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July 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Sometimes it feels as if everyone is holding their breath, waiting for something but unsure what that ‘something’ is. Are you ready?

When opportunity arrives it doesn’t always knock loudly at your door. It might sneak into your life as a flash of an idea. Or it might come through another person. The next opportunity might be blossoming before your very eyes and yet you’re missing it because you’re waiting for the loud knock on your door.

The way to live a conscious life is to be always on the lookout for the opportunities as they present themselves to you. Don’t prejudge what that opportunity will look like. Expect everything you perceive to have a message, a lesson for you. And be ready to take action to follow up on that opportunity.

Oftentimes we seem to succumb to our circumstances and give away control of our lives to what is going on around us. We fail to see the growth opportunity that is right before our face. It doesn’t matter how evolved you might be, it can be easy to miss the forest because you’re focused on the tree. This is when it is so helpful to have a friend, counselor, coach to help you to step back and get perspective.

What opportunities are presenting themselves to you now? Do you have someone you trust with whom you can share your thoughts? Are you ready to take action when those opportunities are identified for you?

Your higher self knows what you need to progress on the path of personal growth. Whether you are focused on career or family or acquisition of knowledge, you have a guide within you who can help to steer your path in the direction that brings the most growth. Your job is to recognize the signposts along that path and take action in the direction in which they are pointing.

Are you ready to recognize those signposts and move? It is so easy to stay put, to dawdle, to wait and test the waters without commitment to action. But in this 21st Century energy we have no time to wait. We are called to action NOW.

Each person on Planet Earth in these times is called to share their gifts, their life purpose, with the others on the Planet. In the grand plan of the Universe, we have all agreed to share Planet Earth together and we each have a role to play. Others are waiting for you to step into your power and show up in their lives. The opportunity to be of service is being presented to you in small ways and in large. Your only role is to be who you came to Earth to be.

And NOW is the time. Are you ready?

Take a moment today to notice what could be opportunities for you to move forward. Just notice. Then ask yourself if you are willing to take action on those opportunities. If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ then ask yourself what is holding you back.

Notice the ideas that flash through your mind today. Is there something that keeps popping in that you continue to ignore? Is there an idea that has been nagging at you for a while that you have tried to push aside? Pay attention to those ideas.

Does someone bring up a topic that spurs an interest in you to pursue? Pursue it. If you see a doorway opening, walk through it.

Practice taking action on opportunities and see how much forward motion you can enjoy.

Are you ready?

PS: Here’s an opportunity for you to get ready for: Rosemary’s Conversation with The Other Side on July 13 promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side!

How Are You Hiding? – Richard’s Commentary

June 6, 2013 2 comments

True confession time! Frankly and in all authenticity I have been hiding at least since I retired from the corporate world at the end of 2007. Of course I have many excuses for this. But Rosemary’s question is not about “why” I’ve been hiding, good reasons or excuses, but rather about “how” I’ve been hiding. So, here’s the story:

I’ve been staying in the background, in a sense hiding behind Rosemary these past five plus years. I retired so we could start a business together. If you have been reading her blog or my blog, subscribing to her newsletter or know her in any way you realize the incredible talent she has on many levels, including the ability to communicate with The Other Side! She is a powerhouse and it’s easy to hide behind her.

Our business partnership was at least in part organized around this talent. She is the front-person for the business and I am the “operator.” She does all the outside work with clients and I run the back-office, the technology for the internet-based program, the financials, legal stuff, etc. This doesn’t sound too much like hiding out, does it? And it was certainly a plate-full for both of us as we started up our business in early 2008.

We did a lot of work, heavy lifting, to launch this business. We attended seminars and workshops, we did the research, we built websites and wrestled with emailers and auto-responders, Rosemary went to coaching events to help “jump-start” the business and I sometimes attended as a “free” guest at these events. We worked hard at this.

At these events I often felt awkward. Was I attending to understand better how to build her business, improve her internet presence, help market her talents? Sometimes I had the feeling I should be taking in the coaching, suggestions, technology patterns and marketing ideas for myself; in exercises during the events I would be half thinking about Rosemary’s business and half thinking about how I could apply the material to something I could offer.

And often I sensed the implicit and sometimes explicit motivation from the leaders and speakers at these events to apply what they were teaching to my own practice! (Whatever that might be.)

