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Walking Through Doorways

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It’s been a busy week! Walking through doorways of opportunity can occupy a lot of time. But when opportunities show up we have to respond or be left behind, at least as far as The Divine Feminine are concerned (ref: yesterday’s post).

My first door opened when I got serious about Qigong. I’ve blogged about this, my experience with Bridget Hughes for well over a year now, then my work with her teacher, Jeff Primack, culminating in certification to teach Qigong, and then launching my first two classes which begin next week. This is exciting enough! And yes, there is a bit of fear surrounding this; who am I to think I can teach Qigong! Well, I walked through the flaming doorway of opportunity, changed my mind about my ability (a long time ago I was an effective teacher of math and science) and announced my classes! I even have people signing up!

It seems that once opportunities show up and we say “yes” other opportunities follow. Last week I posted a recording of my message from The Other Side (post link). The main part of that message was from a Shaman Guide who basically told me to “access the shamanic world” more often. Well, I have followed this advice and have taken several journeys over the past week. And I have received guidance that with no uncertainty holds open a doorway of opportunity to get out there and do for others what I have been able to do for a few and have been hiding from for years now.

It is not cool to claim to be a Shaman. In the world of Shamanic Healing using traditional indigenous technologies that are millennia old, people don’t choose to be shamans, and when they are chosen they don’t necessarily walk around with a shaman’s badge pinned to their robes. If I feel a bit trepidatious about my Qigong classes imagine how I feel about this guidance to work with people using shamanic approaches to healing! This work is not for the faint of heart. I have a lot of training and I have a lot of warning that this is no easy path to follow.

But sometimes these doorways of opportunity, no matter how high the flames lick the posts, are easier to walk through than resist. And with that I revised my business card format and they just arrived fresh from the printer. Here it is:Biz-card-front

And the byline, “Shaman of the Heart,” is not a label I choose for myself. A dear friend, mentor and teacher, Baeth Davis, called me this a couple of years ago. That’s a long story but the short version is I have all loops for fingerprints which means I am in the School of Love, my Lessons are about Love and my Purpose is Love; hence the title!

I am standing in this burning doorway ready to leap through. I trust there is someone on the other side who has a hand outstretched to me to welcome me and perhaps even to reassure me. But this time of opportunity is not waiting for me. It is waiting for no one of us.

Are you ready to step or leap through that doorway of your opportunity? Do it; join me!


Doorways of Opportunity—Richard’s Commentary

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I always enjoy these messages from The Divine Feminine. I’ve heard and read many over the years I’ve spent at Rosemary’s side. They are always rich with wisdom yet well grounded and practical. And because I’ve heard so many I also know they are genuine. So I pay attention when they speak through Rosemary!

The key to this message is in the very first lines: The flames are licking at the Doors of Change.  Those who fear change are trying to engulf the opportunities in flames so that you and others will not walk through them.  Do not let these fear-mongers paralyze you.

Fear is one of the chief emotions that impacts our willingness, even our very ability to change. We fear change because we don’t know what is on the other side of that door. We know what is on this side and too often we are either too comfortable or too complacent with the status quo to consider what may be on the other side, even if it could be wonderful!

The trouble with comfort and complacency is the inevitability of change. The Divine Feminine say: The evolutionary forces of the Universe are not static.  They are always and forever moving forward, taking with them those who are connected to growth and leaving behind those who wish to go backward, which is the same as attempting to stand still.  There is no standing still.  There is only moving forward or being swamped by the Tides of Change.

Galaxy M106-no labelThe status quo cannot stand against these formidable tides. Consider some of the Hubble pictures Rosemary posts in her Ezine! I’ve included one here (Galaxy M106) to illustrate this point. Imagine the immensity and the enormous energy represented in this galactic “whirlpool.” This is the energy of change alive in the Universe! Yes, “resistance is futile”! We live in a dynamic Universe and The Divine Feminine are suggesting, warning, that if we try to stand still we will be inundated.

There is another force that works to keep us in fear of change; that force is greed. For many the status quo means continued profits; change may impact those profits. Again, the opportunity on the other side of the doorway is veiled; there may be risk involved. There is less risk in the status quo, right? Yes, if the only concern is for the short term; this quarter’s over last quarter’s and last year’s quarter returns. But can the forces of greed resist the coming changes any better than the forces of fear?

