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Natural Language and the Power to Channel

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In yesterday’s post I wrote about Natural Language as the language of the heart, a language that is accessed and used for inner searching and to listen for inner guidance. It is the language of poetry. It is the language of Natural or Indigenous peoples.

And on Wednesday evening Rosemary and I listened to the coverage of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the “March on Washington” for which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his landmark “I have a dream” speech; a speech many people recognize as the most powerful and certainly effective speeches of the 20th Century! We not only heard and watched Dr. King deliver this speech in its entirety, we also listed to a lot of commentary on the speech and the commemoration of that speech and march. And once again we were both moved to tears at the power of it and the heart-centered nature of it.

It was a “natural speech”! The poetry, the cadence, the rhythm, the truth of the speech is spellbinding. And if you have never heard it or watched Dr. King deliver it, by all means look for it!

We both learned something new about this speech Wednesday evening as we heard Dr. King’s lawyer, who had suggested parts of it, interviewed. He reported that the latter part of the speech, The Dream sequence, was not part of the speech Dr. King had written to deliver! It was extemporaneous!

Clearly Dr. King was using natural language when he delivered that speech. He “tapped in” to some other realm to find and choose the words and speak them so eloquently. Rosemary and I believe he channeled that speech. At the end of the evening Wednesday we watched the recording again. And you can see the change. For the first several paragraphs of the speech, Dr. King refers frequently to the written words. He hesitates a bit here and there. He even seems a little uncomfortable reading the words and sticking to the text. And then he says, eyes raised to the crowd: “I have a dream.” And from that point on he moves comfortably into a pattern and a rhythm that will stand for all time as one of the greatest moments in oratory history.

How is this possible? Where did the words come from? Dr. King channeled them! They were given to him through some mysterious and mystical connection and he had the courage to say them. He opened his big heart and his deep consciousness and let the words come through.

And I think this is one of the greatest examples of the use of natural language I can imagine.

What do you make of Dr. King’s speech from that era? Does it give you “shivers” even today? I am so grateful to MSNBC for taking the time and having the courage to air this speech. For me it was both memorable and eye opening to the power and grace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Language of Being the Natural YOU – Richard’s Commentary

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In Rosemary’s article this week she channels The Divine Feminine who quote a favorite line of the followers of The Law of Attraction and their key premise: “Energy flows where attention goes.” Then Rosemary explains that attention is thought and thought is governed by language. Therefore to be who we came here to be, we need to use the language we came here to use to think natural thoughts, to express ourselves using natural language, to adhere to natural beliefs in order to manifest our natural selves.

I like this word natural very much. There are many associations I have with this word, like nature, native, indigenous. One of my teachers, Martín Prechtel, claims that one of our main goals is to become a natural human being: one who belongs where they were, fits their environment, lives a natural life. He also teaches that a good way to begin to understand how to live a natural life is to learn an indigenous language, especially one that does not use the verb form “to be.”

And this brings me full circle to my posts last week about the concept of time and how natural people typically have a very different relationship with time than “western people” with their heavy reliance on the Indo-European language use of the to-be verb form.

So, what is this natural language Rosemary urges us to adopt in order to get in touch with the inner light that we are? Do we all have to learn an indigenous language that does not rely on “to be”? Or is there an easier way?

When I ask myself questions like this I find myself almost naturally going inside to seek answers. And when I go there long enough answers usually come bubbling up.

Of course when I do this I am following Rosemary’s advice explicitly! She says: “The Natural You is the being at your core, that center of Light that can brighten the world for others. Put your attention here. Focus on your BEING, not what you are DOING.”

But notice she is using the to-be verb forms here in this very suggestion! An interesting irony. Nevertheless her point is clear. And what I conclude is this naturallanguage is the language of being. We speak this language when we meditate, when we go inside. We use this language not so much to express thoughts as to let thoughts go. We use this language when we touch our true nature, that light-being at our core. We use this language when we speak to God, or whatever expression for the Eternal appeals. We use this language when we speak from the heart. Poets use this language when they are at their best.

