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A poem to celebrate this day: Anniversary

July 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Rosemary and I have been married for 34 years now. It was a lovely evening in Maryland that July 22, 1983. It was not a “triple H” day. We chose well.

There are many things over the years that we have chosen well. Certainly sustaining an active partnership through many adventures has been our most significant choice. And all we can really do in this life is keep these good choices flowing, one into the next.

Love sustains the flow, always. And communications sustains the love. Partnership can be a beautiful thing when it is cared for.

My poem today is a bit random; thoughts strung together to celebrate us, our “mature marriage.” Enjoy!


A year, a celebration,
Solar return for a marriage,
Mary M Day, triple H day,
This year, Saturn’s Day.

This year marks 34
In time that is not real,
Only there to maintain schedules,
Hold people together in this dimension.

What is a mature marriage?
What does one look like?
Boring, rote, habitual, well trod paths,
Patterns flowing into patterns of sameness?

No! Refuse this trend, this pattern!
Every day is a new day.
Every year is a new year.
35 is the best year yet!

Invention, creation, adventures,
Plans to move forward,
Visions to propel the movement,
And conversations to keep it all fresh!




©2017 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Create Your Baby! – Richard’s Commentary

October 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Rosemary and I just returned to the East Coast from LA and our first visit to our newest grandson, the baby who was the inspiration for Rosemary’s post here yesterday. It is wonderful to have a baby in the family again, even one who is 3000 miles away! We are now inspired to see him often, to watch him grow and to nurture him along his way, as only grandparents can!

And by writing this I have formed my own “baby”, one of my “next steps” in the process of living the life I choose. My intention is to play a significant role in Tristan’s life, no matter where his parents choose to live. Meeting him and being with him this past week reinforced his “calling” to us for our attention! Now I just have to make it all happen. How?

The answer is in Rosemary’s post:

The most important choice that you make is the choice of thoughts that you will think.

Really. This is most important. Your thoughts really do create your reality. Many people try to deny this but worrying about something you DON’T want energizes that which you don’t want. You want to program your unconscious mind to focus energy on that which you DO want and you make this happen by choosing your thoughts to support the direction of your creative dream.

So, I am choosing to think that I will spend significant time with Tristan as he grows and develops no matter how far apart we may live. I have been traveling much of my life for much less important reasons; I intend to continue my journeying well into the future! And I do know that my thoughts and intentions create my reality. Here is a minor story to prove Rosemary’s point.

During our trip to LAX from “the Valley” yesterday traffic was heavy – imagine that! But we had allowed plenty of time and neither of us was worried about our schedule. My boarding pass indicated I was “pre-cleared” through TSA to even save time through security screening. Rosemary set two intentions as we approached the airport: an easy bag-check process and she would join me in the “pre-cleared” line! I was so confident that we were in good shape that I set no intentions for myself as I dropped her with the bags and then left to return the rental car. Here’s where my lesson began!

As we pulled up to curb-check the bags a car was about to pull away where I needed to be; after a brief wait I pulled into that spot right in front of the skycap desk. As I got out and popped the trunk a skycap came to help with the bags; it couldn’t have been easier! I left Rosemary to get the claim checks and raced off to the rental agency.

And I hit a wall of traffic on Century Boulevard! It had been shut down to one lane for an emergency repair. I crept a car length or two through each light cycle. I finally made it to a gas station to top off the tank before returning the car; there the pump wouldn’t take my credit card so I had to go into the store twice, once to get the pump on and once to retrieve the receipt! After a half-hour delay and increasing tension I finally got on the bus to return to the airport and join Rosemary.

Security wasn’t too bad by this time and I breezed through on my pre-clearance. And Rosemary? Yes, she did talk her way into the pre-cleared line as well! We made it to our gate with plenty of time to spare!

Once again the power of intention, that “thoughts really do create reality” hit me over the head! Rosemary had set her intention for a very smooth bag-check and screening process. I had not paid attention nor set intention for a very smooth rental return process! And as I became frustrated in the traffic jam my frustration was compounded at the gas station!

A trivial example perhaps, but: Really. This is most important. Your thoughts really do create your reality.

PS: We will be seeing Tristan in November as he travels to the east coast for a family visit and again in December as we travel to LA on business! Thoughts really do create our reality!


