular time. It is a bubble-like thing, expanding. It is not unlike the expanding Universe itself, moving away from itself. Time, Space, Matter, gravity are all closely related concepts in what you have known as a unified field. It is less like unity and more like singularity. It is, at root, all one thing, all inter-related and inter-dimensional. Your Thich Nhat Hahn speaks of “inter-being.” This is the word he chooses to speak of these concepts. Time is a component of this inter-beingness. This is how the past and future inter-relate with the present; this is how they can all seem as one thing, all existent at once. This is how Rosemary can talk to dead people, see and hear historical figures, sense us and reveal us to you. She sees and hears through this singularity of time. And this is how you are writing our words which are coming to you from the future. This is how you can reach forward into the future and empower the present from what you bring back. We are repeating ourselves here to be sure you get the concepts through different metaphorical approaches.

Write about this and your cards.

And so I have…

And here are the cards I drew today. Take these as the energy of this Full Moon in Cancer.Green Tara

From the “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue I drew Green Tara:

And from the Crowley Tarot I drew the Princess of Wands:

Green Tara urges us to “Start Delegating – Ask others (including me) to help you instead of trying to do everything yourself.” For me this relates to community, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post. We can’t do everything ourselves, “it takes a village.” Green Tara is a helper in community building. As we move into 2013 with this full moon energy behind us we can look to community for both what we are to do, how we are to be and where we can take refuge.

The Princess of Wands is youthful, feminine energy; she is full of passion and love. She represents the young Tara and unites us all through her love energy.

These are two wonderful goddesses to take with us into this full moon time. We can use their energy and their wisdom to help us build community, the Community of 2013!Princess of Wands


“Shift or Stay Behind” – Richard’s Commentary

December 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The Great Shift

Are you with us? It takes a community. We can’t do this alone; no one can. It may be trite now but I am still fond of that catchy phrase: “it takes a village.” I’ve known what this means for most of my life. I grew up in a small rural village in Wisconsin. At that time I felt throttled, held back; but I was also protected, very safely held in that community.

I reached well beyond that community when I went off to Ethiopia to be a Peace Corps volunteer. And I found myself in a small community in the southern province of Gamu Gofa. Again I was isolated, held within narrow limits of both behavior and opportunity; and I was protected, held in a community that took good care of me when I was injured in an accident.

One of my favorite village experiences has been in Gavilan, Northern New Mexico, in Martín Prechtel’s “Bolad’s Kitchen.” It is a small village with ample opportunity. We are held there and hold each other in great love and respect. We learn, share, trade, offer and are given all that we need.

And now the Great Transformation is beginning to unfold. The world may not have ended on the Winter Solstice 2012, but the change began. We are changing. Life around us is changing. Can you feel it? Rosemary has been writing and channeling about this time for years now. Many others have as well. And people are waking up in this changing time. It is very exciting!

So, what do we do? We pay attention. The signs are all around us. We listen. The voices, especially that inner voice, speak the words of truth that we test in our hearts. And we ask, what is mine to do in this time of change? What is my purpose? How do I live into my Soul Purpose that I have been called to now?

If you don’t know your purpose or if you are troubled when someone asks you this question, it may be time to explore this deep issue. Another way to ask this is “what is your big WHY?” In the greater scheme we are all asked to wake up! We are asked to join in community with everyone in our soul groups, to form the villages that it will take to make the shift. And we each have a role or roles to play within those villages. Identify your role; hone the skills you need to perform that role. We need you to be at your best!

There are many paths inward to discover your “Big WHY.” There are gradual ways and fast tracks. For example Rosemary offers Scientific Hand Analysis, a body of proven techniques to reveal much about whom you came here to be through the examination of your finger prints and the lines in your hands. In one session she can reveal your Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose. Another way is to become aware of your intentions: when you first awaken set your intentions for the day; and when you are going to sleep examine your day through a “nightly review” to see how well your intentions were met, not in a judgmental way but through an analytical approach to help discern areas for improvement.

Awareness and intention are the basic tools of an awakened mind. An awakened mind is an essential component of the New Community. We are on a trajectory for major change in the way we are living on Planet Earth. This is The Great Shift.

Are you with us?