Just as change and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, we can look at fear and greed in the same way. Greed is a fear of not having enough; it is born from a sense of lack. Much is never enough. Too much is better but still not enough! There is a strong resemblance here among change, fear and greed.

We have to step through this doorway, even as the flames of fear and greed lick the frame and turn us away. Opportunity is the only way to approach change. Yes, there are unknowns beyond the doorway; yes, there are risks that must be faced. But the changes are coming, are here, whether we resist them or not. It is far better to ride the tide of this transformative time and rise with the opportunities that flow our way. Seize them, not as life lines, not out of greed or the need for gain, but for advancement, for the evolution of humanity, of the Universe. The force of evolution is here and will press on with us or without us.

Are you ready for the evolutionary ride of your life? Grab hold!


ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Doorways of Opportunity

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This week’s message is from The Divine Feminine for us:

“Dear Ones,

The flames are licking at the Doors of Change.  Those who fear change are trying to engulf the opportunities in flames so that you and others will not walk through them.  Do not let these fear-mongers paralyze you.

Change and Opportunity are two sides of the same coin, of the same door.  Opportunity is the invitation to Change.  Every time you say ‘no’ to Change you are leaving a Doorway to Opportunity closed.  Every time you ignore or say ‘no’ to Opportunity you are saying ‘yes’ to everything staying the same.

Is there something in your life that you wish to Change?  Then you must walk through a Door of Opportunity or there will be no Change.

Are you seeking Opportunities in your life?  Then you must Change something.

Those who prevent change also prevent opportunities from being realized.  If you are one who wishes to preserve the status quo then you are not ready for increased Prosperity and Abundance in your life.

Think about the energy it takes to resist Change.  The evolutionary forces of the Universe are not static.  They are always and forever moving forward, taking with them those who are connected to growth and leaving behind those who wish to go backward, which is the same as attempting to stand still.  There is no standing still.  There is only moving forward or being swamped by the Tides of Change.

In every moment cells in your body are changing.  With every thought your brain is changing.  Energetically, your field is changing with every thought, feeling, heartbeat.  What vibration are you emanating as these changes take place?  You are changing and you are constantly generating an energy field around you.  Your choices create the energy vibrational frequency of your field.  What energy field are you choosing to present to the world?

Think about the people you have attracted to your energy field.  Do they emanate the vibrational frequency that you wish to share?  Think about the situations in your life right now.  Are they what you wish to manifest in your world?

Now is the time for you to consciously choose the Opportunities you wish to pursue.  What do you desire to Change?  Which Doorway of Opportunity will bring about that Change?  And what must you Change to take advantage of that Opportunity.

Opportunity and Change.

The only way forward is to walk through the Doorway.

And so it is.”

We are all being called to Change in these turbulent times.  What used to work no longer brings the same result.  The thoughts that have been rolling around in our heads are now seeming to be even more potent in creating the reality in which we dwell.  Those of us who wish to live a Conscious Life are being called to examine those thoughts and choose which ones get to stay around and which ones we release.

What Doorways of Opportunity have been presented to you lately?  Are you considering them or are you turning away?  Look again.  And if you can’t see the Opportunities could it be that you are blinded by a resistance to Change?

Resistance is futile.

Now is the time for Transformation.

Thoughts to ponder…

PS: Do you feel ready to walk through the Doorway of Opporunity? Are you in the flow and ready for transformation? Or, are you struggling along with so many people these days? If you need answers for questions like “what is my next step?” Rosemary can help. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with her to be sure you are ready! Schedule Here


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Rosemary’s video for the week: Opportunity and Change:

PS: Do you feel ready for the coming transformations? Are you welcoming the opportunities headed your way?  If you need answers for questions like “what is my next step?” Rosemary can help. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with her to be sure you are ready to step through the doorway of change! Schedule Here


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I wrote this in anticipation of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse we experienced early Saturday morning here on the East Coast. Unfortunately it was cloudy here and we didn’t “see” the eclipse, but all other senses were engaged as the earth’s shadow shrouded the Moon in a dark veil. Did you feel it?

