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Monday’s Poem: Infinite Breath

I led a Qigong demonstration during our ACT (A Community of Transformation) meeting today. I began with a breathing exercise using a poem I posted here three weeks ago, BreatheBreathing is always good, and a good spiritual practice to help both lift and ground us. Everything breathes in one way or another; which is to say everything is in some state of vibration. Here’s another poem about breath to start your week. Happy Monday!

Infinite Breath

We are all in mid-breath,
That infinite sigh that
Began long ago and
Blew us all into existence.

We tumble in the remnant
Turbulence of that long sigh,
No more than fluff of milkweed
Spiraling at the edge of the pool.

The exhalation continues for now
Expelling more flotsam
On each breeze generated
By whirling currents of emptiness.

And, at the end of this long breath?
Every vibration has a frequency
Measured by the return from the
Infinitesimal steady state.

There must be an inhalation, right?
The contraction is only preparation
For that next breath, a sneeze perhaps,
To blow something new this way again!

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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