PS: You can learn more about Scientific Hand Analysis on Rosemary’s site!

Rosemary’s Exploration: “Shift or Stay Behind”

December 26, 2012 1 comment

Here’s Rosemary’s commentary on her weekly video I posted yesterday:

Are you ready for the Transformation?  Are you willing to transform?  Are you able to make the shift?

In these times of transformation we must become active participants in the evolution of our consciousness, for we can no longer limp through life in a reactionary way.  It is time to take conscious action in the direction of the vision of your life purpose, as revealed to you in your biggest dreams.  Step out!

So many people are hiding their gifts, playing small in a big world that requires them to play big.  Are you hiding?  Have you been playing it safe, instead of leaping forward?  The pause is over.  The time for action is upon us.

Are you aware of your gifts?  Do you know why you are on Planet Earth for this momentous occasion, the Great Shift in Human Consciousness in 2012?  Are you committed fully to manifesting your Soul Purpose in the time when all other Souls are waiting for you to step up?

These are the most important questions you can answer for yourself.  Go inside and spend some time in self-reflection as you ponder your life to date and where  you are heading.

In my work with clients I find that, more often than not, what they are hiding from is their greatness, their Inner Light, their immense power, not qualities that they are ashamed to reveal.  You know that you are more powerful than you have been demonstrating.  You know that you have gifts that have not yet been fully realized in the outside world.  You know that you can turn up the light inside you and shine more brightly.  This is not news to you, at some level.

Where is the fear?  What is holding you back?  Are you really afraid of failing or are you afraid of scaring yourself with your own magnificence?

Well, Merry Christmas, my gift to you is to hold up a mirror so that you can see that your magnificence is the gift that the rest of us are asking Santa for this year!

I see your Inner Splendor.  I KNOW you!  I SEE you!  I LOVE you!  Thank you for agreeing to share this wonderful time on Planet Earth with me.

Let’s hold hands and move forward knowing that we can support each other in bring more Light to the Planet.  Your Soul knew what it was doing before you were born when it chose this path, these circumstances, your parents, your friends – all those who are classmates with you at Earth University.  All that is or has been in your life has contributed to your personal growth and to the consciousness that you hold at this moment.  And you agreed to share the journey with the other Souls around you.

Realizing that this is a community effort, Community Consciousness, then how can you spend the energy it takes to hold yourself back when the whole Universe is conspiring to support you in leaping forward?  Relax into the New You being called forth!  Shift – into high gear and get leaping!

The world will not end in 2012 but it will change.  As each human being decides whether or not to awaken and shine his/her Light into the world, the world will light up.  Be the bright node in the fabric of humanity!  Shine your Inner Splendor Light and keep making it brighter and brighter!

With great gratitude that you have decided to share this time of transformation with me, I invite you to take the step forward that brings your Light out into the world for all to see.

Be the Shift!

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!

Inspiration from The Divine Feminine: “Happy New You, Happy New Year!”

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My video for the week: Happy New You, Happy New Year!

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!

Monday’s Poem: “Will We Survive?”

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We made it through the Solstice! And now we are heading into Christmas 2012. We have come through another circle, another year. And as we wind 2012 to a close I do consider where we are going. My “team” from the future, my “Floating Heads” – QRS – are whispering in my ear. It’s time! It’s about survival! And I think they must have dictated this poem to me. Happy Chirstmas Eve!

Will We Survive?

The great wheel turns
Through the black cosmos
Always returning to the
Surviving another ending.

The cycles repeat
Monotonously consistent;
Yet each repetition
Carries change,
Signaling adjustment.

We return again
To a place of origin;
One more karmic turn,
Have we changed enough?
Will we survive?


©2012 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


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As context for this you will recall, if you are following this blog, that Rosemary channeled a message for me on December 7. I posted the audio recording of it last Friday, December 14. In that message three “Floating Heads” appeared to Rosemary with a message for me from 500 years in the future and from some distant part of the Universe, or perhaps another dimension of the Universe we have yet to perceive! The “Heads” suggested that I listen to them and write down what they may have to tell me.

And as I now write my “morning pages” they frequently come to me with messages. They have even revealed their names to me; these may seem a bit odd or hoaky but I prefer calling them something other than the “Floating Heads”! Their names are Qi, Ri and Si (pronounced Shi); I refer to them as QRS and they seem to be OK with that!

