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NEW MOON I CHING GUA: Little Exceeding

October 7, 2013 Leave a comment

As I’ve been doing for some time now I cast an I Ching Gua just after the New Moon (and we had one, in Libra, this past Friday at 8:34 pm Eastern Time). These hexagrams, or gua, always seem to come up pointing in the right direction for the time. I especially find this to be true when I look back over the past month and reread the meaning of the gua cast for that month on the previous New Moon. You may want to do this for yourself, and look back on the I Ching I cast when the New Moon was in Leo last month. Then review the past month to see if any of the direction the gua indicated actually had a bearing on the way the month unfolded.

But now let’s look ahead to this remaining time for us in Libra and what the next four weeks ahead might Gua-little exceedinghave in store. Here is the hexagram I cast:

This is Xiao Guo, which means Little Exceeding according to Master Alfred Huang in his The Complete I Ching. This is composed of two trigrams, zhen, or Thunder over Gen, or Mountain. My first reaction to this picture is that the sound of thunder can be dampened or muffled in the mountains. And in keeping with the picture the meaning of this gua points to a time of reduced activity, a time of holding back and reserving energy for a more auspicious time.

I also like the image offered in the Decision of this gua written by King Wen; here is part of the decision:

The flying bird leaves a message;
Not appropriate to ascend,
Appropriate to descend,
Great good fortune!

It is said the gua resembles a flying bird with the middle yang lines as the body and the upper and lower pair of yin lines as the wings.

So the message here is “take it easy.” Don’t over-do anything at this time. This does not mean to not take any action. But when you do be cautious of over-doing it. Or, extending the image of the flying bird, don’t fly too high; there is good fortune in flying low, maybe “under the radar.”

And we are in the astrological sign of Libra, in this month of October between harvest time and winter. It is a time of balance. In the Celtic cycle we are approaching the end of the year when activities begin to wind down for the long rest during winter months. It is an auspicious time to begin to “muffle” outer activity and begin to take time for inner reflection.

This gua is also about “the middle way.” It advises to neither over-do nor under-do. I look at this as the Buddha Way, the path between the extremes of over-indulgence and excessive asceticism.

There were no changing lines when I cast this gua. It is a whole month of “little exceeding.” So, I plan to take it easy, to reflect on the middle way and assess how things stand in my life. This time between seasons as the year winds to a close may be an opportune time to shift gears and begin the inner work of the long, dark winter months ahead.


What’s New with You? — Richard’s Commentary, and the I Ching for the New Moon

April 11, 2013 Leave a comment

One of the thoughts that caught my attention in Rosemary’s “Exploration” yesterday is:

“And what new stimulus is there in your environment to keep you growing? Or are you content with the status quo and resisting forward motion?”

We live in a totally dynamic Universe supplying our need for new stimulus constantly. All we have to do is pay attention to what’s going on and assess and respond to the stimulation around us. For example we are just now in New Moon energy (as of April 10, 2013 at 5:36 AM EDT) and we are just now in a new astrological year with the Sun in Aries. And Aries, the House of newness and action, is really full of stimulating planets right now. This is from our friend Gloria Hesseloff:

“The New Moon in ARIES holds special promise because 5 other celestial bodies are also in Aries! It can rock your world!

“(Note: Seriously, you may have noticed this unique Aries time is impacting many of us or our friends and family, especially those who have prominently in their charts Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. This energy can feel aggressive, angry, domineering, etc…)”

There is plenty here to stimulate growth, change, expansion, evolution. With all this energy in Aries, Spring time in the North, New Moon, it will be difficult to remain content with the status quo! It is a great time now to capture this energy to assist us in moving forward! Gloria goes on to say now is the:

“Time to reflect on:

  • What am I ready to bring to life at this time?
  • Where do I need to take a stand?
  • How can I take advantage of the unlimited possibilities available to me?
  • How can I make changes that are real, not just superficial?
  • The Universal energies are supporting courageous action with this New Moon.”

Gou-EncounteringIt is with all this Aries energy supporting me that I cast my I Ching Gua for this New Moon to take a look at how the month may play out and how I can best interact with these energies. And I received a surprising pair of Gua. Here is the first:

Note that the second line is a changing line (a nine) which yields a new “Approached Gua”. The initial Gua tells us something about the current energies, the status quo if you will, and the approached Gua tells us something about the changes we can expect. Since I cast these Gua for the month (the nextDun-Retreat moon cycle, or “moonth”) we start out with the energy of Gou (Encountering) and end with Dun (Retreat). Here’s the Approached Gua:

And here is my interpretation:

Gou is about encounters with other people. The I Ching expresses caution here, to be careful of these encounters, to not take people as they first appear; not to distrust, necessarily but to reserve judgment. And it is better to meet people in person rather than at a distance (indirectly, e.g. via email!).

