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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards: Pele and Winter Birch

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s Tuesday in beautiful Colorado; the sun is high and bright, the temperature is predicted to approach 80, and the wind is blowing to keep things cool. I’ve set aside the day to get out in the garden and tend to the newly greening and growing life of “new Summer” now that we have celebrated Beltane!

But first I drew two cards for the day to get in touch with the Goddess energies influencing our times. I am so glad to be getting back to this regular practice and to share it in this way. As Rosemary mentioned in her comment on my first post of Goddess Card work last Friday, using divination cards is a wonderful way to get in touch with the intuitive, Higher Self. And while I am drawing these cards and interpreting their meaning within my own context, do know that my intention is to gain and offer guidance for all of us, not just for me.

That said, today’s Goddess Card from the Doreen Virtue deck is Pele, Divine Passion. Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes. Dr. Virtue says: “She shows us that fire can purify, release us from the old to make way for the new, and ignite our passions.” And Pele’s admonition is: “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?” This is wonderful advice for these times of change. We are out of time; we can no longer procrastinate and wander aimlessly through our lives. Find your purpose, find your passion (they are completely interrelated) and live them! This begins with being passionate about yourself. You are important; you have a unique purpose in this lifetime. Call on Pele to burn up the old, wandering self and ignite your inner fires; get in touch with your Higher Self and love that person entrusted with this purpose.

Today’s Grandmother Card is Winter Birch of Woman’s Lodge.  She offers her strength to support us in our purpose and passion: “No matter how great the burden or how difficult the task, my flexibility enables me to shoulder the load and bounce back. This has been of value for some of the others who had difficulty letting go of rules and judgments.” Yes, strength to let go of other people’s rules and judgments! With the coming changes the old rules don’t apply; other peoples judgments do not pertain; remain flexible and strong knowing the burdens given to us are never too much, can not break us as we move into our purpose and passion.

Note on the Grandmother Cards: the actual title is Grandmothers by Megan Garcia, published by Books Beyond Borders, copyright 1995; the ISBN: 1-883862-06-X. I offer all this information because the deck is out of print but is available if you search for it; I got mine in new condition from Powell Books several years ago. I’ve included here a scan of the image of Winter Birch of Woman’s Lodge so you get a sense of their style and beauty. I will scan others from time to time if their images seem important to the reading.

from The Divine Feminine: Find the Joy!

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

This week’s message, channeled by Rosemary, as last week’s, is also a very good one for men to hear! “Find the joy”! How often do we get bogged down in work issues and fail to look for joy? How often are we so wrapped up with personal problems, social justice issues, political engagement, financial concerns, family crises, …, you name it and there is something to take us into dark places, our “man’s cave”, where we can hope to escape from the pressures of post-modern life! But what if we take a moment, take a breath, pause for one conscious instant and ask: “can I find joy here”?

And the answer The Divine Feminine gives us: “There is joy to be found in every moment of your time on Planet Earth if you will but search for the joy instead of dwelling on the painful aspects of that moment.”

Is it really that simple or is this another “Pollyanna” perspective that has no basis in reality? It can be that simple with the tools available to us. And here’s a really simple one for you to practice. Rosemary taught this technique this past weekend during her workshop/playshop on applying Conscious Confidence to decision making. During one of the segments we worked on moving from foveal vision to peripheral vision. Foveal vision is focused, concentrated vision along a central axis to a sharp and limited field of view. We tend to move into this form of vision when we are worried, anxious, scared, concentrating on an issue or problem. And it is in this mode of seeing that our fight or flight mechanism is easily triggered. The opposite of foveal vision is peripheral vision which we can move into simply by relaxing our focus, letting the eyes relax and expand. As we lose focus or defocus our vision we can begin to see well beyond the central line of sight. If we let go entirely of focus several things happen physiologically: we lose the fight or flight mechanism; we begin to significantly extend our field of vision, easily to 180 degrees and even more; and we can even see beyond the purely physical. What I mean by this last point is we move much more easily into our intuitive sight, even opening our third eye.

Hawaiian spirituality labeled this type of seeing “hakalau.” Here is a good website for explaining the technique and applying it as a meditation approach: HAKALAU.  I frequently go into hakalau when I want to see more than what is just in front of me. A very practical application is when driving and sitting at a red light: I go into hakalau to view the entire intersection and to see, after my light turns green, that it is safe to proceed.

Sometimes when we are “focused” on a problem or issue it is difficult to see “joy” in that moment, even though The Divine Feminine says “there is joy to be found in every moment.” However, if we can pause in those anxious moments to go into hakalau, even for a moment, we are likely to see in the periphery of our vision something to bring a smile and create a sense of joy.

I hope you have a chance to try it. It works for me!