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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Change, the Brain, and Life Force Energy

April 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Breathe into the base of your spine and allow the breath to move all the way up your spine into your brain.  If there is any constriction along the spine the breath cannot move energy all the way into the brain and thoughts die.

All thoughts in the brain need the energy of Life Force to be maintained but this energy does not just come from conscious thought.  The unconscious mind can also energize thought by repeatedly visiting that thought and giving it power.  This is how ‘old tapes’ can remain powerful in one’s life, even at the unconscious level.

What thoughts are gaining power by being revisited at the unconscious level?  What do you believe about yourself that you are not changing because you keep reinforcing the old belief?

The only way to change is to change.  Change the thought pattern that generated the behavior that resulted in an action.  Trying to change without addressing underlying beliefs and thoughts is doomed to failure.  ‘Trying’ to change is just that – ‘trying.’  Changing takes real change.  Anyone who wishes to change must start by changing something, even one little thing, to signal the brain to embrace the coming change.

If you wish to change your eating patterns and diet, then change something about how you eat.  Don’t sit in the same chair, eat at the same time or table, buy at the same grocery store.

If you wish to change how you exercise or move, change the clothes or shoes you wear.  Choose a different location, partner or time of day.

If you wish to change work habits then rearrange your work space.

If you want to change the energy at home then redecorate, change lighting, play different music, open different windows, use different doors.

Change something first, then change the brain.  Change the brain and you can change everything else.

Your Life Force Energy is within you as a fire burning brightly but sometimes your perception of it is dimmed by the blinders of your thoughts.  Ramp up the fire, the flames of Life Force Energy, and burn away the blinders.  Shine that Light upon the world around you.

All of this energy relies on an open spinal column through which the energy can flow, from root to crown through the brain.  You have the power to open this energy channel through a combination of visualization, physical exercise and energy work with light and color.

The focus is on the column of Light that is YOU, the individual.  Use color and light to set the vibratory frequency level that opens you to your own greatness.

Then Be that Unique Greatness – YOU!!!

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February 4, 2013 Leave a comment

I wrote this in keeping with this concept I explored Friday: that our brain is a repository for not only all past events but all future potential as well!

Time Machine

What if we could travel
Back in time,
Access all of history,
Learn from their stories?

What if we could travel
Far ahead,
See all that we become,
Learn from their stories?

Would we change a thing from them
Or learn to forgive?
Would we change a thing for them
Or forgive ourselves?

We are that time machine
Holding all of history,
Holding precious seeds of then.

Our human brain can travel far:
Back and forth and home again.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Our Brain May Be a Record of the Future

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

I have been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s first book, Evolve Your Brain, The Science of Changing Your Mind, with great enthusiasm since Rosemary’s encounter with him two weeks ago. And my blog themes, apart from Rosemary’s posts that I share here, have been revolving around this whole notion of Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

I have also been writing about creating your future, and bringing it into the present, a bit of a twist on the whole Secret/Manifestation/Law of Attraction theme. Recall that I wrote earlier in the year that my “visitors from the future” spoke of time and the importance of pulling future strength, character, structure into the now in order to create the future. And I wrote how time seems to behave like an echo-chamber so we need to have a vision of the future in order to manifest what we are looking for in life, even now!

Then I came across this from Dispenza as he writes about the incredible amount of unused brain capacity we humans have: “Do these latent neural nets represent undiscovered regions of human potential? Could selection turn on these latent areas? Might these neural areas be activated, developed, and refined, given the proper knowledge and instruction? Could we occupy or activate these areas so that we can reach a new, greater level of mind? If so, we could be looking at our evolutionary future, and our brain may be a record of that future, not just the past.”

I love this notion that our brains may be a record of the future! It is exactly in line with the notion of time being circular and always present right now. The future is now! And it is recorded in our brains, in those latent neural networks just resting there ready to be turned on!

This concept comes with incredible responsibility and power. Both Rosemary and I have been writing how we have to be very careful with our thoughts! Thoughts become things, right? And thoughts become the future for us! Every new thought we have fires up a new set of neuron connections; a new neural network is established. And if one such thought extends into some latent region to kick off a whole cascade of network connections then we may be recreating ourselves for the future!

The more I look at this, read about it and think about it we are future creatures in the making. We no longer have to wait for the Darwinian evolutionary process of ponderous natural selection to create the New Human. We are constantly becoming the New Human as we generate new thoughts and those thoughts get laid down as new network pathways through the uncharted territories of our latent mass of neurons!

Humans seem to have evolved much faster than most species. This has been a criticism of evolutionary theory and feeds the notion of “divine creationism.” But what if our extra brain capacity was the latest evolutionary driver that sped the selection process beyond the pre-consciousness rate? And once consciousness is achieved it seems there is a built-in reinforcing feedback loop to further accelerate the process. For example our tool making leveraged our survival odds. Better tools increased the survival rate and set up new neural pathways which expanded our brain capacity. Our consciousness, capacity for memory, language, dexterity, all fed this loop to continue to extend our neural nets beyond any creature before us.

And we are still evolving. New thoughts, concepts, theories, discoveries, explorations, all take us into the future. Even bad ideas may open up new connections that may trigger something good. And what about art, music, songs, poetry, stories? Might these also be keys to unlock these “undiscovered regions” that Dispenza addresses?

Much has been written about our huge brain capacity and potential compared to what we use. What if we could put even a small portion of it to good use in our lives? What if we found the key to unlock this treasure? Could it be the door to our “evolutionary future”?

I’m planning to continue this exploration, find the key, change my mind and create my future! How about you?


Monday’s Poem: Seed of the New Human

January 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Seed of the New Human

The seed holds the infinite,
All future generations of
Its kind within its
Hard shell.

The hard shell must burst
To give way to the sprout,
The shoot, the stalk, the
Leaves and flowers and seeds.

The brain holds the infinite,
All future thoughts and
Possibilities within the
Neural nets of habit.

Old patterns must burst
To give way to the thought,
The path, the net, the
Impossible, the New Human.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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