The Approached Gua, Dun, indicates a retreat after this or these encounters. This is a positive retreat, one to gather strength for another time (next month perhaps).

Both of these Gua offer caution about “little people” and to avoid inappropriate or unproductive encounters with them. The wise retreat to gather strength and reinforcements. This tells me to not get bogged down with small stuff. Advance by retreating!

And note that if you are following my I Ching readings each moonth that my last Gua was Heng/Long Lasting, which is the Gua immediately preceding Dun. So, after remaining steadfast during the previous month it may now be time to step back to assess and regroup!

With the I Ching timing is everything. I also note that while both of these Gua this moonth urge caution, Gou corresponds to the 5th month (June) and Dun corresponds to the 6th month (July). These will be very productive months for the year. Now is a time to be watchful of encounters and to retreat into planning to prepare for the summer months.

Considering all this energy in Aries, these are very cautionary Gua to received. I will be storing up this energy, putting it into plans and getting ready for a big summer!

Do you use any divination tools in your life? They can help you with the ever-present influences from the environment, help with interpretation and with guidance on using the energies for forward motion, but only when it is advisable!


Richard’s & Rosemary’s Divination for 2013

January 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello, all! Happy New Year, 2013!

Rosemary and I have been enjoying some time with family and away from work and computers for the past few days! Thank you for that! And today, I drew a couple of cards for my daily practice and it turns out I drew the same card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue that Rosemary had drawn the day before, on December 31. Coincidence? We prefer to dismiss coincidence and rely on synchronicity!

We have chosen to share our divination for 2013 with you all. Let this be our community fortune, from the two of us:

From the Goddess Cards: Lakshmi, Bright Future: Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.

The only blocks to success, peace, balance, flow, are our own projections of problems, obstacles, fears into the future! Yes, indeed, project only positive aspects into the future and pull them back into the present. Stay in flow and the bright future flows to us. Stay in balance and all obstacles become gateways! Stay in Peace and the world around is a place of peace.

And, from The Crowley Tarot, The 10 of Disks: Wealth.

This card is about inner and outer balance to maintain a constant flow. As we recognize and own our inner treasures, the outer treasures will manifest. This card represents the completion of goals and the peak of Earthly happiness. By year-end our resolutions will be attained, goals achieved and material gain will be substantial.

These are the words I wrote.

We take these cards as wonderful omens for 2013! We have written often about 2012 as the year of transformation. We are in process of deep change. And with deep change come rich rewards. “It’s in the cards!”

May your 2013 be a year of rewards! May you Live Your Richest Life!


More from QRS on Time

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

As I wrote my “daily pages” today I thought about time, especially as 2012 runs down, the moon cycles to full and I continue to examine this construct that the “Floating Heads” – QRS from the future – are bringing to my attention. And as soon as they come to mind they begin their dictation. Here’s what they offered today:

The Full Moon is nearly upon you. Pay attention. As the moon swells it fills with all the energy for you. It is full of love energy. Take it in, breathe it in and breathe in the emotions of the Universe, including our love energy. When you draw your cards today you may want to pay close attention to them and even blog about them. Divination for the blog is a good thing and you have been neglecting that element lately.

We would speak to you today about circular time. It is a bubble-like thing, expanding. It is not unlike the expanding Universe itself, moving away from itself. Time, Space, Matter, gravity are all closely related concepts in what you have known as a unified field. It is less like unity and more like singularity. It is, at root, all one thing, all inter-related and inter-dimensional. Your Thich Nhat Hahn speaks of “inter-being.” This is the word he chooses to speak of these concepts. Time is a component of this inter-beingness. This is how the past and future inter-relate with the present; this is how they can all seem as one thing, all existent at once. This is how Rosemary can talk to dead people, see and hear historical figures, sense us and reveal us to you. She sees and hears through this singularity of time. And this is how you are writing our words which are coming to you from the future. This is how you can reach forward into the future and empower the present from what you bring back. We are repeating ourselves here to be sure you get the concepts through different metaphorical approaches.

Write about this and your cards.

And so I have…

And here are the cards I drew today. Take these as the energy of this Full Moon in Cancer.Green Tara

From the “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue I drew Green Tara:

And from the Crowley Tarot I drew the Princess of Wands:

Green Tara urges us to “Start Delegating – Ask others (including me) to help you instead of trying to do everything yourself.” For me this relates to community, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post. We can’t do everything ourselves, “it takes a village.” Green Tara is a helper in community building. As we move into 2013 with this full moon energy behind us we can look to community for both what we are to do, how we are to be and where we can take refuge.

