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Remember The Law of Remembering – Richard’s Commentary

November 13, 2014 Leave a comment


The Mystic Message published by Rosemary and posted by me yesterday was a powerful one, as we might expect from The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers. This “Law” can be applied to everything, from the three-dimensional fragment of the Universe we think we live in, to our expanded and expanding Consciousness, our “memory” of who we really are!

Here’s the crux of the teaching:

…remember that you are One with the Universe and that all that exists, exists in you. All dimensions are within your Consciousness. All that you seek is already existing within you.

THIS is The Law of Remembering.


Consciousness is the essence energy of the Universe. The attracting force that brings together parts of Potential Energy with other parts is called ‘LOVE Energy.’ It is not that the attraction is the result of a wish to fill a void. It is, rather, that the Potential Energy is so full of LOVE that it wishes to express as Manifest Energy and it, therefore, creates Manifestation Energy to do so.

This is not a simplified view of the “reality” of this Universe we occupy! But it is a real view, or as “real” as we can get with our still very limited understanding of the deep physics behind the “reality.”

For an excellent presentation of this very subject go see “Interstellar” – the movie that was just released last week. Rosemary channeled the message from The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers the middle of last week. We published the blog post on Friday morning, November 7. We went to see the movie yesterday, November 10 at a local theater and we were blown away!

“Interstellar” is a dystopian tale of an environmental disaster that is destroying humanity through the destruction of the food chain. A small, secret group of NASA “refugees” are working on a way to save at least a remnant of humanity by going off-world. The beauty of the movie is the science behind it. It is as much up-to-date as any movie in my recent memory, includes excellent teachings in relativity, quantum mechanics, time-bending and what might be possible in space-warped interstellar travel!

But here’s the kicker: everything presented in the movie was extraordinarily in-line with Rosemary’s channeled message! We were both in awe as we watched the unfolding drama. And the movie is so well done, from cinematography to special effect to the sound track to the science.

AND, they addressed LOVE as a force intricately involved in the creation and evolution of the Universe!

Go see the movie! And then come back to Rosemary’s blog article and read it again. We plan to see the movie again soon. It is that good!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Remember The Law of Remembering

November 12, 2014 Leave a comment

I recently channeled a message from The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers who frequently teach me about the Cosmos and the Dimensions. This message is very powerful as we work to understand our place in the Cosmos, our Potential and the Possibilities waiting to manifest.

From The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers:

“Let us show you what manifestation truly is.

There are many who speak of The Law of Attraction but that is not what they are really teaching. They are teaching The Law of Reaching For, or The Law of Not Having.

We would have you consider living by The Law of Finding/of Having/of Knowing of the Existence of That Which You Seek.

When you seek something to attract, you energetically set up a void that is waiting to be filled. You must first consider what you don’t have and want before you can start operating The Law of Attraction. This sends out a vibration of emptiness and lack.

Instead, remember that you are One with the Universe and that all that exists exists in you. All dimensions are within your Consciousness. All that you seek is already existing within you.

THIS is The Law of Remembering.

The entire Universe existed in the moment of the Big Bang. Potential Energy transmuted into Manifestation Energy into Manifest Energy. EVERYTHING that was, is, or will be already exists in one of these forms of energy, including you.

Consciousness is the essence energy of the Universe. The attracting force that brings together parts of Potential Energy with other parts is called ‘LOVE Energy.’ It is not that the attraction is the result of a wish to fill a void. It is, rather, that the Potential Energy is so full of LOVE that it wishes to express as Manifest Energy and it, therefore, creates Manifestation Energy to do so.

Nowhere in this process is there the existence of Lack. There is only Potential Energy, Manifestation Energy, and Manifest Energy. Everything that exists has been LOVE’d into existence.

If you feel a sense of Lack in your life it is because you have forgotten your place in the Universe AS the Universe. You have, temporarily, believed the lie that you can be a separate consciousness within the Dimension of Consciousness, which is the entire Universe.

You are simultaneously existing in the Space-Time Continuum of dimensions and BEING all dimensions. You are aware of a tiny portion of Manifest Energy and, yet, you are also ALL of Manifest Energy.