But I had too much to do to develop any kind of practice for me. What did it matter that I am an ordained minister in an Interfaith Tradition? What did it matter that I too have talents, sometimes even in parallel with Rosemary’s? Did it matter that I am this unusual male being, so often operating in this wonderful world of feminine energy I constantly find myself in? Rosemary’s coaches, mostly women, did seem to think it mattered!

I continued to hide through the upheaval of our down-sizing exercise, sale of our house in Colorado and move to Maryland (three separate truckloads of our stuff!) to hang out with daughter for a while as we catch our breath. We continue to work on the business and I continue to hide out in the back-office. But all of this is changing! I am not only processing Rosemary’sMuseLetters, shooting the videos, handling the blogs, keeping the website updated and running the business end of the business; I am also reading Rosemary’s prodigious volume of material and taking it all to heart.

I am done with hiding. The excuses for doing so are empty. There is more to me than “Chief Operating Officer.” And I have launched; I have begun to shine a brighter light out into our community! My first Qigong Class this past Monday evening was great: well attended for a first time offering, smoothly delivered and positive feedback received.

This time, 2013 and beyond, as we’ve written many times in these blogs, is a time of transformation. It is not a time to hide. We can no longer hide from ourselves or behind anyone else.

Answer the question for yourself: “How are you hiding?” Then look for ways to break down the barriers, open the doorways of opportunity and step through!


PS: There are beings you can’t hide from: your angels, guides, spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over! Oh, you can ignore them; pretend they are only part of your imagination. But they won’t go away because they are here to help you! On June 14, at 7:00 pm, either online (internet or phone) or in person in Annapolis, you can join Rosemary for a Conversation with The Other Side to hear what those beings have to offer you. You can’t hide; you may as well listen! Get more information here.

Walking Through Doorways

May 31, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s been a busy week! Walking through doorways of opportunity can occupy a lot of time. But when opportunities show up we have to respond or be left behind, at least as far as The Divine Feminine are concerned (ref: yesterday’s post).

My first door opened when I got serious about Qigong. I’ve blogged about this, my experience with Bridget Hughes for well over a year now, then my work with her teacher, Jeff Primack, culminating in certification to teach Qigong, and then launching my first two classes which begin next week. This is exciting enough! And yes, there is a bit of fear surrounding this; who am I to think I can teach Qigong! Well, I walked through the flaming doorway of opportunity, changed my mind about my ability (a long time ago I was an effective teacher of math and science) and announced my classes! I even have people signing up!

It seems that once opportunities show up and we say “yes” other opportunities follow. Last week I posted a recording of my message from The Other Side (post link). The main part of that message was from a Shaman Guide who basically told me to “access the shamanic world” more often. Well, I have followed this advice and have taken several journeys over the past week. And I have received guidance that with no uncertainty holds open a doorway of opportunity to get out there and do for others what I have been able to do for a few and have been hiding from for years now.

It is not cool to claim to be a Shaman. In the world of Shamanic Healing using traditional indigenous technologies that are millennia old, people don’t choose to be shamans, and when they are chosen they don’t necessarily walk around with a shaman’s badge pinned to their robes. If I feel a bit trepidatious about my Qigong classes imagine how I feel about this guidance to work with people using shamanic approaches to healing! This work is not for the faint of heart. I have a lot of training and I have a lot of warning that this is no easy path to follow.

But sometimes these doorways of opportunity, no matter how high the flames lick the posts, are easier to walk through than resist. And with that I revised my business card format and they just arrived fresh from the printer. Here it is:Biz-card-front

And the byline, “Shaman of the Heart,” is not a label I choose for myself. A dear friend, mentor and teacher, Baeth Davis, called me this a couple of years ago. That’s a long story but the short version is I have all loops for fingerprints which means I am in the School of Love, my Lessons are about Love and my Purpose is Love; hence the title!

I am standing in this burning doorway ready to leap through. I trust there is someone on the other side who has a hand outstretched to me to welcome me and perhaps even to reassure me. But this time of opportunity is not waiting for me. It is waiting for no one of us.

Are you ready to step or leap through that doorway of your opportunity? Do it; join me!


Doorways of Opportunity—Richard’s Commentary

May 30, 2013 Leave a comment

I always enjoy these messages from The Divine Feminine. I’ve heard and read many over the years I’ve spent at Rosemary’s side. They are always rich with wisdom yet well grounded and practical. And because I’ve heard so many I also know they are genuine. So I pay attention when they speak through Rosemary!