October 1, 2014 Leave a comment

What is waiting for you to create NOW? Not next year. Not someday. But now.

It is easy to dream up great ideas and to plan to make them become reality, but until you take action to create them in the physical plane, they will remain ideas. What is on your drawing board that is waiting for some action?

I am not a fan of regrets or of looking backwards, but when I hear someone say that they wish they had done something differently in the past, I want to suggest that they take action in THIS PRESENT MOMENT instead of looking to what might have been.

You are always at choice in your life. You are always ready to create your next ‘baby.’ No matter what the circumstances of this moment might look like to you, you can always choose to move in the direction of that creative idea, that dream.

What is one step that you can take to give a signal to the Universe that you are ready to make that dream become a reality? It doesn’t have to be huge. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row. You don’t have to have worked out all the steps required to finish it.

You only need to know what the one next step needs to be.

And then you need to take that step!

Creating something requires a choice to move and an action to follow up that choice. Are you focusing on what you don’t have available? Are you focusing on the overwhelming nature of the full project instead of the requirements of the one step in front of you?

The most important choice that you make is the choice of thoughts that you will think.

Really. This is most important. Your thoughts really do create your reality. Many people try to deny this but worrying about something you DON’T want energizes that which you don’t want. You want to program your unconscious mind to focus energy on that which you DO want and you make this happen by choosing your thoughts to support the direction of your creative dream.

When you have a creative idea, when you get an inspiration, that idea exists in another dimension and you have been given access to that idea as the ‘keeper of the creation.’ It then becomes your responsibility to pursue that creation.

Do you feel that you have an overwhelming list of creative ideas and that you can’t possibly accomplish them all? This is a great place to be! You are being invited to capture the ideas and then to use your intuition to prioritize the development of those ideas into projects.

It is important to ask yourself, ‘Is it mine to take action on this idea?’ Sometimes your role is to receive the idea and then to hand it off to someone else or bring it to a team. Sometimes your creative idea meshes with someone else’s for great synergy.

But if you don’t take action in the direction of those creative ideas, how will you find the partner? How will you make everything come together? How will your creative idea ever become reality?

Start your creative process TODAY. Figure out your ONE NEXT STEP.

Nine months (or earlier!) from now, when your creative ‘baby’ is born you’ll be glad you took the action you decided to take today!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What’s the ROI for Staying Stuck?

May 29, 2014 Leave a comment

This is a good question to ask yourself when you feel stuck in some area of your life and confused or unsure of the next step for you to take. Staying stuck IS an investment that you make, every day, until you decide to take some action to get unstuck and to move forward.

Every marketing seminar that you take will have you look at the Return on Investment (ROI) for various choices that lie in front of you. You’ll then be guided to take the road with the greatest ROI. But most of the time, when someone is using this term, they are actually measuring money. Is that really the only commodity that matters, though?

Think about your work or your job in terms of the hours that you are investing in it. Look at your time on the job as well as your commute time or the time outside of work when you are thinking/worrying about work. Are you focused on living your Life Purpose? Are you giving to others only the hours and energy that you have left over after your working hours? Are you being compensated for your real measure of your contribution to work?

If you’re working 40 hours a week and commuting one hour each way and all you are left with monetarily is enough money to pay for child care, then maybe there is not a good enough ROI for you and your lifestyle. Maybe there is, but don’t you want to assess that so that you are making a conscious choice to spend your hours and energy that way?

If you are in a relationship that does not support your personal, spiritual, mental and emotional growth, why are you staying in that relationship? Sometimes there are other benefits or payoffs but, if you are living a conscious life, it’s important that you be honest with yourself about all of your relationships. You don’t have to measure tit for tat, give and get in equal measure, but if you are investing in a relationship that does not help you to live your Life Purpose, then examine your reasons for staying.

You can make a conscious choice about every investment that you make – financial, emotional, mental, spiritual. What thoughts are you investing your time in considering? Do you tend to worry, investing time and energy in focusing on what you do not want to have happen in your life? Do you realize that there is a huge ROI on investing in these thoughts? You attract that which you energize. Why invest here??!

Examine your thoughts throughout the day. Catch yourself investing that energy where the ROI is not what you want to receive in your life! Then turn your thoughts onto the investment in what you DO want to receive.