This natural language is easy enough to learn. But it is very difficult to perfect. It takes a lifetime of practice to get it right. We can all speak it as natives. But few become fluent. The world would be an awesome place; it would be “Heaven on Earth” if we all strove to perfect our use of our natural language!

And, yes, this is a belief I hold. I express this belief in an Indo-European language using the to-be form here: “would be.” My natural language is not a written language. It is difficult to find written examples except in rare instances of near perfect poems and certain stories of the heart. I have heard some of those stories, translations of stories from natural people, like stories Martín Prechtel tells.

Do you speak a natural language? How do you get in touch with your inner light? How do you express your beliefs that guide you through this world? This is your natural language.

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Language of Being the Natural YOU

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Today’s message starts with guidance, and then I’ll comment.

“Dear Ones,

Energy flows where attention goes.

This is a familiar phrase to many. But the part that many do not know is that language directs the attention that the energy follows.

This is why a worrier can create such havoc in their life. They talk about their worries (attention) and the energy flows into the possibility that manifests that reality containing the worried-about-events.

Language, then, becomes the focuser of attention.

Language is also a component of thought. You think in a language that describes a picture or a quality or an event. Choosing language carefully, even in thought, is very important.

This is especially important when communicating with another person. The language you use creates a response in the other person. Is the energy flowing between the two of you as you wish or is your choice of language communicating something different to the receiver?

When you keep your thoughts focused on that which you desire to manifest, and you choose your language carefully to support that direction, then the energy to manifest will follow the path of your attention to manifest your desires.

This path also works to manifest your worries, if that is where your thoughts go.

You choose.

And so it is.”

Rosemary’s Commentary:

As we reiterate that ‘energy follows attention,’ we have to examine not only our thoughts, worries, speech but also the source of those thoughts, worries, speech. These originate from our self-concept, our beliefs about who we are.

If you find yourself focusing on your faults, your deservedness (or unworthiness), your lack of direction or confidence in your next step, then you are sending energy to maintain that fault, feeling of unworthiness or confusion.

Catch yourself using the language of what you ARE NOT and change it to WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

Much of my client time is spent helping them to find a new way of languaging what they are saying. Just shifting from ‘either-or’ thinking to ‘and’ thinking can make a huge difference. But it’s the subtleties of the choice of language that can really trip you up.

Each of us puts up a persona to the world as if we have donned a mask to hide behind. But who are we REALLY?

You are not what you lack or worry about. You are a great Light in the world shining only as brightly as you energize that Light.

The Natural You is the being at your core, that center of Light that can brighten the world for others. Put your attention here. Focus on your BEING, not what you are DOING.

Energize the Light that you already are!

This is the Natural You. Speak, think, believe ONLY the language of the Being of Light that is the real YOU.

Language will focus the attention that allows the energy to flow and brighten your Light!

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Rosemary’s “Two-Minute” video for the week: Go Natural!

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MONDAY’S POEM: Time is a Spiral Dance

August 26, 2013 Leave a comment

I wrote this poem two years ago. As you can see my thoughts and concerns with Time are not recent. And my efforts to turn time into spirals rather than a straight line are not new!

Time is a Spiral Dance

The passage of time is a spiral dance:
It weaves
It floats
It rises
It falls
It is a multi-dimensional wave.

And like a wave it remains in one place:
It moves
It calms
It comes
It goes
It is a mystery beyond space.

The passage of time is music for the dance:
It sings
It plays
It beats
It rhymes
It is the rhythm of my heart,
The song of my soul,
The symphony of my Spirit.

©2011 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Letting Go of My Obsession with Time

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

In my post yesterday I wrote: “I am learning to let go of this constant obsession with time.” This is not easy. As many of you readers know, one of my practices is “Daily Pages” as recommended by Julia Cameron in her Artist’s Way. Almost every day I begin those pages with some reference to time: the date, of course, how late in the week/month/year it is, how late in the morning I am writing, or how I had to skip pages yesterday because I was too busy. It truly is an obsession. And I wonder if it is getting worse as I get older.