The key to this message is in the very first lines: The flames are licking at the Doors of Change.  Those who fear change are trying to engulf the opportunities in flames so that you and others will not walk through them.  Do not let these fear-mongers paralyze you.

Fear is one of the chief emotions that impacts our willingness, even our very ability to change. We fear change because we don’t know what is on the other side of that door. We know what is on this side and too often we are either too comfortable or too complacent with the status quo to consider what may be on the other side, even if it could be wonderful!

The trouble with comfort and complacency is the inevitability of change. The Divine Feminine say: The evolutionary forces of the Universe are not static.  They are always and forever moving forward, taking with them those who are connected to growth and leaving behind those who wish to go backward, which is the same as attempting to stand still.  There is no standing still.  There is only moving forward or being swamped by the Tides of Change.

Galaxy M106-no labelThe status quo cannot stand against these formidable tides. Consider some of the Hubble pictures Rosemary posts in her Ezine! I’ve included one here (Galaxy M106) to illustrate this point. Imagine the immensity and the enormous energy represented in this galactic “whirlpool.” This is the energy of change alive in the Universe! Yes, “resistance is futile”! We live in a dynamic Universe and The Divine Feminine are suggesting, warning, that if we try to stand still we will be inundated.

There is another force that works to keep us in fear of change; that force is greed. For many the status quo means continued profits; change may impact those profits. Again, the opportunity on the other side of the doorway is veiled; there may be risk involved. There is less risk in the status quo, right? Yes, if the only concern is for the short term; this quarter’s over last quarter’s and last year’s quarter returns. But can the forces of greed resist the coming changes any better than the forces of fear?

Just as change and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, we can look at fear and greed in the same way. Greed is a fear of not having enough; it is born from a sense of lack. Much is never enough. Too much is better but still not enough! There is a strong resemblance here among change, fear and greed.

We have to step through this doorway, even as the flames of fear and greed lick the frame and turn us away. Opportunity is the only way to approach change. Yes, there are unknowns beyond the doorway; yes, there are risks that must be faced. But the changes are coming, are here, whether we resist them or not. It is far better to ride the tide of this transformative time and rise with the opportunities that flow our way. Seize them, not as life lines, not out of greed or the need for gain, but for advancement, for the evolution of humanity, of the Universe. The force of evolution is here and will press on with us or without us.

Are you ready for the evolutionary ride of your life? Grab hold!


ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Doorways of Opportunity

May 29, 2013 Leave a comment

This week’s message is from The Divine Feminine for us:

“Dear Ones,

The flames are licking at the Doors of Change.  Those who fear change are trying to engulf the opportunities in flames so that you and others will not walk through them.  Do not let these fear-mongers paralyze you.

Change and Opportunity are two sides of the same coin, of the same door.  Opportunity is the invitation to Change.  Every time you say ‘no’ to Change you are leaving a Doorway to Opportunity closed.  Every time you ignore or say ‘no’ to Opportunity you are saying ‘yes’ to everything staying the same.

Is there something in your life that you wish to Change?  Then you must walk through a Door of Opportunity or there will be no Change.

Are you seeking Opportunities in your life?  Then you must Change something.

Those who prevent change also prevent opportunities from being realized.  If you are one who wishes to preserve the status quo then you are not ready for increased Prosperity and Abundance in your life.

Think about the energy it takes to resist Change.  The evolutionary forces of the Universe are not static.  They are always and forever moving forward, taking with them those who are connected to growth and leaving behind those who wish to go backward, which is the same as attempting to stand still.  There is no standing still.  There is only moving forward or being swamped by the Tides of Change.

In every moment cells in your body are changing.  With every thought your brain is changing.  Energetically, your field is changing with every thought, feeling, heartbeat.  What vibration are you emanating as these changes take place?  You are changing and you are constantly generating an energy field around you.  Your choices create the energy vibrational frequency of your field.  What energy field are you choosing to present to the world?

Think about the people you have attracted to your energy field.  Do they emanate the vibrational frequency that you wish to share?  Think about the situations in your life right now.  Are they what you wish to manifest in your world?

Now is the time for you to consciously choose the Opportunities you wish to pursue.  What do you desire to Change?  Which Doorway of Opportunity will bring about that Change?  And what must you Change to take advantage of that Opportunity.

Opportunity and Change.

The only way forward is to walk through the Doorway.

And so it is.”