Have you examined your limiting beliefs, the ideas you might have embraced as a child that no long apply but that your unconscious mind holds onto and brings up whenever it serves you as it has in the past? Were you told that you are ‘not good enough’? Were you picked last for the sports team and so started to believe that you are not good at doing sports? Did you have a teacher or classmates who belittled you so that you became afraid to speak your truth? There can be insidious beliefs that you are investing in by allowing them to continue unexplored and unchecked. They bring an ROI of unwanted behaviors!

Become conscious in your life. What choices are you making? Do those choices support you in living your Life Purpose? Are you free to explore new possibilities so that you can choose to invest in something that brings with it the positive ROI that you seek? Are you investing in staying stuck and losing out on investments that you would rather choose, those with the ROI that you seek?

Do the work. Your personal growth work is the best investment you can make in yourself and your life. The ROI is tremendous – Joy, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, and, yes, even Prosperity and Abundance!

Choose your investments wisely!

Ro Pic Sig


July 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Sometimes it feels as if everyone is holding their breath, waiting for something but unsure what that ‘something’ is. Are you ready?

When opportunity arrives it doesn’t always knock loudly at your door. It might sneak into your life as a flash of an idea. Or it might come through another person. The next opportunity might be blossoming before your very eyes and yet you’re missing it because you’re waiting for the loud knock on your door.

The way to live a conscious life is to be always on the lookout for the opportunities as they present themselves to you. Don’t prejudge what that opportunity will look like. Expect everything you perceive to have a message, a lesson for you. And be ready to take action to follow up on that opportunity.

Oftentimes we seem to succumb to our circumstances and give away control of our lives to what is going on around us. We fail to see the growth opportunity that is right before our face. It doesn’t matter how evolved you might be, it can be easy to miss the forest because you’re focused on the tree. This is when it is so helpful to have a friend, counselor, coach to help you to step back and get perspective.

What opportunities are presenting themselves to you now? Do you have someone you trust with whom you can share your thoughts? Are you ready to take action when those opportunities are identified for you?

Your higher self knows what you need to progress on the path of personal growth. Whether you are focused on career or family or acquisition of knowledge, you have a guide within you who can help to steer your path in the direction that brings the most growth. Your job is to recognize the signposts along that path and take action in the direction in which they are pointing.

Are you ready to recognize those signposts and move? It is so easy to stay put, to dawdle, to wait and test the waters without commitment to action. But in this 21st Century energy we have no time to wait. We are called to action NOW.

Each person on Planet Earth in these times is called to share their gifts, their life purpose, with the others on the Planet. In the grand plan of the Universe, we have all agreed to share Planet Earth together and we each have a role to play. Others are waiting for you to step into your power and show up in their lives. The opportunity to be of service is being presented to you in small ways and in large. Your only role is to be who you came to Earth to be.

And NOW is the time. Are you ready?

Take a moment today to notice what could be opportunities for you to move forward. Just notice. Then ask yourself if you are willing to take action on those opportunities. If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ then ask yourself what is holding you back.

Notice the ideas that flash through your mind today. Is there something that keeps popping in that you continue to ignore? Is there an idea that has been nagging at you for a while that you have tried to push aside? Pay attention to those ideas.

Does someone bring up a topic that spurs an interest in you to pursue? Pursue it. If you see a doorway opening, walk through it.

Practice taking action on opportunities and see how much forward motion you can enjoy.

Are you ready?

PS: Here’s an opportunity for you to get ready for: Rosemary’s Conversation with The Other Side on July 13 promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side!

The Heart of Humanity – Richard’s Commentary

June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Yesterday’s post was a message, as channeled by Rosemary, from The Divine Feminine. There is little I can say that will enhance their powerful message. But I do want to offer some thoughts and examples, perhaps in my way to amplify the message.

My first thought in encountering the words of The Divine Feminine comes from my training and work in indigenous cultures and their understanding of this “Heart” especially as it relates to ancestors. We, as living humans, stand on the bones of our ancestors; but their hearts beat right beside our own. Many of you know Rosemary as a medium who can speak directly to our ancestors, those who have transitioned in the near past and even ancestors from generations past. They are right here with us! So, when The Divine Feminine speak of The Heart of Humanity and say: “This is not about the individual heart of a single person but, rather, the collective heart of the humans both alive and in spirit” they include our ancestors in this Heart. Why is this important? They are right here with us, watching us, cheering us on. So often their messages through Rosemary are words of pride in our achievements, words of encouragement to continue to learn the lessons and evolve, words of comfort that they are with us! Their hearts beat within The Heart of Humanity just as ours do. Live and love within this energy!