So, I am working on this obsession. Yesterday I wrote in my pages on how I was going to let go. I was writing in the context of settling in to our new home and how it was going to take – TIME – of course! Here’s an excerpt:

It is clear that my relationship with time needs to change. I am very serious about this. I don’t know if I have to learn an indigenous language without the “to be” verb. I’m sure it would help. But this seems to be an intellectual exercise. What I need is to experience time as a native. I need to sink into time and live in it rather than through it.

Time is like a lake or a pond. It extends out in all directions. Events are like pebbles tossed into the pond. They ripple out, like echo rings. They may even bounce back when they reach the shore. And the pond returns to its serene state after a bit, smoothly available to the next event. I am the pond and I am the pebble. I am the ripple and the echo.

All this is inside, an internal vibration of consciousness. There is no beginning nor end to it. It is simply there as a phenomenon of awareness. It is all inside. It is nowhere else. It is a single note or an entire symphony, a cacophony of noise or a harmonious orchestration of experience.. It is up to the mind to filter and sort, to decode all the signals into a stream of intelligence.

But it’s all there, right now in this moment, to translate into meaning. Time is but one mechanism by which we translate the signal. It doesn’t have to follow in a linear fashion. It can spiral, it can circle or vibrate to and fro. It can echo and bounce. It is a matter of tuning the translator so we can grasp meaning from the noise.

My tendency is to stretch the noise into a straight line; I can look along this line and see a beginning and end. I take some comfort in this view. But I am uncomfortable with this notion of “end”! This limits time for me. It creates this notion of commodity that can become scarce and run out! This is precisely what I want to change.

I need to retune my translator. I need to view time as a spiral that circles and climbs. Everything circles! From spinning subatomic particles to the spin of galaxies and the Universe, the circle is eternal. “what goes around comes around” – Karma! Does the spiral have a linear motion? Or is it an ever-widening series of circles? This returns me to the question of direction. Does time have one?

The Buddha would say there is no getting off the wheel of Samsara until all desire is eliminated. Surely the desire for more time is one of the first desires to go! And when it is released the notion of all time is here, right now in this moment, gives me all the time I ever need!

As with everything in life, this retuning of my translator through which I view this human conception, time, requires practice. It is an inner practice. I am fortunate to have a guide in this who sets an example of a different way to view time. Rosemary’s article, The Karma of Time addressed this subject this past Wednesday.

How do you view time? Is it straight or does it circle or spiral? Does it have a direction? Does it go anywhere or is it more like a pond, resting quietly, waiting for events?

The Karma of Time – Richard’s Commentary

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I have had a life-long struggle with TimeNo, not the news magazine! I am emphasizing the word to indicate the importance of this phenomenon in modern life, at least this modern life.

Do you have enough time? Do you “spend time” like coinage? Do you catch yourself wasting time? Or even worse, do you “kill time” when you are waiting for something to happen? How many ways do you look at time? It sometimes seems almost alive. Often it seems like a commodity. Sometimes it’s the rarest of possessions. Other times it slips through our fingers like sand.

My struggle with time is I don’t seem to have enough of it. And knowing that time is nothing but a state of mind doesn’t necessarily help me reconcile the need for “more time.” I have had many teachers help me with this concept of time and my sense of it as a commodity that I need more of. I’ll get to Rosemary’s article in a moment but first I want to examine time from an indigenous world-view.

One of my teachers about time is Martín Prechtel. Growing up in an indigenous culture and then working and healing as a shaman in Mayan society in Guatemala, Martín has a very different understanding of time. And he works very hard to impart this indigenous understanding to his students. There are many native (Martín would say “natural”) languages that aren’t based on the verb “to be.” Entire languages developed without this sense of past, present, future as a central theme, understanding, and therefore, world-view. For me this has been a concept I’ve wrestled with. Martín suggests the best way to grasp it is to learn a language which has no “to be” verbs. I have, as yet, not taken on this assignment. And maybe that needs to be my next step to better understand, and more importantly, to let go of my obsession with time.