The Princess of Wands is youthful, feminine energy; she is full of passion and love. She represents the young Tara and unites us all through her love energy.

These are two wonderful goddesses to take with us into this full moon time. We can use their energy and their wisdom to help us build community, the Community of 2013!Princess of Wands


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Abundantia and Grammie Freedom

May 24, 2010 1 comment

Happy Monday! Since I ended last week with Oracle Cards I thought it would be good to begin this week with some new guidance. For the weekend the cards from Friday suggested rest and quiet time. And since I wasn’t feeling my best physically I did just that. In fact we canceled plans for Friday evening and Sunday afternoon so we could take it easy.

Then I got an email “astronote” from our friend, Chris Largent, who shed some “light” on what’s going on in the sky! It seems we are still being impacted by the old Mercury retrograde which left us on May 11 but is still having some influence. Here is what he offers about the rest of the month:

“Greetings, everyone!

“For those of you who noticed the overwhelm of the last ten days or so, it’s clear that this is one retrograde shadow that is almost like the retrograde itself!  As planets move into Gemini now, collective consciousness should feel lighter – and so will demands and tensions.  So, I hope we all get plenty of rest and prepare for a lighter time.

“The good news is:

(1) the retrograde shadow ends just before Memorial Day (and is fading everyday between now and then),

(2) aspects symbolizing enthusiasm, optimism, and sudden opportunities and insights come into play the end of this month through the summer, and

(3) most of us have trained for these times on some other level of consciousness, according to various elders – so we can make the best of our struggles (and we all hope that this is true!).

“One cautionary note (and what would astronotes be in this era without at least one of these annoying things): there may be sudden releases of energy at the end of the month, coinciding with Memorial Day weekend, so in addition to my usual ‘please drive carefully’ note, I will add ‘please drive VERY carefully and deliberately and keep an eye on others on the road.’

“I hope you have a productive week and a great holiday weekend!


Note that you can subscribe to Astronotes and contact Chris through the following email address:

And now to the cards for the week:

As you might guess Abundantia brings Prosperity. She says: “The universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving.” I like this card! But I do take careful note of the “receiving” part of the message. And to receive we have to recognize, be open, listen, watch, wait, and then, accept. Dr. Doreen Virtue goes on to have Abundantia say: “I’ve heard your prayers, worries, and affirmations…expect unforseen windfalls and gifts. Notice the new ideas, feelings, and visions within you. This guidance gives you clear direction about actions to take in conjunction with my assistance. Together, we’re unstoppable!”

This is a powerful message for any week; and I also notice the Moon is filling waxing to fullness on Thursday. This is an expansive period; I also take note of point (2) by Chris as we move into this expansive period of “enthusiasm, optimism, and sudden opportunities and insights.” These will be coming from Abundantia; watch and wait and listen for them. The ideas, feelings, insights, visions are all inside; bring them out. It might be a very good time to meditate and journal. Watch your dreams as well and ponder the messages coming from your unconscious mind.

And Abundantia’s message this week is reinforced by Grandmother Card, Grammie Freedom who is the “Guide of Promise” for the whole deck of Grandmothers! I’ve scanned in her image today because she is so beautiful and full of promise from so many directions and sources. Here is her message:

“You heard the voices calling from very far,
You heard the voices calling from distant star.
You heard the voices calling…

“You came as Freedom Child.
You sang your song,
You wrote your story,
You saw your vision,
You built your shield,
You made your dolls,
You became your dream,

“‘You are the patchquilt of your heart. You are the heart and spark of our Grandmothers.’

“Namasté”      And thank you Megan Garcia, for your beautiful images and Grandmother messages!

Call and response. We call and the Universe answers with abundance. When the Universe calls it is up to us to respond in kind!

Blessings for an awesome week!

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Sige and Dancing Fire

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

As I drew oracle cards today I was thinking about and toward the weekend. The intention I held was to have an active one, to get some things done that have been hanging over my head, to be upbeat and energetic! Interestingly the Goddess Guidance Oracle card I drew for this intention is Sige: “Quiet Time”! The words Dr. Virtue has her say are:  “Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate, and contemplate.” What? Quite time, rest? I had every intention to get motivated. Why did I draw this card?

Sige is the gnostic goddess of the Great Silence, the void from which the creation blew into existence. “Sige reminds us that words create duality, and that in silence, we find our true origin and self.” The creation, the Universe, is telling me to move into the silence to find my center, to re-balance and get grounded, alone, in non-dual time. All those things that need to be addressed: they’ll be there on the other side of this silence. All the planned activities, the weekend events, the “fun” to be had: this is not the time. Do I take this advice and close down for a day or two this weekend? Or do I push through and ignore my own intuitive guidance from these cards?