There is no work for you to do to attract that which you believe that you lack. You must remember WHO YOU ARE so that you can expand your awareness to encompass that which you believe you lack.

Remember, everything that ever was, is or will be already exists in the Universe. All the energy of the Universe is expanding energy. If you feel yourself contracting then you are spending your Life Energy fighting against the expansive energy that is the Universe that you are.

Relax into Expansion.
Remember that you ARE the Universe.
Remember to Remember.

It Is So.”

Let us be grateful for this reminder to BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Remember the Law of Remembering!

November 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Rosemary’s “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Remember the Law of Remembering!

The Echo of Truth from the Future – Richard’s Commentary

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

I love this kind of talk! I have been a futurist for most of my life. My first love in reading is a good SciFi novel, some wonderful, imaginative projection into the future of the possible.

So, when words like “truth from the future” come from Rosemary’s channel I also perk up and take note! Here are the key thoughts from her message this week:

Humanity is constantly evolving. Human Consciousness is always growing and expanding. Human Awareness and Understanding grow with each human experience. Truth must constantly be re-evaluated as consciousness evolves.

When we hear that ‘the new truth comes back from the future’ we must understand that, as humanity evolves, we are growing into the New Human, the human of our future.

And that “human of our future” is calling us forward into that future. We have to embrace the truth of that possible future in order to allow ourselves to flow toward that future.

This is heady stuff. But it is not really as crazy as it might sound, especially if we suspend our western, Indo-European notion of time. One of the ways I do this is to remember back to my times with my most esteemed teacher, Martín Prechtel when I sat with him in his Bolad’s Kitchen. Martín teaches from many sources, but his grounding in Mayan culture and language comes through at every turn. The Mayan language has no verb form for “to be” so the whole notion of time in Mayan culture is completely different from our western notion of the linearity and vectored flow of time. This is not an easy concept to grasp when we are constantly reminded of the was/is/will be experience of time as captured by our western languages.

One way Martín offers to help get in touch with this other way to view time is to picture ourselves as islands in the middle of an ocean, the ocean of time. The past, present and future events are all part of this ocean. Events flow to us and away from us and influence us as we exist in the ebb and flow of time. Both the past and the future “echo” toward us as these islands.

And this is how Time Line Therapy® works. We can go backwards on our time line to heal wounds in the past, in a way we undo karma. We can then bring that healing forward to the present. Equally we can flow forward on our time line to embed events in our future so that when we reach that point the event is already energized. Using the analogy of the ocean we are flowing back and forward on the surface of the sea to receive information from both the past and the future. Past events can be healed; future events can be energized.

This is also the mechanism of the Law of Attraction. We can visualize the future we want to attract and actually influence that future.

The Divine Feminine as channeled by Rosemary during her Satsang event pointed this out clearly:

…focus on your dreams being realized, if you say ‘I usually handle this easily’ or ‘I always find the perfect parking place,’ then you are echoing a truth from the future.

You create your future with the thoughts you project. You experience ‘the new truth’ when you allow the future to manifest in this present moment.

What does the future truth that is pulling you forward have in store for you?


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What is your attitude toward surprises?  Many people say they don’t like to be surprised. They want to know if there is a surprise party for them about to happen.  They don’t like change.  They don’t like the feeling of ‘not knowing.’  They don’t like to feel that they are not in control.

But what about loving surprises?  Loving that surprise party that a loved one engineered just for you.  Being thrilled when someone does something nice for you or gives you an unexpected gift.  How do you feel when that happens?

Life on the Earthly Plane is full of surprises.  Some of these surprises are as thrilling as that unexpected gift.  Some, however, are not so much fun.  Are you willing to accept the ‘not knowing’ as an essential part of life on Earth?

As a human being, it is easy to fall into the trap of always wanting to be in control of your life.  That would be nice.  But the Earth is inhabited by other human beings who also want to be in control of their lives.  What happens when these two desires collide?

Life can become chaotic through no fault of yours.  Or you can thrive on the drama that chaos creates.  Things can go smoothly for about a minute and then some new wrinkle is thrown into your day.  How do you react?

