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Natural Language and the Power to Channel

In yesterday’s post I wrote about Natural Language as the language of the heart, a language that is accessed and used for inner searching and to listen for inner guidance. It is the language of poetry. It is the language of Natural or Indigenous peoples.

And on Wednesday evening Rosemary and I listened to the coverage of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the “March on Washington” for which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his landmark “I have a dream” speech; a speech many people recognize as the most powerful and certainly effective speeches of the 20th Century! We not only heard and watched Dr. King deliver this speech in its entirety, we also listed to a lot of commentary on the speech and the commemoration of that speech and march. And once again we were both moved to tears at the power of it and the heart-centered nature of it.

It was a “natural speech”! The poetry, the cadence, the rhythm, the truth of the speech is spellbinding. And if you have never heard it or watched Dr. King deliver it, by all means look for it!

We both learned something new about this speech Wednesday evening as we heard Dr. King’s lawyer, who had suggested parts of it, interviewed. He reported that the latter part of the speech, The Dream sequence, was not part of the speech Dr. King had written to deliver! It was extemporaneous!

Clearly Dr. King was using natural language when he delivered that speech. He “tapped in” to some other realm to find and choose the words and speak them so eloquently. Rosemary and I believe he channeled that speech. At the end of the evening Wednesday we watched the recording again. And you can see the change. For the first several paragraphs of the speech, Dr. King refers frequently to the written words. He hesitates a bit here and there. He even seems a little uncomfortable reading the words and sticking to the text. And then he says, eyes raised to the crowd: “I have a dream.” And from that point on he moves comfortably into a pattern and a rhythm that will stand for all time as one of the greatest moments in oratory history.

How is this possible? Where did the words come from? Dr. King channeled them! They were given to him through some mysterious and mystical connection and he had the courage to say them. He opened his big heart and his deep consciousness and let the words come through.

And I think this is one of the greatest examples of the use of natural language I can imagine.

What do you make of Dr. King’s speech from that era? Does it give you “shivers” even today? I am so grateful to MSNBC for taking the time and having the courage to air this speech. For me it was both memorable and eye opening to the power and grace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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