For Martín and his indigenous family time is more like ripples in a pond, echoes on the breeze, a spiral dance of moments that swirl and evolve gently. It is most definitely not linear. Past and future both are echoes of now. It’s a beautiful way to look at time. And it is certainly more relaxing than never having enough, running out, spending it foolishly!

My other teacher about time is Rosemary. We have always had a different take on time and I have always both wondered about this and admired her understanding. She always seems to have enough time, just enough. She seems able to take the time she has, all of it. She doesn’t waste it or spend it foolishly. And she doesn’t seem to hold on to it or grasp for more. Rosemary’s NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) teachers, whom I studied with as well, described two types of people: “in-timers” and “through-timers.” The in-timers are people who seem to float along as if they have plenty of it; this describes Rosemary. I am a through-timer who seems to be constantly running to catch up, to be on-time, to maximize the use of time.

I am learning to let go of this constant obsession with time. Rosemary’s view certainly helps; her article helps. But I think there is more to my “learning” about her concept of time, of the indigenous concept of time than an intellectual pursuit. Time, after all, is nothing more than a human invention, a concept. So we can imbue this concept with attributes that are more to our liking. But we also have to experience it with those attributes we would choose. Experience must support the change, the learning, the growth.

“All time is in this present moment.” Do you get this? Is this easy for you to understand? I’m working on it because I think there is a vital key here to unlock a very precious piece of knowledge. And all I need to do is fit that key to the lock and turn it!


August 21, 2013 Leave a comment

When you understand the concept that ‘All time is in this present moment,’ then you start to get an appreciation for the ‘karma’ of your present life.

Time is not really the linear construct that we use to schedule what we will be doing tomorrow or next week. We THINK it is, but time is a human construction so that we know when to meet a friend for lunch. Time is really a dimension, the Fourth Dimension, and we live within this dimension always.

All time is in this present moment. Your Past, your Future – all lives right here, right now, with you in this present moment.

We usually speak of karma as some seed that we sowed in the past that is coming to fruition now to haunt or uplift us. In actuality, we are constantly putting out into the Universe the energies that attract like energies into the sphere of our life. What we think in this moment creates our next moment and the one after that. We live with the decisions, beliefs and thoughts of all of the moments of our life. And we create what we call ‘the Future’ with the energies we attract in this present moment.

As you move forward during your day today, notice how your thoughts jump from one idea to another. Notice the connections between thoughts. Now notice if one thought that uplifts you leads to another uplifting thought and then another. Also notice if a disturbing thought leads to another disturbing thought and then another.

It is very easy to get drawn into a spiral because the energy of one thought attracts like energy. This is why it is so important to live a conscious life wherein you are catching yourself thinking the thoughts you have and choosing what to think next.

For example, have you had the experience of seeing someone you admire and then finding yourself moving into envy? That leads to listing all the things that are ‘wrong’ with you and why you don’t measure up to that standard. Then you might start finding someone/thing to blame for that. It becomes a downward spiral.

You have a choice. When you see someone you admire, you can admire them and choose to bless them with your thoughts and then think about someone else you admire. You can bring to consciousness things about yourself that you admire, too. You have a choice to catch yourself thinking ‘good thoughts’ about yourself!

Life is about being conscious of the energies you are transmitting to the Universe. Take charge of what you think and do in this moment so that you are transmitting what you want more of in your life. BE the person you want to be in your Future. BE that person in this present moment.

There is no ‘there.’ Just BE. It is all ‘HERE’!

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Rosemary’s “Two-Minute” video for the week: All Time is Now

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MONDAY’S POEM: Community in Balance

August 19, 2013 1 comment

I’ve been thinking a lot about community lately. Here’s another poem on the subject:

Community in Balance

Female and Male
Child and Teen
Hearing and telling
Common care.

Heart and Mind
Give and take
Receive and offer
Creative logic.

Moon and Sun
Winter and Summer
Sewing and harvest
Mindful work.

Death and Birth
Rest and action
Health and healing
Loving justice.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.