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A midi-week poem to celebrate the book launch: “Heavy Lift”

July 8, 2020 4 comments

Yesterday (July 7, 2020) I was feeling really wiped out; very low energy, tired, weighed down. Maybe it was the weekend full moon and eclipse; maybe it’s the heat and heavy weather, heavy energy; maybe it’s the ongoing pandemic and the disaster that seems unabated here in the US; maybe it is the collapse of everything we thought to be true and dear as we struggle under the weight of not knowing…

I feel better today. And it feels good to have launched the collaborative book I’m a part of (see yesterday’s post). Maybe that’s one weight lifted from my shoulders. And to celebrate this I did return to my poetry journal to ask some questions about this weighty time:

Heavy Lift

Does the Sun feel the Moon’s weight
As He lifts Her above the horizon
To better see Himself in Her mirror?

Is it a heavy lift?

Does God feel Man’s weight
As She lifts Him out of darkness
To better reflect Her image?

Is it a heavy lift?

Evolution is hard work for the gods
Raising Consciousness up a rung
To better realize creation’s Light.

It is a heavy lift!

Ascension is a steep and lonely climb;
It is an inside job for the strong of heart;
Energy runs high in this rarified Love.

It is a heavy lift!




©2020 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.



March 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Inanna is one of the first Goddesses of Human history. She was written about and hymns composed to her in cuneiform preserved for 5000 and more years in clay tablets. I’ve included this hymn I wrote in the Rhythms and Cycles series because she was among many things the Goddess of agriculture and the harvest. She also, much like several later goddesses, including Persephone, spent part of the year in the underworld. She embodied the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. So we praise her:

A Hymn of Praise to Inanna
March 2, 2010

Inanna, Queen of Heaven
We praise your name
Holding it high.
We honor you, Holy Inanna!

Inanna, Mother of Earth
We hold you in gratitude
Praising your grace.
We honor you, Holy Inanna!

Inanna, Goddess of Under
We bow to you in awe
Singing our grief.
We honor you, Holy Inanna!

Inanna, Holy One of All
We offer this song of praise
Lifting our voices high.
We honor you Holy Inanna!

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


An Appreciation of Goddesses

September 27, 2013 Leave a comment

I have noticed I am not writing about The Goddess much lately. I have to get back to the reason for this blog; for men to get in touch with The Goddess!

I offer you three stories from the last few days:

Story 1: I met my youngest niece for the first time this week. My youngest brother had a daughter last year. I hadn’t been back to Wisconsin, where they live, until my return for “homecoming” (as I’ve written extensively about these past few posts). She is now about a year and a half and every bit a Bredeson! She is cute, precocious, both shy and full of energy and life. It was a joy to meet her!

And I learned from her, this young goddess with all the makings of a beautiful Venus. She taught me the joys of innocence; her smile was brilliant and unaffected. She taught me about simple pleasures; picking grass and examining it with intense curiosity. She taught me to play; her relaxed approach was filled with fun and laughter. As I think of her now I smile recalling her initial reticence and her final warm hug and kiss for Uncle Rich.

Story 2: I returned from Wisconsin to an empty house. Rosemary was off to a conference/retreat in Baltimore. While I had another “goddess” to keep me company, Tara, our Lhasa Apso, my human goddess didn’t return until Wednesday evening. And when she did I experienced a new radiance and a bright smile that I had missed while away. She was full of light from the conference, brimming with ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for the work we share. There was more to this than just a short absence and a week’s separation. There was a glow, a lightness of being that I was delighted to reconnect with. My goddess was not only home again, but revved up and ready.

Story 3: Rosemary and I attended a concert last evening. The Mediaeval Baebes are in Maryland for the Renaissance Festival this weekend. As a special treat they appeared in concert in Annapolis Thursday evening. We have been fans of this group from London for a number of years and make an extra effort to see them when they are near.

These six women have voices of goddesses! They sing incredible, originally arranged and orchestrated, carefully researched songs from the ages. They are a truly gifted group; their songs run the range from deeply spiritual to the highly sensual. They are fun, witty, exuberant and talented. They are not only “baebes” they are goddesses!

Three stories, three encounters with goddesses. I am truly blessed! I offer these stories as both reminder and enjoinder: look for the goddesses in your life and honor them. They are beautiful, loving, kind, compassionate, brilliant and strong. They deserve your attention and your affection! The Divine Feminine is truly coming into her power as we move deeper into Aquarius.