The strange thing is I am not feeling completely up to par today. Low energy, low spirit, low motivation is pressing down on me. Is this why I drew the card in the first place? Is the Universe telling me to slow down and take it easy? How often do we allow ourselves to do this? How often do we simply “close the door on life” for a while to find our center?

My Grandmother card today is: Dancing Fire of Woman’s Lodge. She says: “I am full of energy and ideas. They named me Dancing Fire because of my spontaneity. My motto is, ‘it is not where the journey is taking you, it is how you are taking the journey.'” Wait a minute! How does this reinforce or amplify on Sige? Sige say to be quiet and rest. Dancing Fire says she is full of energy and ideas. Yes, but she also says “it is how you are taking the journey.” The journey can certainly be an inward one. Am I being told to slow down and consider where I am? Is it suggested that I move inwardly and just be with myself for some time? I can do this with energy, with purpose, with plenty of ideas! But I can also do this in silence.

How often do you take time for just yourself? Do you travel inward to ask the hard questions? Do you assess in silence when you reach some point in life that requires centering and balance. I don’t do this often enough. Too often I simply bull-doze through issues to get through them, to get to the other side.  I think maybe, for at least part of this weekend, I’ll take some time to just be with the issues, the to-do list, the actions needing attention. They won’t go anywhere; they’ll be there Monday. They are more patient that I am!

Sige says “Shhh, dearest one. Quiet you mind. Breathe and let go of words, worry and plans.” I think I will…

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Yemanya and Mother Earth

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

What is your intention for the week? Do you wake up in the morning and ask yourself this question for each day? Do you spend a moment considering the day’s potential and wonder what it is that will make it special? I hope you do. This is a much better way to begin than with a worry or a concern; a fear or some other source of stress you may be facing about the day or week.

One way to do this is to shift into the intuitive mind on first awakening. This could include recalling a dream and writing it down.  Another way is to reach for a tool; maybe it is as simple as drifting into meditation on the question: “what does this day hold for me; what is mine to do?” Or it could be more active, for example, reaching for an oracle deck and drawing a card to set an intention. Shifting from sleep state to awake state is a critical moment in the day and can set the tone for the entire day. It is good to be intentional about this shift.

My intention for this day is to be productive and for the week it is to consider purchasing an Apple iPad. Then just before I drew cards from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck and the Grandmothers deck I glanced at yet another headline on the oil disaster in the Gulf. The cards speak to all of these points that were bouncing around in my mind as I drew them.

I drew Yemanya from the Goddess Guidance deck by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Yemanya’s message is “Golden Opportunity:  Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.” This is always a good message to receive; it is reinforcement to keep moving in the positive direction chosen. Yemanya goes on to say: “Like the ocean, life moves in waves and tides. Timing is everything, so when an opportunity presents itself, you must dive in at that moment.” This is also a good message to receive and consider under a waxing moon. Last week we passed through the cycle from Old Moon to New Moon. Under the Old Moon we let go of those things not serving us and to make room for the new coming into our lives. Just as the Moon empties and fills, we must empty and fill ourselves; and the Moon drives the tides; dive into that tide as it rises and presents itself as the opportunity to flow!

Yemanya is an African and Brazilian Goddess who created the sea. Dr. Virtue says: “Since the sea is the root of Earth Life, Yemanya’s connection to it makes her a very powerful and nurturing mother goddess.” Is anyone surprised that I drew a Goddess card connected to the sea as I was thinking about the Gulf? What are we doing to these Mothers; the Sea Mother and the Earth Mother? Will we now learn the lesson we missed in the 70s during that OPEC generated oil crisis? This is the opportunity; this is the open door that we must step through. Some lessons are very hard to accept and very long in the learning. But this one is clear and it is now immediate.

The Grandmother card always seems to reinforce the Goddess card. Today I drew Mother Earth of the Clan of Gifting. She say: “As your Elder Mother I invite you to enjoy the bounty, sustenance and support of me. Partake of the riches of my fertile land, enjoy my forests, and be flowing like my rivers and oceans. Harvest the food of my plants and see the beauty of my flowers. To honor me is to understand our interdependence and to respect all forms of life. The Clan of Gifting reminds us that we each have gifts of abundance that we can share for the benefit of future generations.”

Through the gift of Yemanya the Sea gave birth to Earth Life. Mother Earth gifts us with life and abundance. And our opportunity is to give of our own abundance for the benefit of the future. How often do we consider our own gifts and our own opportunities as gifts for future generations? It is time to “remember forward” and take today’s opportunities as lessons so there might be a future generation to carry us forward.