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MONDAY’S POEM: The Journey

The Journey

It begins with rhythm,
Vibrational experience
Animating all existence.

Follow the rhythm
In and down, through
Openings to the cave.

Heart-ground, warm,
Shadowed red tomb
Holding skull, eggs.

The far edge opens,
A window to a
New world, lush, green.

The ledge is high
Offering vistas, yet
No clear way down.

It takes a leap to
Fly on Eagle wings;
On him, in him, him.

The vistas from the ledge
Are nothing to what is
Seen from Eagle’s Aerie.

Vision cascades over
Distant vision, layers
Deep in detailed waves.

The seeing takes away breath
Even for the seer.
Distance is nothing to Eagle eyes.

The ground rushes up;
The dead pine, host to nest,
Reaches and closes in to hold.

The climb down to ground
Is easy, dead branches
Forming natural ladder-rungs.

Mossy, grassy soft lushness
Connects coolly with clay feet,
Absorbing weight, responding.

The round shadow lumbers
Toward the trees from
Shimmering stream, deep pool.

She nuzzles close for a scratch,
Always gentle with a fierce love,
So protectively peaceful.

Her power is unquestioned.
It flows through her body
As she moves, radiating strength.

It flows from her and into
All she encounters, empowering
Those who trust, whom she trusts.

Mother Bear’s energy and power
Comes from her motivation
To protect and nurture.

It is her nature, her purpose.
She knows her purpose and
Embraces it unconditionally.

This grounded sense of beingness
Emanates from her and
Touches all whom she encounters.

Distant echoes of
The calling drum
Reverberate to consciousness.

Thank you, Bear
For your grace and power.
It ebbs and flows.

It lifts carrying upward.
Thank you, Eagle
For flight and sight.

Rock ledge landing,
The cave alight with a
Red glow, cooling embers.

Three eggs rest
Alive with dragon power,
Almost humming with potential.

Grandfather’s skull grins
Upward, always on guard
Watching, waiting, loving.

The insistent drum
Vibrates rapidly home,
The journey done.


©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.



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