And don’t forget about your Inner Goddess. Nurture Her!


September 2, 2013 2 comments

Red Lion

Some days the beast requires a leash,
Some ways the body must seek release.
There’s no chance of change in full control,
Transformation comes through Red Lion’s role.

Remember this warning, keep to the path.
Control the creature or suffer his wrath.
Don’t bind him too tightly, there’s energy need.
Give him his head, he wants to be freed.

There’s a delicate balance of domestic and wild:
Too much domestic, the mix is too mild:
Too much wild, the mix goes astray;
Isis knew the secret of this precious way!

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

The Heart of Humanity – Richard’s Commentary

June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Yesterday’s post was a message, as channeled by Rosemary, from The Divine Feminine. There is little I can say that will enhance their powerful message. But I do want to offer some thoughts and examples, perhaps in my way to amplify the message.

My first thought in encountering the words of The Divine Feminine comes from my training and work in indigenous cultures and their understanding of this “Heart” especially as it relates to ancestors. We, as living humans, stand on the bones of our ancestors; but their hearts beat right beside our own. Many of you know Rosemary as a medium who can speak directly to our ancestors, those who have transitioned in the near past and even ancestors from generations past. They are right here with us! So, when The Divine Feminine speak of The Heart of Humanity and say: “This is not about the individual heart of a single person but, rather, the collective heart of the humans both alive and in spirit” they include our ancestors in this Heart. Why is this important? They are right here with us, watching us, cheering us on. So often their messages through Rosemary are words of pride in our achievements, words of encouragement to continue to learn the lessons and evolve, words of comfort that they are with us! Their hearts beat within The Heart of Humanity just as ours do. Live and love within this energy!

My second reaction to the message is a recall of a divination card I often receive from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Maat is a Goddess in the deck that Maatcarries the message of “fairness.” (I’ve pictured the card here.) The key to understanding the message of this card is in the definition Dr. Virtue offers for fairness: “It’s when all parties involved surrender their personal agendas in favor of the greater good for the entirety of the group. This requires trust in the wisdom of the group.” And I add this requires trust in The Heart of Humanity.

I like this definition of fairness a lot. And it is little wonder that I receive this card a lot! What if our justice system were based on fairness: what’s good for everyone, the common good? How did The Divine Feminine put it? – “For the good of all.” With no qualifiers. We are all in this together. Sometimes we may not like this inclusive approach to “all.” But we are all members of The Heart of Humanity!

My third thought goes to our “community supported agriculture” (CSA) farm. As I write this, today is pick-up day. Each week we get a box of organic produce fresh from the fields. During this past winter we purchased a family share in the farm. Now we are getting our return on that investment. We paid our local organic farmer in advance and now receive a share. This share means we are part of a community, part of the common good; and we are sharing now in the results, good harvest or poor harvest (and  so far it’s been very good!); we share the benefit as well as the risk. Our community farm is part of The Heart of Humanity.

The Heart of Humanity is about our Ancestors and what they worked hard for, it’s about fairness, and it’s about sharing in the common good. I hope you are enjoying your share in this Heart!


PS: Come speak with your ancestors! They are alive in The Heart of Humanity. Your next opportunity to participate in a Conversation with The Other Side is July 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern. You can join the Conversation online via a video internet connection, or voice/phone; and if you can come to Annapolis, join Rosemary live! Get the details here.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse and more…

May 10, 2013 Leave a comment

I was all set to cast my I Ching Gua for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse and more…. But this isn’t going to happen until later. These Heavenly events are really hitting me hard. I have been alternating shaking with sweating for a couple of days now. Could this be the massive New Moon/Eclipse energy?

So, I am taking the easy way out and using valuable information from dear friends and expert astrologers:

From Gloria Hesseloff:

Gloria Hesseloff, LLC

Weaving together the power of Astrology

with The Law of Attraction, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics


PRACTICE “VARJA PRIDE” (the essential dignity of being alive!)




Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25


Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on May 24

This informs us that magnificent waves of light are heading our way.  These are believed to be the first waves of energy coming from the Great Shift of December 21, 2012…….you can say we have shifted in to

The Age of Light. 

Are you open to receiving that Light?

Are you willing to allow this Sacred Light to heal the Taurus shadow of low self-worth?