And as I have channeled them they are urging me to bring their messages to the world. So, without further introduction here is their first message; it is not a light one!

You Humans are at a cross-roads. You have an important choice to make now about the future of your planet and race. This time in your history represents a turning point. You either turn and survive or continue on your path of destruction. Your partner, Rosemary, channels The Divine Feminine Love Energy to coddle and cajole humans toward the light; we are here with you to club Humans with 2x4s to turn away from this destructive path. And you need to step up to hear our message and do some ”clubbing” for us. Oh, we know you are non-violent and we certainly don’t mean you will physically do anything so radical. But we are using this language to get your attention and help you understand the urgency. You have known radical change is required for survival for some time. You are drawn to documentaries, books and people, like END:CIV (End:Civ is a documentary by Franklin Lopez based on Derrick Jenen’s work; view it at in the “Sacred Fire” journal because they confirm your own feelings. We are here to tell you that you need to do more than feel about this. We have chosen you, with others, to help us force the turn. We will be giving you guidance over the coming months that will help you both understand the urgency and guide you with the right actions to pursue. You already know that the first half of 2013 is the key time for transformation.

You have been working on yourself and your own transformation over the past months to get you ready for this time and the action you must take. We are pleased with your progress. The Yi will help guide you as well. Continue the New Moon castings to read the energies. You are in the “biting through” place right now. The next cast, this week, will be important. Pay attention. (Note: each New Moon I use yarrow stalks to cast a I Ching Gua for the upcoming month (moonth). During the previous month my Gua was Wu Wang (Without Falsehood) changing to Shi He (Eradicating (or biting through)). I’ll begin posting my monthly Gua.)

You may think this is important only for Earth and Humanity. We are here to tell you your survival and your role is important for the Universe and even our survival as we exist now.

Enough. Take this for now!

This was the first message I channeled from QRS. I am still processing it. But their meaning is clear! We have some significant choices to make in the coming year. 2012, and this Solstice time is only a beginning. The Great Transformation is upon us. It and we will be unfolding into the New Year, the New Era. And I’m certain QRS will have more to tell me; they’ve been emphatic that I tell you as well!

What will you make of 2013?

“Your Empowered Future Self” – Richard’s Commentary

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You may have noticed the last few posts here have been about “time” – especially about the future! Last Friday I posted my recording from Rosemary’s Conversation with The Other Side this month during which three Floating Heads appeared to her with a message for me from the future. And in a second message an elegant Native American woman from the past came to me with advice on the nature of body and spirit. (If you missed this recording you can get it here.)

You can bet I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about the nature of time during these last days of 2012! And here, for your entertainment and consideration are some of those thoughts:

1) This from the Floating Heads – yes, I am now listening to them and writing what they have to tell me as they directed in their message to me. Wrapping my head around all of this has been both fun and provoking. After listening again to the recording, I wrote: “I need to listen to the recording again because it is deep. The part about creating form for the future, which is formless, out of the present, bringing the vision for that future into the present is no simple exercise in understanding. I think it is a parallel to indigenous understanding of past/present/future, especially in cultures with no ‘to be’ verbs. So I know that the present is an echo of both the past and the future. The future comes into the present to shape both from nothingness. We, right now in this moment, are a reflection of some future that is coming “back” to us. We are the mirror image of that future. And I think this is part of what the Floating Heads are “here” to tell me. This certainly seems to align well with what Martín Prechtel is teaching.

“So, the future and present are in one sense, one thing, one time. They are two ends of a vibration. And so is the past. Or maybe past and future are the two ends and the wave crest is the present. If I draw it, it might look like a wave:

“But that wave is also a particle of time, a pinpoint with all nodes joined in an extra-dimensional way. My Floating Heads are asking me to bring their messages out into the world so there is form that can materialize for them 500 years hence.

“One thing I am curious about is the dependency. If they are from a distant system how are we connected and what significance does our existence, survival, have for them?

“As I recall the message I am to bring their messages from the future into our present so their future can take form; their very existence in their present seems to depend on this!”