My second reaction to the message is a recall of a divination card I often receive from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Maat is a Goddess in the deck that Maatcarries the message of “fairness.” (I’ve pictured the card here.) The key to understanding the message of this card is in the definition Dr. Virtue offers for fairness: “It’s when all parties involved surrender their personal agendas in favor of the greater good for the entirety of the group. This requires trust in the wisdom of the group.” And I add this requires trust in The Heart of Humanity.

I like this definition of fairness a lot. And it is little wonder that I receive this card a lot! What if our justice system were based on fairness: what’s good for everyone, the common good? How did The Divine Feminine put it? – “For the good of all.” With no qualifiers. We are all in this together. Sometimes we may not like this inclusive approach to “all.” But we are all members of The Heart of Humanity!

My third thought goes to our “community supported agriculture” (CSA) farm. As I write this, today is pick-up day. Each week we get a box of organic produce fresh from the fields. During this past winter we purchased a family share in the farm. Now we are getting our return on that investment. We paid our local organic farmer in advance and now receive a share. This share means we are part of a community, part of the common good; and we are sharing now in the results, good harvest or poor harvest (and  so far it’s been very good!); we share the benefit as well as the risk. Our community farm is part of The Heart of Humanity.

The Heart of Humanity is about our Ancestors and what they worked hard for, it’s about fairness, and it’s about sharing in the common good. I hope you are enjoying your share in this Heart!


PS: Come speak with your ancestors! They are alive in The Heart of Humanity. Your next opportunity to participate in a Conversation with The Other Side is July 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern. You can join the Conversation online via a video internet connection, or voice/phone; and if you can come to Annapolis, join Rosemary live! Get the details here.

Fires, Thoughts, Transformations and Global Changes

June 14, 2013 Leave a comment

There is another wild fire raging in Colorado. There are actually multiple fires but the one most on my mind is near Colorado Springs in a neighboring district called Black Forest. We have dear friends who live there. And already more homes, a new unwanted record number of homes, have been destroyed by this out-of-control fire.

It was just a year ago that another wild fire, the Waldo Canyon Wild Fire, raged through our neighborhood in Colorado Springs. It left nearly 350 homes either completely burned to the ground or in shambles. Ours was one of the lucky ones, spared in an island of preservation while all around was blackened and burned. I am certain there will be new stories of miracles when the smoke clears from this current fire, still out of control as I write.

Rosemary and I have both been eerily drawn into watching the fires, listening to the reports, tuning in to the regular press conferences and live-streaming KKTV from the safety of our home in Maryland, just as we did a year ago as our neighborhood burned. Our memories of last year are vividly revived and the feelings of helplessness are taking root once again in our psyches. And to top that off, a wild storm hit Annapolis today, knocking out our power just as it did a year ago as we watched Colorado burn.

What’s going on here? What is this mysterious link between our consciousness and the patterns of heat and fire and rough weather across this country? Are the patterns programming our consciousness?

I wrote yesterday in response to the message from The Divine Feminine that our thoughts can create our reality. But what happens when our reality creates our thoughts? I believe it is our moral obligation to counter the negatives with our own positive responses. This is our calling; this is our karma!

Call it what you will: prayer, good thoughts, positive vibrations. They do have an impact. And so, with deep gratitude and with powerful hope and expectations I send out my prayers and hopes and good vibrations to Colorado Springs and Black Forest, to these communities re-traumatized by this wild fire. I send strength and endurance to all who are countering this new onslaught: the fire-fighters, law-enforcement personnel, first responders, aid providers, and especially the displaced victims, many of whom already know their homes are gone.

I know that our former community of Mountain Shadows has pulled together and our neighbors are rebuilding. They endured. And I know they will be there to aid their neighbors to the north in Black Forest. This is where the patterns of consciousness are changing and making a difference. These are communities now who are united in a common cause as they may never have been before. It is this united consciousness that can and will change the patterns of global transformation toward the good and positive.