We are all being called to Change in these turbulent times.  What used to work no longer brings the same result.  The thoughts that have been rolling around in our heads are now seeming to be even more potent in creating the reality in which we dwell.  Those of us who wish to live a Conscious Life are being called to examine those thoughts and choose which ones get to stay around and which ones we release.

What Doorways of Opportunity have been presented to you lately?  Are you considering them or are you turning away?  Look again.  And if you can’t see the Opportunities could it be that you are blinded by a resistance to Change?

Resistance is futile.

Now is the time for Transformation.

Thoughts to ponder…

PS: Do you feel ready to walk through the Doorway of Opporunity? Are you in the flow and ready for transformation? Or, are you struggling along with so many people these days? If you need answers for questions like “what is my next step?” Rosemary can help. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with her to be sure you are ready! Schedule Here


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Rosemary’s video for the week: Opportunity and Change:

PS: Do you feel ready for the coming transformations? Are you welcoming the opportunities headed your way?  If you need answers for questions like “what is my next step?” Rosemary can help. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with her to be sure you are ready to step through the doorway of change! Schedule Here


Did you think you could relax because you made it through December 21, 2012?  Think again!

The Shift has begun.  Time has been speeding up for years and we’re moving ahead at an amazing pace.  It’s time to grow, to transform, to evolve.  Hold onto your hat!

Sometimes we think about ‘readiness’ as preparing for all the disasters that are possible in the days ahead.  My little sister works for the Red Cross and has a masters degree in Disaster Management.  She knows about preparing for and dealing with disasters.  But are we really preparing for disasters or for greater, more abundant and spectacular Life?  Let’s get ready for that and leave the disasters to the Red Cross.

Get ready for the Doors of Opportunity to be opened to you, for they are present in every moment if you just look for them.  Your work is to be ready to walk through that open door.  Here’s how to get ready.

First, learn to focus your attention in this Present Moment NOW.  Are you worried about something that might happen in the future?  That possible disaster?  Or even that fantasy of something out there at ‘someday’?  Bring your attention and, thus, your energy, into this Present Moment, for this is where you live and from whence comes all manifestation.

Next, live your Purpose.  Have you learned what your Life Purpose is?  Do you know why your Soul chose to incarnate in your particular body with your particular history at this particular moment?  Discover your Purpose and live it with Passion.  There’s no time now to waste waiting for ‘someday’ to arrive so you can finally live your Purpose.  Someday has arrived and you are looking at it now – today.

The third step is to assess your Present Reality.  What thoughts are winning your attention and are they negative or supportive of your growth?  Are there limiting beliefs at work in your life that are blocking you from happiness and growth?  Have you done the personal development work that clears the blocks from your path and are you sure that you are not living out someone else’s expectations for you?  Do you have some old tapes playing in your unconscious mind that belong in the past or to someone else?  Are you being honest with yourself about who you really are?  Have you disowned your power?

The Doors of Opportunity are opening for you.  You can see them when you look around you in wonder and awe at the magnificent, abundant Universe that gives to you in ways that are much grander than anything you can imagine.  When you search for the lesson in whatever is your present reality you receive the gift that is available to you.  Walk through the Doorway and into the Light.

Our friend was in a serious car accident shortly after the actor, Christopher Reeve, had his accident that left him paralyzed.  Her injury was similar to Reeve’s but she recovered fully.  As she claimed, she was ‘ready for anything and all prayed up!’  She didn’t rail against the Universe for putting her in that situation and she can use that story to help others in their personal development because she looked for the lesson and walked through a Doorway of Opportunity.

Do you know anyone who says that some event in their life that we might judge to be ‘tragic,’ like illness or job loss or financial problems or natural disaster, turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to them?  Not everyone can say that about everything that happens, but when you view the event as a gift that holds a Doorway of Opportunity, you want to be ready to walk through that door!


  1. Present Moment
  2. Purpose & Passion
  3. Present Reality

Get ready!  Do the personal work.  And when you see the open door, walk through it!

PS: Do you feel ready for the coming transformations? Are you in the flow and ready for that next opportunity coming your way? If you need answers for questions like “what is my next step?” Rosemary can help. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with her to be sure you are ready! Schedule Here


My video for the week: Are You Ready?

PS: Do you feel ready for the coming transformations? Are you in the flow and ready for that next opportunity coming your way? If you need answers for questions like “what is my next step?” Rosemary can help. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with her to be sure you are ready! Schedule Here