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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Sulis and White Lamb Woman

May 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I love these oracle card days; I get so much information from the cards which are always telling me what I need to hear. I hope they are useful for you as well. My intention when I draw them is to seek and offer sound advice for the days going forward.

Today I thought about Thursday being the “new Friday” as the weekend approaches; and both cards I drew are about renewal! And as we are still in a Mercury retrograde period, until May 11 it is a great time to rest and relax. My good friend and astrologer, Chris Largent, has this to say about this time: “If we all hang in there until Tuesday at about 6:30 pm (actually 6:27 pm EDT), the Mercury retrograde will be over.  So, let’s try not to react too much (and stay away from people who trigger us), AND let’s also get plenty of rest and play (in the ancient world, cultures often just took these times off – what an idea, eh?).  And please keep in mind that this is a good time for reflection and contemplation.  So, if we slow things down as often as we can – if only for a few minutes – and treat ourselves to something relaxing, this could be a rewarding time (astrologers have to say things like that in times that are a pain in the neck).”

Sulis, a “Celtic Sun Goddess who oversees bodies of water associated with healing”, says: “Spend time near bodies of water, such as a lake, river, or the ocean, to recharge your batteries.” Water is both a purifying agent and the element that holds our emotions. Dr. Doreen Virtue writes: “Water can wash away sadness, pain, and the ill effects of  suffering. Engage in purification rituals involving water more often, and you’ll experience an uplifting in your spirit and outlook.”

Grandmother White Lamb Woman is of the Lodge of Dirctions North. She says: “I was born from White Fire with wisdom, grace and abundance. I offer clarity so your spirit may be restored and renewed.” She is a beauty with smooth, unblemished features and dressed in a lovely robe of white angora wool and a headdress of white and black striped feathers. To gaze on her countenance is to feel the relaxation and peace of restoration.

As the weekend approaches consider taking time to relax and rejuvenate. If you are near water take time, even a few moments, to meditate and let go of any disturbing emotions – let the water wash them away. Or soak in a tub and purify both body and spirit as Sulis and White Lamb Woman sooth away any stress or pain. And while Mercury is retrograde do this as often and as much as you can!

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Pele and Winter Birch

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s Tuesday in beautiful Colorado; the sun is high and bright, the temperature is predicted to approach 80, and the wind is blowing to keep things cool. I’ve set aside the day to get out in the garden and tend to the newly greening and growing life of “new Summer” now that we have celebrated Beltane!

But first I drew two cards for the day to get in touch with the Goddess energies influencing our times. I am so glad to be getting back to this regular practice and to share it in this way. As Rosemary mentioned in her comment on my first post of Goddess Card work last Friday, using divination cards is a wonderful way to get in touch with the intuitive, Higher Self. And while I am drawing these cards and interpreting their meaning within my own context, do know that my intention is to gain and offer guidance for all of us, not just for me.

That said, today’s Goddess Card from the Doreen Virtue deck is Pele, Divine Passion. Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes. Dr. Virtue says: “She shows us that fire can purify, release us from the old to make way for the new, and ignite our passions.” And Pele’s admonition is: “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?” This is wonderful advice for these times of change. We are out of time; we can no longer procrastinate and wander aimlessly through our lives. Find your purpose, find your passion (they are completely interrelated) and live them! This begins with being passionate about yourself. You are important; you have a unique purpose in this lifetime. Call on Pele to burn up the old, wandering self and ignite your inner fires; get in touch with your Higher Self and love that person entrusted with this purpose.

Today’s Grandmother Card is Winter Birch of Woman’s Lodge.  She offers her strength to support us in our purpose and passion: “No matter how great the burden or how difficult the task, my flexibility enables me to shoulder the load and bounce back. This has been of value for some of the others who had difficulty letting go of rules and judgments.” Yes, strength to let go of other people’s rules and judgments! With the coming changes the old rules don’t apply; other peoples judgments do not pertain; remain flexible and strong knowing the burdens given to us are never too much, can not break us as we move into our purpose and passion.