To all who are in the way of these fires we send our love and support!


ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Change, the Brain, and Life Force Energy

April 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Breathe into the base of your spine and allow the breath to move all the way up your spine into your brain.  If there is any constriction along the spine the breath cannot move energy all the way into the brain and thoughts die.

All thoughts in the brain need the energy of Life Force to be maintained but this energy does not just come from conscious thought.  The unconscious mind can also energize thought by repeatedly visiting that thought and giving it power.  This is how ‘old tapes’ can remain powerful in one’s life, even at the unconscious level.

What thoughts are gaining power by being revisited at the unconscious level?  What do you believe about yourself that you are not changing because you keep reinforcing the old belief?

The only way to change is to change.  Change the thought pattern that generated the behavior that resulted in an action.  Trying to change without addressing underlying beliefs and thoughts is doomed to failure.  ‘Trying’ to change is just that – ‘trying.’  Changing takes real change.  Anyone who wishes to change must start by changing something, even one little thing, to signal the brain to embrace the coming change.

If you wish to change your eating patterns and diet, then change something about how you eat.  Don’t sit in the same chair, eat at the same time or table, buy at the same grocery store.

If you wish to change how you exercise or move, change the clothes or shoes you wear.  Choose a different location, partner or time of day.

If you wish to change work habits then rearrange your work space.

If you want to change the energy at home then redecorate, change lighting, play different music, open different windows, use different doors.

Change something first, then change the brain.  Change the brain and you can change everything else.

Your Life Force Energy is within you as a fire burning brightly but sometimes your perception of it is dimmed by the blinders of your thoughts.  Ramp up the fire, the flames of Life Force Energy, and burn away the blinders.  Shine that Light upon the world around you.

All of this energy relies on an open spinal column through which the energy can flow, from root to crown through the brain.  You have the power to open this energy channel through a combination of visualization, physical exercise and energy work with light and color.

The focus is on the column of Light that is YOU, the individual.  Use color and light to set the vibratory frequency level that opens you to your own greatness.

Then Be that Unique Greatness – YOU!!!

PS: Do you want some help with the changes you are inviting into your life? Apply for a Discovery Session with Rosemary; it’s easy! Do it here

Our Brain May Be a Record of the Future

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

I have been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s first book, Evolve Your Brain, The Science of Changing Your Mind, with great enthusiasm since Rosemary’s encounter with him two weeks ago. And my blog themes, apart from Rosemary’s posts that I share here, have been revolving around this whole notion of Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

I have also been writing about creating your future, and bringing it into the present, a bit of a twist on the whole Secret/Manifestation/Law of Attraction theme. Recall that I wrote earlier in the year that my “visitors from the future” spoke of time and the importance of pulling future strength, character, structure into the now in order to create the future. And I wrote how time seems to behave like an echo-chamber so we need to have a vision of the future in order to manifest what we are looking for in life, even now!

Then I came across this from Dispenza as he writes about the incredible amount of unused brain capacity we humans have: “Do these latent neural nets represent undiscovered regions of human potential? Could selection turn on these latent areas? Might these neural areas be activated, developed, and refined, given the proper knowledge and instruction? Could we occupy or activate these areas so that we can reach a new, greater level of mind? If so, we could be looking at our evolutionary future, and our brain may be a record of that future, not just the past.”

I love this notion that our brains may be a record of the future! It is exactly in line with the notion of time being circular and always present right now. The future is now! And it is recorded in our brains, in those latent neural networks just resting there ready to be turned on!

This concept comes with incredible responsibility and power. Both Rosemary and I have been writing how we have to be very careful with our thoughts! Thoughts become things, right? And thoughts become the future for us! Every new thought we have fires up a new set of neuron connections; a new neural network is established. And if one such thought extends into some latent region to kick off a whole cascade of network connections then we may be recreating ourselves for the future!

The more I look at this, read about it and think about it we are future creatures in the making. We no longer have to wait for the Darwinian evolutionary process of ponderous natural selection to create the New Human. We are constantly becoming the New Human as we generate new thoughts and those thoughts get laid down as new network pathways through the uncharted territories of our latent mass of neurons!

