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Fires, Thoughts, Transformations and Global Changes

There is another wild fire raging in Colorado. There are actually multiple fires but the one most on my mind is near Colorado Springs in a neighboring district called Black Forest. We have dear friends who live there. And already more homes, a new unwanted record number of homes, have been destroyed by this out-of-control fire.

It was just a year ago that another wild fire, the Waldo Canyon Wild Fire, raged through our neighborhood in Colorado Springs. It left nearly 350 homes either completely burned to the ground or in shambles. Ours was one of the lucky ones, spared in an island of preservation while all around was blackened and burned. I am certain there will be new stories of miracles when the smoke clears from this current fire, still out of control as I write.

Rosemary and I have both been eerily drawn into watching the fires, listening to the reports, tuning in to the regular press conferences and live-streaming KKTV from the safety of our home in Maryland, just as we did a year ago as our neighborhood burned. Our memories of last year are vividly revived and the feelings of helplessness are taking root once again in our psyches. And to top that off, a wild storm hit Annapolis today, knocking out our power just as it did a year ago as we watched Colorado burn.

What’s going on here? What is this mysterious link between our consciousness and the patterns of heat and fire and rough weather across this country? Are the patterns programming our consciousness?

I wrote yesterday in response to the message from The Divine Feminine that our thoughts can create our reality. But what happens when our reality creates our thoughts? I believe it is our moral obligation to counter the negatives with our own positive responses. This is our calling; this is our karma!

Call it what you will: prayer, good thoughts, positive vibrations. They do have an impact. And so, with deep gratitude and with powerful hope and expectations I send out my prayers and hopes and good vibrations to Colorado Springs and Black Forest, to these communities re-traumatized by this wild fire. I send strength and endurance to all who are countering this new onslaught: the fire-fighters, law-enforcement personnel, first responders, aid providers, and especially the displaced victims, many of whom already know their homes are gone.

I know that our former community of Mountain Shadows has pulled together and our neighbors are rebuilding. They endured. And I know they will be there to aid their neighbors to the north in Black Forest. This is where the patterns of consciousness are changing and making a difference. These are communities now who are united in a common cause as they may never have been before. It is this united consciousness that can and will change the patterns of global transformation toward the good and positive.

To all who are in the way of these fires we send our love and support!


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