 I recently learned that while low self-esteem is practically epidemic in the USA, it is effectively unknown in some other cultures.  The concept even had to be explained to the Dalai Lama because a sense of low self-worth does not even exist in his culture!  This Solar Eclipse in Taurus challenges us to have a deep re-evaluation and recognition of our inherent self-worth.

During this Taurus Solar Eclipse/New Moon where we are challenged to release any sense of low self-esteem , it seems valuable to understand and accept the concept of VAJRA PRIDE. 

Here is a profound quote from Spiritual teacher Svasti that can be so helpful during this eclipse which supports us in releasing old patterns and imprinting a life enhancing new pattern:

“I honour every person out there in the world coming to terms with their wild and wacky monkey mind, the mind that wounds our Selves as well as others. The mind that makes us believe we are not enough, we are not okay and we are not who or what we should be. I also honour those that haven’t had that battle yet because at some point in our lives, it seems to me that we all come face to face with our inner demons. I honour everyone who lives and breathes and I sincerely hope that one day we all  find for ourselves what is called  “Vajra pride or the essential dignity of being alive”

Here is yet another quote from Lama Gursam on this Taurus subject.

Vajra pride is seeing yourself as inseparable from the deity. The two most important things in tantric practice are vajra pride and pure vision, seeing yourself and others as deities.

Taurus energy has a stubborn streak.  While we all know the negative side of stubbornness, why not harness a more positive aspect of this Taurus stubbornness and use it as “stick-to-it tiveness”…dliligently practicing Vajra Pride, our essential dignity and value; acknowledging and owning ourselves and others as deities.  Our loving cosmos is abundantly supporting us as part of our Hero’s Journey with these 3 transforming eclipses.

Energies of the New Moon in Taurus:

  • Self-Worth
  • Money
  • Loves Nature, the Earth
  • Serenity
  • Sensuousness
  • Creates Security
  • Aversion to Drama
  • Practicality
  • Pleasure from the senses

Archetypes: Diva of the Earth:

                   Goddess of Pleasure

Shadow Energies:

  • Stubbornness used to limit us
  • Fearful of Change
  • Need for Security stifles growth
  • Laziness
  • Overvalues Material Security

Deep material, Gloria; thank you!

And here is a snippet from friend and esoteric astrologer, Chris Larget:

This moment in history highlights communication between dimensions (Neptune back in Pisces after roughly 165 years).  This means more contact with persons and animals who now reside in another dimension.

How do you feel with all this energy banging around? I hope you stay well and grounded!


ARIES and the I Ching for the “Moonth”

April 12, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my post yesterday. Is there a conflict between all the energies in the House of Aries and the I Ching which seems to be urging caution?  I’ve received more astrological guidance and I’ll be sharing some of my musings on this conjunction of these energies.

First a “word” from dear friend, teacher and intuitive astrologer, Chris Largent, about Aries:

1.  Spring is expansive, so it’s a great time to get out and celebrate.  The winter brought with it unconscious and other-dimensional processes, and we worked hard – usually without knowing it.  So, we need to rest and have fun.  The symbols now are particularly good for getting out in nature – any kind of nature.

2.  The ‘Big Transition’ aspect is back and will be with us through early 2014.  Since this symbolizes a shake-up in collective consciousness, we may feel an urgency or an awakening relative to our destinies as culture changers.

In fact, a combination of present aspects symbolizes the Big Kid in us going out to play, the Contemplative Adult reflecting quietly, AND the Serious Change-Agent breaking free of oppressive programming to help liberate the world.  This gives all of us plenty to do.

3.  As a result, we may also experience a tension between the old world and the new one, out there where “the wind blows” and “wild things run.”  We may feel an inner resistance to leaving the “medieval fort” of conventionality.  And we may even find apparently good reasons for clinging to the old when new ways of being confront us – which they do constantly now.

So, it’s a time to be alert to our resistance and our destinies – along with resting and playing.

And here is more from Gloria Hesseloff, especially about that “medieval fort” image Chris conjures:

“The New Moon in Aries focuses on the energies of the Divine Masculine, which is very different from the patriarchy. … Energetically, this feels like a fortuitous time to invoke the Sacred Masculine to join forces with the Divine Feminine in putting a powerful hold on the old, less evolved, dominating patriarchy that has abused Mars/Aries energy with war and violence.

