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Consciousness Building Tools and Monday’s Poem: Light of the World

Last Friday I posted some thoughts on our ability as humans to change. I suggested that change is not easy; old habits are difficult to modify; new thought-patterns require repetition, practice. And I suggested that there are many “consciousness building tools” we can employ to help us with our practice, our changes. As I write these high-sounding words of confidence and positive thought about evolutionary change I too need these tools, cling to them for help. And one such tool I use is visualization. I have written before about the Merkaba and visualizing the power that inner energy center can generate. I begin with a chakra balancing meditation that leads to visualizing the interlocking, spinning tetrahedrons. I use this visualization to empower my day, especially when I know I need to reinforce new behaviors and overrule old patterns. Today’s poem came out of one such visualization meditation:

Light of the World

Whirling centers,
Gravitational holes
Open and balance
To steady vibration.

Colors radiant
In brilliant hues
Beam up and out
From deep to high.

Around the core
The dynamos turn
Eight points spark
To life and arc.

The image appears
At the nexus of power
Still and calm
With steady gaze.

And the energy builds
To dazzling bursts.
The heart of Man blazes,
The Light of the World.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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