The important part of growing in your level of consciousness is to make peace with the understanding that you will never be in 100% control of your environment and the circumstances of your time on Earth.  Other people around you have free will and will sometimes make choices that will conflict with your desires, especially if one of your desires is for total peace and control over everything.

And sometimes Mother Nature decides to let you know that she is in control of her biosphere – that you are allowed to inhabit HER domain but she is ultimately in charge.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, winter storms, lightning – these are not under your control and yet they happen.  What is your response?

Are you reading these words and thinking that they conflict with the concept of ‘your thoughts create your reality’?  There really is no conflict, if you think about it deeply.

The point is not that people don’t sit around wishing for a huge storm to come and destroy their house.  But there are a lot of people who are worrying about that eventuality.  Worry sets up the same magnet of attraction as desire does – did you know that?  Thinking about what you don’t want does attract that very energy.

And thinking about what you do want has to have some caveats attached to it.  Not the usual, ‘is it realistic?’ caveat, which really means, ‘can you see the way to make that happen?’  But are you wishing for something that takes away the power of others to have free will?

I’ve heard people say that they are trying to work with the Law of Attraction but that other person still hasn’t changed into what they want them to be.  Hmmmmm……  What’s wrong with this picture?

How about understanding that not knowing HOW you will receive that which you are desiring allows the Universe to bring it to you in unexpected, surprising ways?  And if you are working with the Law of Attraction you must be honoring other Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Free Will of all individuals.  You do not have permission to try to make others change.

When you demand control of your environment, you limit the ways in which the Universe answers your requests.  Your thoughts are projecting an often unconscious request to keep things just the way they are.  And, yet, there are laws of the Universe about change being ever present.

Your thoughts are sending out energy that does create those storms and that chaos and we’ll talk about that later.  For today, remember this equation:

EVENT leads to your REACTION and then you choose a RESPONSE.

While you might not control all the events that happen [Surprise!] and your reaction is your immediate ‘knee jerk’ feeling, you DO control how you respond.  Put your energies into practicing Conscious Response – choosing the response that demonstrates your personal growth.  Then you can relax into making peace with the ‘not knowing’ and enjoy the ‘Surprise!’

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Here’s Rosemary’s video for the week: Surprise!

PS: Why not surprise yourself this week with a Discovery Session with Rosemary? They are FREE! Go here to apply


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Are you ‘pregnant with possibilities’?

The Universe is filled with the potential of answering every dream you can dream for yourself.  But what are you expecting?

The energies of attraction are not focused like a laser when they are generated from the emotion of fear.  You can’t be worried and manifesting your dreams at the same time, for the laser that you send out like a beacon, attracting like energy into your field, is a laser tuned to that upon which you focus your worry energy, not the energy of your dream.

You do have the power to attract a nightmare but why would you?

When people start studying prosperity and the law of attraction they often do exercises to change their expectations.  Recently our daughter started expecting the Universe to give her money.  She found a dollar on a store parking lot and sat waiting for the person who had dropped it to return but no one did.  She found several dollars in the dryer when she did the laundry.  Magic?  No.  She EXPECTED the Universe to find a way to be generous with her and then she ALLOWED the Universe to choose how to do that.

I often teach that prosperity can come into your field in surprising ways when you are open to it.  One way that the Universe gives me money is to have a sale on something that I have to buy.  I was going to buy it anyway but I can save money that I would have spent.  This just happened for the Color Class that I am teaching.  We had selected the binder we wanted to give participants and had found one that came in lots of colors [this IS for a Color Class!].  We developed the prototype workbook with one binder then went back to purchase a larger quantity when we had the final numbers for the class.  The binders were on sale and they had all the colors in stock!

This doesn’t represent a lot of money saved but it was going to have to be spent anyway.  We expect the Universe to give to us in surprising ways.

What do you expect from your business?  Your boss?  Your significant other?  Your children?  Are you expecting challenges, threats, anger, disrespect?  And are you getting that?

How adaptable are you to change?  Are you willing to ‘go with the flow’?