2) Later I wrote: “I wish I could get the true sense that time is a particle and encapsulating past, present, future all right here in each moment. Perhaps then I would be less time-conscious and content to live in each moment letting the particle dance as it will across the field.

“Time is like an echo-chamber with the present right in the center and the past and future each equally reverberating back from the walls. And each present event ripples through the currents affecting both the past and future. There is a resonance set up where the interacting waves of time both interfere with and amplify other ripples. My actions, thoughts, energy ripple out from now to reach back and have a causal effect on what happened yesterday. And the ripple reaches forward to have a causal effect on what happens tomorrow.

“This is why lessons and forgiveness are so important. This is the impact of changing curses to blessings (as Martín would have us do). It is never too late to take action because we can affect the past. And it is never too early to take action now because we modify the future with each of those actions.”

Enough for now. It is essential to get this concept of time, to think like the indigenous peoples who live natural lives within a much greater context of what life, time, the present really mean.

Does any of this make sense? I did tell you things were going to take a different turn in this blog once I posted the recording!

Reach out to your future self who you visualize as an extraordinary and empowered human being; bring back that power and embed it firmly in your solar plexus. And then consider the nature of time and the nature of duality and union.

Rosemary’s Exploration: “Your Empowered Future Self”

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Here’s Rosemary’s commentary on her weekly video I posted yesterday; if you are feeling dis-empowered, create a future, powerful you!

Where do you think your empowerment energy comes from? Have you ever thought about that question?

I’ve been doing a lot of mini-readings at networking events lately and it seems a lot of people are busy judging themselves harshly because they are not where they want to be in life. They feel they don’t have the money, success, power, business/career, relationships that they desire. And they believe that there must be something wrong with them if that is the case.

Some new age folks say that you create your own reality and so you created the mess you’re in now. That’s not the whole picture, though, so you can stop blaming yourself for the problems you think are your reality.

The real truth is that you have been in your Life School for your whole life and your lessons have been coming at you in the classroom of life every day. You’ve been given many opportunities to learn the same lesson in different ways. Your circumstances have been altered to get your attention to be focused on learning the next lesson in the syllabus so you can move on. That’s it. That’s true for everyone.

Now we get to what is going on that is not up to the standards you wish for yourself and your life. Somewhere along the way you worried about something that had not happened. You reached out from the moment in which you had the thought, out into the future, and pulled back that possibility. And then you energized it by worrying about it happening, maybe even over and over.

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I hope X doesn’t happen!’? Or ‘There’s nothing I can do’? Or any number of other statements that are disempowering? What do you think you just did? You reached out into the field of possibilities and pulled in the one you didn’t want to materialize and you gave it energy. Your unconscious mind had to make a picture of that eventuality in order to make sense of the thought and then it filed it away. Then you thought some more about how you didn’t want it and you pulled that picture out of the file and re-energized it. That’s how worry works.

We’ve all done it. And we’ve all manifested that which we’ve worried about, so stop beating yourself up! You taught yourself a valuable lesson! The only problem is that you haven’t, until now, recognized what the lesson was.

When you reach into the future to bring in a possibility and energize it, make it the possibility that you WANT to have happen, not the one you are worried about that you don’t want. Visualize the event, circumstance, happening as if it is right now, right here.

Reach into the future and pull into your own Solar Plexus the empowerment that you want to feel. It’s available to you. Sometimes we have given away so much of our power that we don’t know how or where to find it. This is a good technique for accessing and energizing your own empowerment.

Allow yourself to see only the future reality in which you are strong, decisive, empowered. Bring that view into your Solar Plexus, your own energy center, your power center, and anchor it there. Then, any time you feel yourself starting to worry, put your hand over your power center [in your belly] and reactivate that vision of your Empowered Future Self.

You have the power to create your own reality and, up to now, everything has been perfect for you to learn the lessons you needed to learn. NOW pull back any energy that you have sent into the future and feel your empowerment.

It’s a gift from your Empowered Future Self!

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!

Inspiration from The Divine Feminine: “Reach into the Future for Your Power”

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Rosemary’s message this week suggests that we push our limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about ourselves into the past; then to reach forward to a “future self” we visualize as empowered and to bring that power back into the present. Please watch:

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!