Humans seem to have evolved much faster than most species. This has been a criticism of evolutionary theory and feeds the notion of “divine creationism.” But what if our extra brain capacity was the latest evolutionary driver that sped the selection process beyond the pre-consciousness rate? And once consciousness is achieved it seems there is a built-in reinforcing feedback loop to further accelerate the process. For example our tool making leveraged our survival odds. Better tools increased the survival rate and set up new neural pathways which expanded our brain capacity. Our consciousness, capacity for memory, language, dexterity, all fed this loop to continue to extend our neural nets beyond any creature before us.

And we are still evolving. New thoughts, concepts, theories, discoveries, explorations, all take us into the future. Even bad ideas may open up new connections that may trigger something good. And what about art, music, songs, poetry, stories? Might these also be keys to unlock these “undiscovered regions” that Dispenza addresses?

Much has been written about our huge brain capacity and potential compared to what we use. What if we could put even a small portion of it to good use in our lives? What if we found the key to unlock this treasure? Could it be the door to our “evolutionary future”?

I’m planning to continue this exploration, find the key, change my mind and create my future! How about you?


Mind over Matter

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Rosemary attended a LiveStream event with Joe Dispenza last week. She was very impressed and is now committed to Breaking The Habit of Being Herself: How to Lose Her Mind and Create a New One to paraphrase the title of his latest book. This is something right up her alley if you have been following The Scientific Mystic for any length of time. She loves the new brain science that is emerging and meshing so excitingly with quantum science. Of course she has been evolving her brain for as long as I have known her! We are both explorers and open to the unfolding wonderment of discoveries and advancements on our paths together.

In her excitement about Dr. Dispenza’s presentation her natural response is to order books! Yes, we already have both of them (we are unrepentant collectors of books!). And as is my response I immediately absconded with his first book: Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (she already got this material through the webinar, right?). And now I’m plowing right through it; I do have to keep pace with Rosemary to be sure I still love this new person she is becoming! Oh, and while I’m at it I had better “create a new mind” for myself so that there’s a better chance she’ll love me back!

Seriously this is all good stuff and right in line with what Rosemary has been writing about and what I’ve been responding to after crossing the threshold of 2012 and into the new territory of the Transformation of 2013. For some of you Dispenza may not offer a lot of new material in his books, but it is presented in a very accessible way and backed up with wonderful stories.

The essence of this work is, in fact, Mind over Matter (Mom) – and yes, my Mom did say this to me a lot. In yesterday’s post I quoted Mike Dooley: “Thought becomes things” and other authors, including Rosemary: “Thoughts are things.” We certainly can all agree that thoughts are energy, and Einstein clearly knew energy and matter are tightly bound. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful energy sources. And just as energy is preserved, never lost, so too our thoughts have lasting effect, both on ourselves and others who may be the recipients of our projected thoughts!

Rosemary’s admonitions, “be careful what you think” and “think new thoughts for 2013” are certainly worth attention. And this attention comes from the meta-mind I wrote about in yesterday’s post. Go meta; monitor your thoughts; just practice this awareness as a first step. There is no judgment required here, only assessment, conscious observance of the thoughts that run through your mind and conscious recall that these thoughts are energy and become things!

When we get a firm grasp on the characteristics of our thoughts and this practiced ability to monitor them with our meta-mind, we can then begin to consider their value, whether they are supporting the life we want to live, whether they are helping us, if they are helping others, and, in general, if they tend to be positive or negative (here I might rather say “yin or yang” to keep the judgment out of the evaluation.)

And when we have a good grasp on our thoughts we can then begin to make choices on how we want to think. And this is where MoM (Mind over Matter) comes in. Our higher intelligence as humans gives us the freedom of choice. And through the highest form of that intelligence, our higher or meta-mind, we can sift through all the possible choices open to us and decide consciously which thoughts manifest the life we want for ourselves. And this is not to deny obstacles, other matter (even other people’s thoughts!) out in our pathway, that may disrupt our journey. These are lessons; they are opportunities to refine the choices, or even change them if necessary to learn what we are here to learn. And this is when mind over matter becomes most powerful. Not only are we free to choose, we are free to continue in that choice, despite all odds and obstacles, or we are free to re-choose and refine the very vector of our life-story!

Rosemary and I are constantly refining our stories. It’s an exciting trip! And we know we can always trust that our minds are powerful enough to overcome all matter.

And so is yours!

Thanks, MoM!