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The Echo of Truth from the Future – Richard’s Commentary

I love this kind of talk! I have been a futurist for most of my life. My first love in reading is a good SciFi novel, some wonderful, imaginative projection into the future of the possible.

So, when words like “truth from the future” come from Rosemary’s channel I also perk up and take note! Here are the key thoughts from her message this week:

Humanity is constantly evolving. Human Consciousness is always growing and expanding. Human Awareness and Understanding grow with each human experience. Truth must constantly be re-evaluated as consciousness evolves.

When we hear that ‘the new truth comes back from the future’ we must understand that, as humanity evolves, we are growing into the New Human, the human of our future.

And that “human of our future” is calling us forward into that future. We have to embrace the truth of that possible future in order to allow ourselves to flow toward that future.

This is heady stuff. But it is not really as crazy as it might sound, especially if we suspend our western, Indo-European notion of time. One of the ways I do this is to remember back to my times with my most esteemed teacher, Martín Prechtel when I sat with him in his Bolad’s Kitchen. Martín teaches from many sources, but his grounding in Mayan culture and language comes through at every turn. The Mayan language has no verb form for “to be” so the whole notion of time in Mayan culture is completely different from our western notion of the linearity and vectored flow of time. This is not an easy concept to grasp when we are constantly reminded of the was/is/will be experience of time as captured by our western languages.

One way Martín offers to help get in touch with this other way to view time is to picture ourselves as islands in the middle of an ocean, the ocean of time. The past, present and future events are all part of this ocean. Events flow to us and away from us and influence us as we exist in the ebb and flow of time. Both the past and the future “echo” toward us as these islands.

And this is how Time Line Therapy® works. We can go backwards on our time line to heal wounds in the past, in a way we undo karma. We can then bring that healing forward to the present. Equally we can flow forward on our time line to embed events in our future so that when we reach that point the event is already energized. Using the analogy of the ocean we are flowing back and forward on the surface of the sea to receive information from both the past and the future. Past events can be healed; future events can be energized.

This is also the mechanism of the Law of Attraction. We can visualize the future we want to attract and actually influence that future.

The Divine Feminine as channeled by Rosemary during her Satsang event pointed this out clearly:

…focus on your dreams being realized, if you say ‘I usually handle this easily’ or ‘I always find the perfect parking place,’ then you are echoing a truth from the future.

You create your future with the thoughts you project. You experience ‘the new truth’ when you allow the future to manifest in this present moment.

What does the future truth that is pulling you forward have in store for you?


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