  • Aries is ruled by Mars. Evolved Mars is more a protector than an aggressor.
  • Mars is considered the Warrior.
  • Let us be Warriors for Higher Consciousness…Peaceful Warriors, Spiritual Warriors, Wise Warriors, Spirit in Action.
  • We can generate an “energy field” that contains the heart & soul of the Warrior.
  • This can be sent to areas around the world to promote peace.
  • This field can be applied to our daily lives where we courageously go after what we desire. This is the time to be the hero or heroine in your own life!”

And then there is the I Ching energy of “encounter” (especially with young, energetic women) and “retreat.” Note that for both the initial and approached Gua the yin lines are in an advancing position moving upward toward the yang dominated top of the Gua. My feeling is there is a lot of feminine energy in this Aries configuration; in fact Venus too is in the “warrior house” clearly influencing, not necessarily softening, the energy! Here’s what I wrote about all this in my pages:

Encounter is with the Goddess! She is referred to as a “strong maiden” in King Wen’s Decision. Who is she? This is about feminine energy in this Aries House. Venus is in Aries along with Mars. She is strengthened by Mars’ presence, closeness (a bit over 2 degrees separation at this point). In fact it may be this Mars energy that is in “retreat” from the strong feminine. Balance remains a key word for this time within Equinox energy. Balance the masculine and feminine energy within and all around. And, yes, there may need to be a retreat before the strength of the feminine in order to achieve this balance. Gloria referred to the Divine Masculine as the powerful, generative King Archetype. Perhaps his retreat is into his feminine, creative power.

“There is strength in retreat. I visualize a time of gathering strength, building potential for what is coming (the “Big Transition”). I visualize the final stages of the worm within her chrysalis, a deep retreat into this desiccated state just before the emergence of the true creature in her brilliance and beauty. The Goddess emerges from her entombment to dry her wings in the light and complete the cycle of life, from cellular egg to crawling worm to gossamer flight.

“It is time to submerge into the energy of this powerful Aries time to gather strength for the emergence. The Goddess will empower this emergence. But there remains the cautionary note of Gou! This is powerful feminine energy to encounter. Treat it with utmost respect. Bow before the power or risk its loss and backlash!”

I think I have resolved any perceived conflict in my mind. How are you dealing with all this power both “out there” and within?


More from QRS on Time

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

As I wrote my “daily pages” today I thought about time, especially as 2012 runs down, the moon cycles to full and I continue to examine this construct that the “Floating Heads” – QRS from the future – are bringing to my attention. And as soon as they come to mind they begin their dictation. Here’s what they offered today:

The Full Moon is nearly upon you. Pay attention. As the moon swells it fills with all the energy for you. It is full of love energy. Take it in, breathe it in and breathe in the emotions of the Universe, including our love energy. When you draw your cards today you may want to pay close attention to them and even blog about them. Divination for the blog is a good thing and you have been neglecting that element lately.

We would speak to you today about circular time. It is a bubble-like thing, expanding. It is not unlike the expanding Universe itself, moving away from itself. Time, Space, Matter, gravity are all closely related concepts in what you have known as a unified field. It is less like unity and more like singularity. It is, at root, all one thing, all inter-related and inter-dimensional. Your Thich Nhat Hahn speaks of “inter-being.” This is the word he chooses to speak of these concepts. Time is a component of this inter-beingness. This is how the past and future inter-relate with the present; this is how they can all seem as one thing, all existent at once. This is how Rosemary can talk to dead people, see and hear historical figures, sense us and reveal us to you. She sees and hears through this singularity of time. And this is how you are writing our words which are coming to you from the future. This is how you can reach forward into the future and empower the present from what you bring back. We are repeating ourselves here to be sure you get the concepts through different metaphorical approaches.

Write about this and your cards.

And so I have…

And here are the cards I drew today. Take these as the energy of this Full Moon in Cancer.Green Tara

From the “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue I drew Green Tara:

And from the Crowley Tarot I drew the Princess of Wands:

Green Tara urges us to “Start Delegating – Ask others (including me) to help you instead of trying to do everything yourself.” For me this relates to community, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post. We can’t do everything ourselves, “it takes a village.” Green Tara is a helper in community building. As we move into 2013 with this full moon energy behind us we can look to community for both what we are to do, how we are to be and where we can take refuge.

The Princess of Wands is youthful, feminine energy; she is full of passion and love. She represents the young Tara and unites us all through her love energy.

