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Sometimes it feels as if everyone is holding their breath, waiting for something but unsure what that ‘something’ is. Are you ready?

When opportunity arrives it doesn’t always knock loudly at your door. It might sneak into your life as a flash of an idea. Or it might come through another person. The next opportunity might be blossoming before your very eyes and yet you’re missing it because you’re waiting for the loud knock on your door.

The way to live a conscious life is to be always on the lookout for the opportunities as they present themselves to you. Don’t prejudge what that opportunity will look like. Expect everything you perceive to have a message, a lesson for you. And be ready to take action to follow up on that opportunity.

Oftentimes we seem to succumb to our circumstances and give away control of our lives to what is going on around us. We fail to see the growth opportunity that is right before our face. It doesn’t matter how evolved you might be, it can be easy to miss the forest because you’re focused on the tree. This is when it is so helpful to have a friend, counselor, coach to help you to step back and get perspective.

What opportunities are presenting themselves to you now? Do you have someone you trust with whom you can share your thoughts? Are you ready to take action when those opportunities are identified for you?

Your higher self knows what you need to progress on the path of personal growth. Whether you are focused on career or family or acquisition of knowledge, you have a guide within you who can help to steer your path in the direction that brings the most growth. Your job is to recognize the signposts along that path and take action in the direction in which they are pointing.

Are you ready to recognize those signposts and move? It is so easy to stay put, to dawdle, to wait and test the waters without commitment to action. But in this 21st Century energy we have no time to wait. We are called to action NOW.

Each person on Planet Earth in these times is called to share their gifts, their life purpose, with the others on the Planet. In the grand plan of the Universe, we have all agreed to share Planet Earth together and we each have a role to play. Others are waiting for you to step into your power and show up in their lives. The opportunity to be of service is being presented to you in small ways and in large. Your only role is to be who you came to Earth to be.

And NOW is the time. Are you ready?

Take a moment today to notice what could be opportunities for you to move forward. Just notice. Then ask yourself if you are willing to take action on those opportunities. If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ then ask yourself what is holding you back.

Notice the ideas that flash through your mind today. Is there something that keeps popping in that you continue to ignore? Is there an idea that has been nagging at you for a while that you have tried to push aside? Pay attention to those ideas.

Does someone bring up a topic that spurs an interest in you to pursue? Pursue it. If you see a doorway opening, walk through it.

Practice taking action on opportunities and see how much forward motion you can enjoy.

Are you ready?

PS: Here’s an opportunity for you to get ready for: Rosemary’s Conversation with The Other Side on July 13 promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side!

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