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What would you do if you were old enough not to care what other people think? What would you do if you gave up having to succeed and just wanted to enjoy the experience? What would you do if you had no old tapes playing in your head that tell you you can’t?

What if I give you permission, right now, today, to be old enough, to enjoy, to ignore/erase those old tapes? What would you do?

Well, you do have permission. Go out and do it now!

How often do you hear yourself qualify your dreams with ‘if only’ or ‘when X happens’? Now is the time to shift that thinking into ‘HOW can I do it?’

There is an urgency about the energies around us today. We each have a reason that we were born into this time on the Planet. Have you discovered your purpose? Are you clear about what you are to be doing now? If not, then that is your work today.

If you know your purpose and have a list of reasons why you can’t be about that work right now, then lose the list. If you are alive on the Planet Earth at this moment in time then you are ready to be living your purpose. Period.

So now, what would you do if you were living your Soul Purpose, the reason your Soul incarnated into this lifetime?

The students are looking for their teachers. The folks with dis-ease are seeking the healers who can help them. The masses are waiting for the speakers who will inspire them. The weak need strong leaders. The strong need wise teachers. The sleeping ones need help in their awakening. YOU have a purpose and other souls are waiting for you to show up as the person you agreed to be before you were born. They are looking for you.

Reach inside and find that purpose. Get help if you need it. Decide who you were born to be and then, no matter what has to shift in your physical reality, commit to being that person.

Simplify your life. This message is coming through IN CAPITAL LETTERS for all of us. Do you really need all the ‘stuff’ in your life? Do you need to be entertained all the time or can you take some time to reflect, to retreat, to relax? Are the people around you supporting you or are they critical or demanding? Simplify your environment, including the people with whom you surround yourself. Simplify your work. Do you need to change jobs? Are you working to pay bills? Are you working too much or not enough?

Simplify your life. Find your tribe and learn how others are accomplishing this. Many are adjusting their finances. Some are restructuring. A lot of folks are seeking spiritually like-minded groups with whom to bond.

Become aware of your choices. Do you need to buy that thing or is there a way to trade/recycle/reuse something? Are you keeping active to avoid doing inner work? Are you seeking something outside yourself that you just might find inside if you paused and looked there?

What would you do if you were living your purpose, simplifying your life, seeking joy instead of momentary happiness?

Do it now!

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