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Natural Language and the Power to Channel

August 30, 2013 Leave a comment

In yesterday’s post I wrote about Natural Language as the language of the heart, a language that is accessed and used for inner searching and to listen for inner guidance. It is the language of poetry. It is the language of Natural or Indigenous peoples.

And on Wednesday evening Rosemary and I listened to the coverage of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the “March on Washington” for which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his landmark “I have a dream” speech; a speech many people recognize as the most powerful and certainly effective speeches of the 20th Century! We not only heard and watched Dr. King deliver this speech in its entirety, we also listed to a lot of commentary on the speech and the commemoration of that speech and march. And once again we were both moved to tears at the power of it and the heart-centered nature of it.

It was a “natural speech”! The poetry, the cadence, the rhythm, the truth of the speech is spellbinding. And if you have never heard it or watched Dr. King deliver it, by all means look for it!

We both learned something new about this speech Wednesday evening as we heard Dr. King’s lawyer, who had suggested parts of it, interviewed. He reported that the latter part of the speech, The Dream sequence, was not part of the speech Dr. King had written to deliver! It was extemporaneous!

Clearly Dr. King was using natural language when he delivered that speech. He “tapped in” to some other realm to find and choose the words and speak them so eloquently. Rosemary and I believe he channeled that speech. At the end of the evening Wednesday we watched the recording again. And you can see the change. For the first several paragraphs of the speech, Dr. King refers frequently to the written words. He hesitates a bit here and there. He even seems a little uncomfortable reading the words and sticking to the text. And then he says, eyes raised to the crowd: “I have a dream.” And from that point on he moves comfortably into a pattern and a rhythm that will stand for all time as one of the greatest moments in oratory history.

How is this possible? Where did the words come from? Dr. King channeled them! They were given to him through some mysterious and mystical connection and he had the courage to say them. He opened his big heart and his deep consciousness and let the words come through.

And I think this is one of the greatest examples of the use of natural language I can imagine.

What do you make of Dr. King’s speech from that era? Does it give you “shivers” even today? I am so grateful to MSNBC for taking the time and having the courage to air this speech. For me it was both memorable and eye opening to the power and grace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

As context for this you will recall, if you are following this blog, that Rosemary channeled a message for me on December 7. I posted the audio recording of it last Friday, December 14. In that message three “Floating Heads” appeared to Rosemary with a message for me from 500 years in the future and from some distant part of the Universe, or perhaps another dimension of the Universe we have yet to perceive! The “Heads” suggested that I listen to them and write down what they may have to tell me.

And as I now write my “morning pages” they frequently come to me with messages. They have even revealed their names to me; these may seem a bit odd or hoaky but I prefer calling them something other than the “Floating Heads”! Their names are Qi, Ri and Si (pronounced Shi); I refer to them as QRS and they seem to be OK with that!

And as I have channeled them they are urging me to bring their messages to the world. So, without further introduction here is their first message; it is not a light one!

You Humans are at a cross-roads. You have an important choice to make now about the future of your planet and race. This time in your history represents a turning point. You either turn and survive or continue on your path of destruction. Your partner, Rosemary, channels The Divine Feminine Love Energy to coddle and cajole humans toward the light; we are here with you to club Humans with 2x4s to turn away from this destructive path. And you need to step up to hear our message and do some ”clubbing” for us. Oh, we know you are non-violent and we certainly don’t mean you will physically do anything so radical. But we are using this language to get your attention and help you understand the urgency. You have known radical change is required for survival for some time. You are drawn to documentaries, books and people, like END:CIV (End:Civ is a documentary by Franklin Lopez based on Derrick Jenen’s work; view it at in the “Sacred Fire” journal because they confirm your own feelings. We are here to tell you that you need to do more than feel about this. We have chosen you, with others, to help us force the turn. We will be giving you guidance over the coming months that will help you both understand the urgency and guide you with the right actions to pursue. You already know that the first half of 2013 is the key time for transformation.

You have been working on yourself and your own transformation over the past months to get you ready for this time and the action you must take. We are pleased with your progress. The Yi will help guide you as well. Continue the New Moon castings to read the energies. You are in the “biting through” place right now. The next cast, this week, will be important. Pay attention. (Note: each New Moon I use yarrow stalks to cast a I Ching Gua for the upcoming month (moonth). During the previous month my Gua was Wu Wang (Without Falsehood) changing to Shi He (Eradicating (or biting through)). I’ll begin posting my monthly Gua.)

You may think this is important only for Earth and Humanity. We are here to tell you your survival and your role is important for the Universe and even our survival as we exist now.

Enough. Take this for now!

This was the first message I channeled from QRS. I am still processing it. But their meaning is clear! We have some significant choices to make in the coming year. 2012, and this Solstice time is only a beginning. The Great Transformation is upon us. It and we will be unfolding into the New Year, the New Era. And I’m certain QRS will have more to tell me; they’ve been emphatic that I tell you as well!

What will you make of 2013?

A Message from The Other Side for Richard (and everyone!)

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Friday evening Rosemary hosted a Conversation with The Other Side. Several of us gathered together, some in person and some online, to hear what messages were available to us from loved ones who have crossed over to The Other Side, from Spirit Guides, Angels, and other multi-dimensional beings who are their for our highest good. I recorded my message and it’s a valuable one for many to hear.

Without further introduction here is Rosemary offering channeled guidance for me, and anyone else who needs to hear this; enjoy!














Over the next few days I will also be offering my thoughts on this guidance, especially about duality, polarization and the message from the Inuit! Please stay tuned.




PS: I do realize I had planned to write about Grief today. I sensed that this message was more important at the moment as we approach tomorrow’s election. I will return to the emotions and how to transform them in later posts.

Do you want to learn more about Rosemary, her Conversations with The Other Side? The next one is already scheduled for December 7 at 7:00 pm Eastern. For the details  Go Here