Note on the Grandmother Cards: the actual title is Grandmothers by Megan Garcia, published by Books Beyond Borders, copyright 1995; the ISBN: 1-883862-06-X. I offer all this information because the deck is out of print but is available if you search for it; I got mine in new condition from Powell Books several years ago. I’ve included here a scan of the image of Winter Birch of Woman’s Lodge so you get a sense of their style and beauty. I will scan others from time to time if their images seem important to the reading.

Inner Work using Divination

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

As predicted we got our five inches of snow; it is still coming down as I write! And by equinox time tomorrow, 11:32 am locally, we will see the Sun and experience the light for half the day; and then we’ll have half a day of night: equal parts light and dark to balance our inner and outer natures.

I’ve been writing about inner work lately. I’ve cited several methods I have used with varying success to get in touch with the inner being, to process loss and grief, to get in touch with our spiritual bodies and minds, to get in touch with Self. And in clearing up one of my piles of papers yesterday I found a single typed sheet, isolated, waiting for me. I glanced at it before pitching it in the recycle bin and read a few lines. This sounds interesting, I wonder who wrote it; maybe I should set it aside to read later.

I read this note today; I had written it, who knows when, I discovered about half-way through the piece. It was a response I had written, perhaps 10 years ago, to a “shusta card” drawing I had done. Shusta cards are a deck used for divination that I was trained in some time in the 90s. I haven’t used them in years. I have used other cards on occasion. Divination cards are very useful as a means to communicate with our higher consciousness, the Self.  One year I drew a card from three different decks each morning and wrote in a journal what I interpreted the cards to mean. It is fascinating to go back and read that journal now.

With that as introduction I offer this “reading” of self, and Self, for your consideration, not only as the message for today as we approach equinox, but as a method you can use to get in touch with your higher Self:

“I can not hope to serve others successfully unless I am serving myself to a point where it becomes clear I am host to God/Goddess, a point where wholeness is growing inside.  Then there will be a platform from which to serve.

“Now my Shusta cards from this morning become clearer. Destiny, Self, Unconditional Love. Of course, I have a destiny which is unalterable and set in motion from the beginning of time. I know that, and hard as it is, I accept that, at least intellectually. It is harder to accept it emotionally, but once it is admitted, life becomes easier to bear. Acceptance of this condition is a step on the path to wholeness. Let the moment unfold as it will. I can’t change it. The minute details may alter but the overall pattern of my existence is set, so let it be.

“Self within the established pattern – what does that mean? Is there a self within the motions of the plan that has any importance? Perhaps only in the context of the Self can the self be considered significant. Everything needs context. The Self has its context in Oneness, the Unity of All, the Way/Tao, the Am that I am. I am that Oneness, that Oneness am I. In the great beingness, isness, suchness, I am, the Self. From this one point derives all existence. The self is the conscious level of the Self. It is awake, aware, and built to serve the Self. It gets in its own way a lot. It second guesses everything. It thinks way too much. Out of this thinking derives worry, guilt, and many other destructive emotions. The shadow emerges from the self. The Self has no shadow, can not be split or divided onto itSelf, because it is only the Self. Consciousness of the Self is the only path of salvation for the self. Dwelling in the Self is the source of hope. Awareness of the Self is the platform for wholeness, and service. All derives from the Self; the first derivative (dS) is the self. The only purpose, meaning is to be aware of the Self, to serve the Self, to reflect the Self in the outer realm of existence.

“Unconditional love is what the Self has for the self. The Self knows what the self has to endure; the entire plan is available to the Self, nothing is hidden. From this knowledge derives love. Self-love of self is the dynamo of the universe, of all creation. The Self is Love. Suchness, beingness is love; love is suchness. There is an identity here which is the key. Unconditional love is the root, the central core of the All. Yes, even the most dark and evil corner of all creation has love at its center. It couldn’t exist without love; nothing can exist without love. Love Is. If this is true, then the only possible response to everything is love. How can it be otherwise. Love can only generate love. See the love in all things and you become love. The self becomes the Self. And emptiness engulfs the self in an ecstatic state of bliss.”

I got all that from three little cards. It’s a good meditation to consider as we move to the balance of the Spring Equinox and into the new year of growth and activity.

Using divination cards is a wonderful way to get in touch with Self. Have any of you had good experiences with cards?