These are two wonderful goddesses to take with us into this full moon time. We can use their energy and their wisdom to help us build community, the Community of 2013!Princess of Wands


Greetings from far away and yet so near!

June 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello. I’ve missed you. I have been away for too long but the away time was well worth it. In early June Rosemary and I married some very good friends in DC. They live in Maryland but DC allows gay marriages and Maryland recognizes all legal marriages from other jurisdictions.  I think the biggest hurdle in the whole arrangement was getting Rosemary certified to perform weddings in DC. All came off without a hitch; well, that’s not true exactly! The hitched couple is now on their honeymoon cruise!

Then last week I was in Ojo Caliente, NM mudding an adobe hall where I go to school:  Bolad’s Kitchen. The great hall, we call her The Lady, was built and mudded three years ago. The entire structure, a free-standing (meaning no posts of any kind) building made entirely of mud stands about 20 feet high and is about a 40×50 foot rectangle. She has to be re-mudded every three years since she is made of all natural ingredients that weather with the passage of time. There were about a dozen of us and we put an entire coat of mud (half agregate, half adobe, a bunch of shredded straw and water) about a half inch thick around the entire hall during the week. It was hard work but a labor of love!

With all this activity I have neglected this blog. Sorry if there has been anyone out there impatiently waiting for my next post. But the marriage of friends and The Lady come first!

I will comment on this week’s Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine tomorrow. It is an excellent message that we all need to hear and consider. It’s titled “Reach for the Joy!” – you may want to read it in advance.

Meanwhile, be good to yourselves and do reach for the joy!

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Athena and The Teacher

May 29, 2010 1 comment

Time is continuing to play tricks acting like Coyote with me. My Friday, when I like to draw oracle cards for the weekend, dissolved into activities and dinner with friends. Today has been similar, the morning dissolving into procrastination and dabbling with the iPad. Then I finally took some action and drew two cards.

I drew Athena from the Dr. Doreen Virtue Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Her tag line is Inner Wisdom, and her short advice is: “You know what to do. Trust your inner wisdom, and take appropriate action without delay.” Right! In other words, stop procrastinating and get on with your day! I get that. She goes on to say that this “inner wisdom” is right there; “to access this wisdom, you must quiet your mind. Surrender all worries and other concerns to the loving and almighty power of the universe. Close your eyes, and note the thoughts and feelings that come streaming into your consciousness. If you like you can ask me to give you a signal that you’ve heard your inner wisdom correctly.” The first meaning of the card that Dr. Virtue offers is “Stop procrastinating.” OK, I get the message!

So, instead of writing this blog I moved on to my to-do list which had garden work at the top . I needed to get the pond back in action which meant getting filter material for the pump and the normal spring cleanup stuff plus some new plants – a lily for Rosemary! It felt good to get on with the day and get that task completed. Our water-fall is flowing and falling again and the new plants seem happy.

And this is one of the many reasons I draw these cards; they get me going because they reinforce what I already know. I knew I was procrastinating; I knew what I needed and wanted to do; and I knew it had to be done today. The card gave me that little extra boost to get on with it! Thanks, Athena, Greek Goddess, daughter of Zeus. Although Athena is a warrior goddess, she does battle with wits instead of weapons.” She is a diplomat; we need more like her in our world!

The Grandmother Card I drew from the Megan Garcia deck is The Teacher of the Clan Elders. She say: “We have learned from the records of those who have walked before us, and we continue to preserve the understanding. We pass to the next generation the teachings of our ancestors. We see in our her-story/his-story the truths we need to continue as Humans. We challenge, communicate, and guide others on a path of discovery of themselves.”

And just as Athena advises, Grandmother says we need to walk the path of self-discovery. It is all inside for us to know, to learn and to reveal. Yes, I procrastinated this morning avoiding the simple tasks put on a list to get done. That was a small thing. I also procrastinate reaching for that inner wisdom; and when I do reach for it I hold it inside, or I write it in my journal, locking it away again. And I avoid the role of “teacher.” A true teacher elicits the inner wisdom of others. It is our combined inner wisdom which will save us, will show us the “truths we need to continue as Humans.”

So, as I conclude this post, I realize I am still procrastinating. I am avoiding my “writing chair” and my meditation cushion. I will devote more time to these “spaces” over this long weekend.

How will you go about seeking and sharing your Inner Wisdom?