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I normally post poems on Mondays. But this is a special Friday following our celebration of the 4th yesterday. And my somewhat dark and challenging post here on the 4th needs a bit of light for the end of the week. So,  I am posting a poem to celebrate our freedom; it’s my opportunity to “speak” to recent events and certain rulings by the Supreme Court!

So, take this opportunity to enjoy your freedom and “love the one you’re with!”

Love and Freedom

Freedom to Love is everything.
When we love we are free.
When we are free we can love.
Choice is everything.

Love is not always a choice.
Some are not free to choose.
Freedom is a matter of mind.
Love is a matter of heart.

Others believe they control minds.
There is no control of hearts.
When we are free in our hearts
No one controls Love in our minds.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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