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Where Is Your Community?

And maybe I should also add “who” to this question: Who Is Your Community?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this word community, probably since a retreat I was on this past Sunday with the leadership of “A Community of Transformation” (ACT), a local Annapolis, Maryland membership-based community of like-minded people involved in alternative healing, spiritual seeking and experiential sharing. It is a great community and we are now examining how to grow and spread our uplifting spiritual experiences to a broader audience. We are also looking to deepen our commitment to the broader community of Annapolis and expand the services our growing and vital community offers.

Beyond this recent thinking, my life purpose is wrapped up in community. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my hand analysis and fingerprint mapping takes me in the direction of community through love. I am in the School of Love, my Life Lesson is Love and my Life Purpose is Love. Baeth Davis dubbed me “Shaman of the Heart” when she read my prints and got to know me better. But what does this really mean?

When I was in the Peace Corp in Ethiopia many years ago there was a branch of services called “community development.” While I was a teacher at the secondary school level there, some of my colleagues were engaged in this so-called “community development.” I think now this label was erroneous. These folks weren’t developing community; they were building houses, teaching about irrigation possibilities, bringing new techniques to the local economy. They were not building community.

This past Monday I published a poem on Community; it began with “safety” and ended with “love.” Humans come together as social creatures to both increase the odds of survival and to bond together as like-minded individuals in a group to support a common cause. And yet there seems to be more to this notion of community.

Is it simply survival that first creates community? Or, is even this survival need driven by love? I would like to think it is not driven by fear. The soul doesn’t fear. The spirit is content, peaceful, in a constant state of Divine Bliss. And these essential and eternal aspects of ourselves are the source of love. These are the god/goddess core elements of what it is to be human. When these immortal parts of ourselves are in our consciousness there is no fear, only the desire for community.

With these thoughts in mind and with my Life Purpose in the forefront of my consciousness I feel compelled to build community. What does this mean? In one sense it means to continue what I have already begun. In another it means expanding the vision, to grow it even more.

There are many like-minded people coming into Rosemary and my life now, and they are calling us to leadership. ACT and the leadership of ACT is just one community calling us to ACTion! We have our own community to build. The time is now to bring our community together, to grow it and to devote all our energy to this great cause.

You, as a reader of this blog, are part of this community. And I commit to continue to develop it, to bring my thoughts about “men and the goddess” into sharper focus, to expand my readership and to reach out to the greater global community to bring my sense of inner peace and deeper understanding to you.

Where is your community? Who is your community? Develop your own sense of belonging to the great human community through love.

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  1. August 17, 2013 at 5:08 am

    Whole world is our community. And we are not forced to serve them. It is our love for humanity, which is the driving force to be here among all great soul. But for taking our hard earned messages into masses we need an independent rock solid platform. Joining together cannot harm us because we are always free to go as there is no personal desire. I presented a raw idea in my post a few days back. If you like it to read in the link given below just click it or if you don’t then forget it. But I like your sense of inspiration in your posts, it is really a true one.

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