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July 8, 2013 2 comments

On June 13 Rosemary held a Conversation with The Other Side. I have the honor of attending most of these conversations and the privilege of receiving one or more messages whenever I am present. The June Conversation was no different; and the messages were powerful! One message was from a poet of the future. This poet, a muse for me, suggested I write “poetry of the heart.” And he said he would guide me in this effort.

As you can imagine, I usually work to follow this “other worldly” guidance I receive. Today’s poem is one such effort, from the heart! And if you want to hear my messages from The Other Side they are posted on Rosemary’s Website: Click Here to View


Open your center, this vital
New Mind.
It is in your chest,
Between heart and throat.

Speak from here.
Write from here.
Be right from here.
Here is where you must dwell!

Brain cells, neural nets
In the heart
Connecting thought and Love.

This is the future:
Think in your heart,
Love in your mind;
Dwell in the present.

And lose yourself in All Time!
Find your Self now…

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

PS: Rosemary’s next Conversation with The Other Side is scheduled for this Saturday, July 13. It promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect to hear, she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side! Attendance is easy from any where in the world! Get the details here