I love the Moon; I have since I was a kid and would watch the moon follow our car as my Dad drove along the country roads of Wisconsin. I’ve been fortunate to see many eclipses; so, while I did not see this Sagittarius Moon eclipse with my normal eyes, I certainly know what it “looked” like!


They loom large
Cast by the rising Moon
Full up in the East.

What’s this? Shadows
Dim as the light fades
Swallowed up too soon.

Gone but for a blood
Red rim and rusty face,
Smoke and a faint glow.

But, wait; there’s more:
A grin begins to crack
The dusty rim.

Shadows brighten
And recede walking
Toward the rising Moon.

Alone, the path lies
Dark with shadows
Cast by the rising Moon.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Richard’s Message from A Conversation with The Other Side

May 24, 2013 Leave a comment

As promised in yesterday’s post I am providing a link here to a recording of the message I received via Rosemary from The Other Side, this past Monday evening, May 20. The message is just over 10 minutes long and is a great example of the kind of information Rosemary channels from the guides, angels and loved ones who show up at these events. And the special feature of these messages is they are both personal and universal.

Here’s the link:  Message 

Note that toward the end of this message,  there is  information about the Full Moon/Eclipse that occurs tonight (actually early Saturday morning); May 25 at 12:25 am Eastern time. Be sure to listen for it.

So, be careful out there over the long, Full-Moon-influenced weekend!


PS: Rosemary has scheduled her next Conversation with The Other Side for Friday, June 14, 2013 at 7:00 pm Eastern time. If you are interested in receiving a channeled message like the ones I receive then get more information on Rosemary’s Website!

Struggling? You’re Not Alone! –Richard’s Commentary

May 23, 2013 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you but at first blush I am not comforted by Rosemary’s words that I am “not alone” in the struggles I am experiencing. Of course, what she means is not so much that I am in good company but rather that I can reach out for help because help is always there.

I don’t live vicariously. Yes, I am happy when others are happy; but I don’t seek happiness through others. And yes, I feel sad when others are sad; but I realize my sadness does not help them feel better. So, feeling that others are struggling along with me through these tumultuous times, does not ease my struggle. But finding help does!

I am fortunate to live with someone who is of great help. Rosemary is very generous with me and invites me to her events free-of-charge! Well, yes, I do offer her technical support for these events so there is an exchange of services offered. The real point here is I get great advice, especially when Rosemary hosts a Conversation with The Other Side! This was the case Monday evening, this past May 20th. And it was a great group of people who joined us, mostly online by internet and phone! As always the messages for each individual resonated with the entire group. And, I too received personal messages.

As is typical of these Conversations there were themes and key phrases and words that kept coming up for individuals and the group. Interestingly one of these words was “trying.” People seemed to be “trying to be themselves”, “trying to let go”, ”trying to be present”, “trying to trust” etc. The guides on The Other Side equated this “trying” with “struggling.” They said “trying” doesn’t do it; it doesn’t get the job done. It is a struggle to “try” so give it up. Their advice is to just “be.” Accept things as they are and look for support where it is always available.

There were several stories through the evening of Angel support: car accidents avoided, slips and near falls that didn’t result in falls, help with financial matters. How often do you stop and think to ask your Angels for support? Have you ever experienced an “almost-accident” that didn’t happen and you have no explanation of how you avoided it? Could it have been your Guardian Angel? One participant does work with Angel energy; but she even received advice to ask for their help! I for one am going to start asking my Angels for their help through times of struggle.

Part of my message was about my struggle with “shoulds.” This is a struggle against who I really am, a struggle to fit someone else’s definition of “who I should be.” The message was to “let go and trust.” Trust was another theme of the evening. Struggle comes from not trusting. It is so much easier to simply relax into a trusting mode that everything is working out as it will (not as it “should.”).

Rosemary’s Conversations are always powerful and filled with wonderful advice. Often it is both specific to the individual receiving the messages and Universal in application to the entire group that assembles. The messages from Monday were no exception. And as a special offer to my readers I will add my message in tomorrow’s (Friday’s) post. Be sure to tune in for that message!

And be sure to “tune-in” for the next Conversation Rosemary offers. You won’t be sorry! You might even get advice on how to stop the struggle and go with the flow! I sure did.