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Be on the Lookout – A Special 4th of July Commentary

My Thursday posts are normally my commentary on the Mystic Message of the week, Rosemary’s Exploration topic. This week’s is “Be on the Lookout” (posted yesterday). But this is a special day, so I am taking an opportunity to speak about the meaning of today’s holiday. And as an aside, I had drafted a rather scathing rant about the state of our Nation. Then I got an email yesterday from a dear friend with a new perspective. So I significantly edited my rant. I kept the first paragraph, however, to be sure the larger picture is not lost.

The 4th of July, 2013

The significance of this holiday diminishes for me as the American experiment in representative democracy fades in importance and effectiveness. Money seems to be winning. The economic system has overwhelmed the political process drowning it in cash and graft. All politicians, left, right and center, seem to have been bought. Greed seems to be the rule of the day. Is American democracy dead, buried in a golden sarcophagus?

If so, what is left? Is there anything to celebrate?

It’s here where my friend’s email and quote kicks in (and maybe gives me a kick in the pants). Here’s what he wrote:

I want to wish you a wonderful July 4th!

Here’s hoping this Independence Day brings you the best of summer – free time with friends and family, fun and games, memories and leisure. This really is a special occasion.

In a way, Independence Day might be the most under appreciated of our holidays. While serving as America’s ambassador to France in 1785, Thomas Jefferson wrote to the future fifth President, James Monroe: “How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!”

Jefferson’s point is not lost; in our affluence and relative comfort, we sometimes lose sight of the remarkable degree of freedom we have. Independence Day reminds us of how great our nation is, and how fortunate we are.

Happy Independence Day!

From my gloomy place of wonder what is left to celebrate I got this reminder. And then I thought about my other 4th celebrations and some of the corresponding expressions:  “Is the corn knee high?” “Will everyone keep all their fingers?” “Will the potato salad stay cold enough?” “How ’bout them Os?”

Life goes on. Another holiday comes and goes with a blink, a tear, a fading memory of the laughter of children having fun at a parade or gasping at the fireworks!

To a large extent we are free to live our lives and love as we choose; our choices are many. In the end this is what we celebrate!


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