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Rosemary’s Exploration: “Shift or Stay Behind”

Here’s Rosemary’s commentary on her weekly video I posted yesterday:

Are you ready for the Transformation?  Are you willing to transform?  Are you able to make the shift?

In these times of transformation we must become active participants in the evolution of our consciousness, for we can no longer limp through life in a reactionary way.  It is time to take conscious action in the direction of the vision of your life purpose, as revealed to you in your biggest dreams.  Step out!

So many people are hiding their gifts, playing small in a big world that requires them to play big.  Are you hiding?  Have you been playing it safe, instead of leaping forward?  The pause is over.  The time for action is upon us.

Are you aware of your gifts?  Do you know why you are on Planet Earth for this momentous occasion, the Great Shift in Human Consciousness in 2012?  Are you committed fully to manifesting your Soul Purpose in the time when all other Souls are waiting for you to step up?

These are the most important questions you can answer for yourself.  Go inside and spend some time in self-reflection as you ponder your life to date and where  you are heading.

In my work with clients I find that, more often than not, what they are hiding from is their greatness, their Inner Light, their immense power, not qualities that they are ashamed to reveal.  You know that you are more powerful than you have been demonstrating.  You know that you have gifts that have not yet been fully realized in the outside world.  You know that you can turn up the light inside you and shine more brightly.  This is not news to you, at some level.

Where is the fear?  What is holding you back?  Are you really afraid of failing or are you afraid of scaring yourself with your own magnificence?

Well, Merry Christmas, my gift to you is to hold up a mirror so that you can see that your magnificence is the gift that the rest of us are asking Santa for this year!

I see your Inner Splendor.  I KNOW you!  I SEE you!  I LOVE you!  Thank you for agreeing to share this wonderful time on Planet Earth with me.

Let’s hold hands and move forward knowing that we can support each other in bring more Light to the Planet.  Your Soul knew what it was doing before you were born when it chose this path, these circumstances, your parents, your friends – all those who are classmates with you at Earth University.  All that is or has been in your life has contributed to your personal growth and to the consciousness that you hold at this moment.  And you agreed to share the journey with the other Souls around you.

Realizing that this is a community effort, Community Consciousness, then how can you spend the energy it takes to hold yourself back when the whole Universe is conspiring to support you in leaping forward?  Relax into the New You being called forth!  Shift – into high gear and get leaping!

The world will not end in 2012 but it will change.  As each human being decides whether or not to awaken and shine his/her Light into the world, the world will light up.  Be the bright node in the fabric of humanity!  Shine your Inner Splendor Light and keep making it brighter and brighter!

With great gratitude that you have decided to share this time of transformation with me, I invite you to take the step forward that brings your Light out into the world for all to see.

Be the Shift!

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!

  1. December 26, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    I will definitely agree with everything here and I will add one more thing. Humans think that aliens will come down to earth to save them but they won’t reflect themselves on the mirror and think “what if WE are the aliens here?”. Great post, have an amazing day!

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