Sometimes we get so stuck in our expectations that we forget to adapt to changing circumstances or energies.  Have you ever thought about changing your expectations?  Are you willing to change?

I knew someone who had a business and lost her business partner so was faced with only being able to pay half the rent.  It was time to renegotiate the lease and she thought she might have to move.  Instead, she focused on staying in the same space and paying half the rent.  She focused and prayed and concentrated and expected this.  She came out of the meeting with the landlord with a lease at half the rent for the next year!  It CAN happen!

Are you, at this point, telling yourself that this only happens for other people, that it doesn’t work that way for you?  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

Trying being ‘pregnant with possibilities.’  Think that you CAN manifest your dreams. EXPECT the Universe to support you in that manifestation.  Then go with the flow and allow the Universe to figure out the ‘how’ of making things happen.

Let this week be your ‘due date’ – expect great things!

PS: Rosemary did an interview with BlogTalkRadio program, Explore the Afterlife, the other day. You can listen to the recording here!

Our Brain May Be a Record of the Future

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

I have been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s first book, Evolve Your Brain, The Science of Changing Your Mind, with great enthusiasm since Rosemary’s encounter with him two weeks ago. And my blog themes, apart from Rosemary’s posts that I share here, have been revolving around this whole notion of Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

I have also been writing about creating your future, and bringing it into the present, a bit of a twist on the whole Secret/Manifestation/Law of Attraction theme. Recall that I wrote earlier in the year that my “visitors from the future” spoke of time and the importance of pulling future strength, character, structure into the now in order to create the future. And I wrote how time seems to behave like an echo-chamber so we need to have a vision of the future in order to manifest what we are looking for in life, even now!

Then I came across this from Dispenza as he writes about the incredible amount of unused brain capacity we humans have: “Do these latent neural nets represent undiscovered regions of human potential? Could selection turn on these latent areas? Might these neural areas be activated, developed, and refined, given the proper knowledge and instruction? Could we occupy or activate these areas so that we can reach a new, greater level of mind? If so, we could be looking at our evolutionary future, and our brain may be a record of that future, not just the past.”

I love this notion that our brains may be a record of the future! It is exactly in line with the notion of time being circular and always present right now. The future is now! And it is recorded in our brains, in those latent neural networks just resting there ready to be turned on!

This concept comes with incredible responsibility and power. Both Rosemary and I have been writing how we have to be very careful with our thoughts! Thoughts become things, right? And thoughts become the future for us! Every new thought we have fires up a new set of neuron connections; a new neural network is established. And if one such thought extends into some latent region to kick off a whole cascade of network connections then we may be recreating ourselves for the future!

The more I look at this, read about it and think about it we are future creatures in the making. We no longer have to wait for the Darwinian evolutionary process of ponderous natural selection to create the New Human. We are constantly becoming the New Human as we generate new thoughts and those thoughts get laid down as new network pathways through the uncharted territories of our latent mass of neurons!

Humans seem to have evolved much faster than most species. This has been a criticism of evolutionary theory and feeds the notion of “divine creationism.” But what if our extra brain capacity was the latest evolutionary driver that sped the selection process beyond the pre-consciousness rate? And once consciousness is achieved it seems there is a built-in reinforcing feedback loop to further accelerate the process. For example our tool making leveraged our survival odds. Better tools increased the survival rate and set up new neural pathways which expanded our brain capacity. Our consciousness, capacity for memory, language, dexterity, all fed this loop to continue to extend our neural nets beyond any creature before us.

And we are still evolving. New thoughts, concepts, theories, discoveries, explorations, all take us into the future. Even bad ideas may open up new connections that may trigger something good. And what about art, music, songs, poetry, stories? Might these also be keys to unlock these “undiscovered regions” that Dispenza addresses?

Much has been written about our huge brain capacity and potential compared to what we use. What if we could put even a small portion of it to good use in our lives? What if we found the key to unlock this treasure? Could it be the door to our “evolutionary future”?

I’m planning to continue this exploration, find the key, change my mind and create my future! How about you?


INSPIRATION FROM ROSEMARY: The Energy of Your Thoughts

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Here’s Rosemary’s video for the week: The Energy of Your Thoughts

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